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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

D is for Dilinála (Empire of the Petal Throne / Tékumel) #AtoZChallenge2021


D is for Dilinála, The Lovely Maiden of the Turquoise Crown, Aid of Lovers, Solace of the Weary, Handmaiden of Avánthe, and Spiritual Daughter of Hnálla.

She is represented as pure and holy, offering care to those who find it not in the corrupt world. She is the innocent maid, the loving sister, the confidence of a mature woman comforting her lover in times of trouble. She is often called upon by women in various stages of life, to share their concerns and troubles with. She provides strength in the wisdom gained through trial and tribulation.

Out of the cohorts she is one of my favorites.

Astrology: Unknown

Clothing of Priests and Worshipers: Blue and white robes, and small tiaras of emeralds, turquoises, or other blue gems. 

Colors of the Goddess: Blue and white.

Holy Symbol: A hand extended, palm down.

For more information on the goddess see Mitlanyál Volume 2: The Gods of Stability by Robert Alberti and M.A.R. Barker.

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