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Friday, December 5, 2014

D&D 5E Pantheon with Sumerian Names

This is what happens when you try to name all of your fantasy gods with an actual language.  I tried to find a name that described what their Domains are.  In the end I decided to go with a name that only described one of the gods Domains.  

A as in father
U as in pull
E as in peg
I as in hip
ñ is pronounced like ng in rang,
þ is pronounced like ch in German Bach or Scottish loch
and š is pronounced like sh in dash.

Itud [Moon]
(Domains: Air & Moon)

Buru [Harvest]
(Domains: Nature & Trickery)

Ganzer [Darkness]
(Domains: Death & Darkness)

Gúdibir [War]
(Domains: War & Animals)

Kìli [Stars]
(Domains: Fate & Stars)

Kuš [Destruction]
(Domains: Water & Destruction)

Izi [Fire]
(Domains: Fire & Plants)

Taltal [Knowledge]
(Domains: Earth & Knowledge)

Nam-Šub [Incantation]
(Domains: Magic & Travel)

Suñin [Rotten]
(Domains: Slime & Suffering)

Lirum [Physical Strength]
(Domains: Strength & Trade)

Tìla [Life]
(Domains: Life & Revenge)

U-þuš [Raging Storm]
(Domains: Tempest & Protection)

Zalag [Light]
(Domains: Light & Crafts)

Zaþ [Secrecy]
(Domains: Charm & Illusion)

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