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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Birthright D20 Oracle


Impossible -6

Highly Unlikely -3

Unlikely -2

Possible 0

Likely +3

Highly Likely +5

A Certainty +7

Ask the Oracle a question, roll 1D20, and then apply the modifiers from above.

Natural 1: Interrupt. Roll on the Random Events table (from a few posts ago). Lose 1 Free Action and one Domain Action.

1-3 No, And...

4-8 No

9-10 No, But...

11 Maybe. Roll again or use GM Fiat.

12-13 Yes, But...

14-17 Yes

18-20 Yes, And...

Natural 20 Interrupt. Roll twice on the Random Events table and pick one. Gain one more Free Action and one more Domain Action.

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