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Saturday, January 21, 2017

2D6 Death & Dismemberment Table of DOOM

Video with the same information can be found here:

Roll 2D6 when a character "dies" and check the chart below.

2. Horrific Demise!  You are decapitated, torn into pieces, disemboweled, or find some other horrible way to die a painful death.  The rest of the party members need to make a Saving Throw vs. Paralyze or be frozen in place for 1D4 rounds.

3. Lifeless "Corpse."  You are actually alive but your friends don't know this.  Your body is functioning at such a slow rate that they think you are dead.  You will recover 1 Hit Point per day until you reach 1 Hit Point and then you will wake up.  You may have been left for dead, buried, burned, or left for the crows by then though.

4. He Will Be Missed.  You feel hands clutching you, but then you see your soul being dragged downwards and your body is resting above you.  Somehow you are able to see through the layers of dirt and rocks as you descend to your eternal fate.

5. Someone Is Watching Over You.  Something doesn't want you to die yet for some cosmological reason.  Roll a D2.  If you roll a 1 it is a benign or benevolent being, if it is a 2 it is one of The Outer Powers...  You wake up at 1 Hit Point... but you can't shake the feeling that "you aren't alone anymore."

6. He Was a Bastard Anyway.  In your last moments you are confronted by the thoughts and feelings of everyone that ever hated or disliked you.  This flashing cacophony of horrible images and emotions assaults you until everything fades to black.

7. SNAP! Broken Bone(s). You break 1D4 bones of the GM's choosing.

8. Broken Useless Thing.  You are horribly disfigured and broken.  You die after 1D4 horribly painful rounds of agony.  You can barely get out 1 sentence each round that will be your last words.

9. Half the Man You Used To Be.  You have been torn, or sliced, or ripped in half.  Your guts spill out all over the ground around you and your top half falls into this serpentine-like mess.  You gag on your own blood and pass to the hereafter.

10. That's Gotta Hurt!  One of your limbs or appendages is cut off, ripped off, or smashed to the point of it no longer functioning at all.  Roll 1D10. 1 = Left foot, 2 = Right foot, 3 = Left leg, 4 = Right Leg, 5 = Left hand, 6 = Right hand, 7 = Left arm, 8 = Right arm, 9 & 10 = Decapitation & Death.

11. At the Gates of Death.  You somehow manage to cling to life by the skin of your teeth.  You lie here unconscious at the mercy of the friends or foes that are around you.  Somehow you are able to see this scene from above you as if you were floating, even though your eyes are closed.

12. Now I'm Fucking Mad!  You have a near death experience, and get a burst of adrenaline.  You heal up XD6 Hit Points were X is the level of your character.  For example if you are a 4th level character you would heal up 4D6 Hit Points.  At the end of the combat you return to zero Hit Points and fall into unconsciousness.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amaru D&D 5E Fantasy Campaign Setting Part 2: First 3 Races/Species

Here are the first three races/species that I have statted out.  Others will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.  It is fun to mess with the points system, and I'm going to stick to 6 points for all of them.  Here are the Ant-folk (Yimkals), Bat-folk (Nildacks), and the Fish-folk (Vor'nalu).

Ant-folk / Yimkal (plural Yimkals)

Language/names - Fantasy (K, J, Y, etc.)
Ant-folk / Yimkal Traits (6 points total)
  • Dexterity +2 (2pts)
  • Intelligence +1 (1pt)
  • 40 Feet Movement
  • Proficiency with the stealth skill (0.5pts)
  • Sleepless Trance (0.5pts) 
  • Secondary Arms (0.5pts) 
  • Telepathic Communication (Not Mind-reading) 60 Feet (0.5pts) 

Secondary Arms - They have a secondary set of weaker arms located along their torso beneath their
regular ones. These arms can be used to hold additional light items or equipment but may not
attack. You may perform an additional object interaction on your turn if either hand is empty.

Sleepless Trance - They don’t need to sleep. Instead, they meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. (The Common word for such meditation is “trance.”) While meditating, you can dream after a fashion; such dreams are actually mental exercises that have become reflexive through years of practice. After Resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that another race does from 8 hours of sleep.

Telepathic Communication 60' - You can telepathically communicate to any creature up to 60' away from you, but they can only communicate back in this way if they also have this ability.  


Bat-folk / Nildack (plural Nildacks)

Language/names - Consonant Heavy Names 

Bat-folk / Nildack Traits (6 points total)  
  • Dexterity +2 (2pts)
  • Wisdom +2 (2pts)
  • Small (-1pt) 
  • Superior Hearing (1pt) 
  • Darkvision 120 Feet with Light Sensitivity (0.5pt) 
  • Proficiency in the Stealth skill (0.5pt) 
  • Naturally Stealthy (1pt) 

Darkvision 120' with Light Sensitivity - You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight.

Naturally Stealthy - You can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.

Small - Disadvantage with heavy weapons, 25' movement.

Superior Hearing - You are proficient in Perception, and you have advantage on perception checks involving hearing. 

Fish-folk / Vor'nalu (plural Vor'nalu)

Language/names - Names With Apostrophes   

Fish-folk / Vor'nalu Traits (6 points total)
  • Intelligence +1, Dexterity +1 (2pts)
  • Cunning (2pts)
  • Darkvision 60' (0.5pts)
  • Two Extra Languages (1pt)
  • Natural Armor +1 (0.5pt)  

Cunning - You have advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws against magic.

Darkvision - You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions.  You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.  You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 

Natural Armor - You have a natural armor bonus of +1.  When unarmored, your AC is equal to 10 + your natural armor bonus + your Dexterity modifier.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Amaru D&D 5E Fantasy Campaign Setting Part 1: Introduction

I have been tinkering around with a new Dungeons & Dragons 5E fantasy setting called Amaru lately (when I should be doing about a million other things).  I've learned to just go with where my creativity leads me, and currently it is whispering lots of things about this new setting.  Damn my unfocused muse, haha. 

It Starts with a Map...

Finding a free map to start with online was much easier than I expected.  When I saw this one I fell in love with it.  It was free to use as I wished, which was a bonus.  As you see, it is fan-frickin-tastic.

What the Hell do I Call It?
So where did I get the setting's name?  I looked at some old Akkadian words and found this, and liked the dream part of it.  Amaru, to see the dream.   

Amaru: 1) G: see (someone, something, dream), to dream, to look at, to glance, to examine, to inspect, to read (a tablet).

I like the sound of pronouncing it "Ah-May-Roo."

Akkadian may come in useful later to name things, so I'll put these links here.

Traditional Races... Nope

I've created traditional settings before (Marth Ice World) and unconventional ones (Burning Heaven), so this is a sort of middle ground between the two of those.  I didn't want to go down the Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Goblin superhighway, but I wanted to make races that were easy to grok quickly.  While I'm not normally a big anthropomorphic fan, I figure that humanoid animals are very easy to picture quickly for those that are coming to the setting for the first time.  Slap on the "-folk" suffix, and a way you go!

I came up with the following 11 races/species but I still need to stat all of them up, and these will be in later posts.  Ant-folk (Yimkal/Yimkals), Bat-folk (Nilddack/Nilddacks), Fish-folk (Vor'nalu / Vor'nalu), Frog-folk (Iskaro / Iskaren), Goat-folk (Rhakin / Rhakins), Lizard-folk (Ch'taren / Ch'taren), Rat-folk (Yasur / Yasuren), Reptile-avian-folk (Ushum / Ushum), Spider-folk (Ajal / Ajals), Tree-folk (Esonta / Esontas), Wolf-folk (Ektu / Ektus).   


 Making D&D 5E Races/Species

I found the following links invaluable to making some new races for D&D 5E.  I still need to flesh out all of the races/species though.

This document should be helpful.  5E Analysis/Creation Guide

This one is a list of races created with the above document.

There is this one too from the wiki.

I'll share the finished races in future posts.

Where Are All of These Races/Species on the Map Anyway?

I added the migratory routes of the races / species onto the map.  I picked a starting location for each of them, and then literally just drew different colored lines all over the map.  I imagine that the people of each group spread out from the line and this would later help me figure out what races/species are in each country.

Maroon - Ant-folk
Grey - Bat-folk
Orange - Fish-folk
Yellow - Frog-folk
Light Blue - Goat-folk
Dark Green - Lizard-folk
Purple - Rat-folk
Brown - Reptile-avian-folk
Pink - Spider-folk
Light Green - Tree-folk
Dark Blue - Wolf-folk 


Countries & Kingdoms Oh My!

I put grafitti all over the lovely image using Paint, to figure out where the various countries and kingdoms are.  I tried sticking to natural boundaries that were implied by the map (like rivers, coastlines, and mountains).  I still need to figure out what type of government each one of them has however  In hindsight, I probably put too many countries on the map, but I am sure that because of that there can be lots of wars and politics.  The race/species with the #1 is the most populace and the name of the country uses the same naming conventions.  I figure that the most populace race/species will have more to do with the government type and style as well.

Northern Continent

Country Name: Ashtu
Top Right Country: Reptile-avian-folk, Spider-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Ant-folk, Fish-folk, Lizard-folk

Country Name: Chothus
Races/Species: #1 Ant-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Frog-folk

Country Name: Ch'tael
Races/Species: Bat-folk, Frog-folk, Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Fish-folk, Tree-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Lizard-folk

Country Name: Gabajal
Races/Species: Ant-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Fish-folk, Spider-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Gahnimek
Races/Species: Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Fish-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Reptile-avian-folk

Country Name: Hanadru
Races/Species: Ant-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Fish-folk, Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Jelun
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Fish-folk, #1 Tree-folk, Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Kalojix
Races/Species: #1 Spider-folk, Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, Frog-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Kjarros
Races/Species: Frog-folk, Spider-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Fish-folk

Country Name: Kroljarin
Races/Species: Spider-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Fish-folk

Country Name: Mashtu
Races/Species: Fish-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Ant-folk

Country Name: Mos'tanu
Races/Species: Spider-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Nirur
Races/Species: Ant-man, Spider-folk, Frog-folk, #1 Tree-folk

Country Name: Om'ach
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Spider-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk, Goat-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Ragaba
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Fish-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk

Country Name: Ridesu
Races/Species: Spider-folk, Goat-folk, Reptilian-avian-folk, #1 Rat-folk

Country Name: Rod'atha
Races/Species: Bat-folk, Frog-folk, Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Fish-folk, Rat-folk, Tree-folk, Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Shularen
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Frog-folk, Spider-folk, #1 Lizard-folk, Ant-folk

Country Name: Shuyesh
Races/Species: Goat-folk, Wolf-folk, Fish-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Frog-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Ant-folk

Country Name: Tachar
Races/Species: #1 Goat-folk, Spider-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk, Lizard-folk

Country Name: Tzende
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Frog-folk, Goat-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Undjask
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Frog-folk, Rat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Yanaru
Races/Species: Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Frog-folk, Tree-folk, Ant-folk, Lizard-folk

Southern Continent

Country Name: Aghiazo
Races/Species: Ant-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, Wolf-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Arithdru
Races/Species: #1 Rat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Avahur
Races/Species: #1 Lizard-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Balatu
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Bat-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Caladur
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Lizard-folk

Country Name: Chakr
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Frog-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Da'amu
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Bat-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Wolf-folk

Country Name: Etzal
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Bat-folk

Country Name: Gahnala
Races/Species: Goat-folk, Wolf-folk, Tree-folk, Lizard-folk, Frog-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Spider-folk

Country Name: Harpu
Races/Species: Bat-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Ishtum
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Frog-folk, Fish-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Ixenil
Races/Species: Frog-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Goat-folk

Country Name: Izlak
Races/Species: Tree-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Bat-folk, Ant-folk, Spider-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Jadror
Races/Species: Tree-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk

Country Name: Jh'tahur
Races/Species: #1 Lizard-folk, Tree-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Kolarn
Races/Species: Rat-folk, Wolf-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Fish-folk, Frog-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Komesda
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Frog-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Bat-folk

Country Name: Krolsvar
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Frog-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Laenara
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Bat-folk, Rat-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Lizard-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Lisurra
Races/Species: Tree-folk, Spider-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Wolf-folk, Goat-folk

Country Name: Nagiani
Races/Species: #1 Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Frog-folk, Spider-folk, Fish-folk

Country Names: Rasku
Races/Species: #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Frog-folk, Fish-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Saena
Races/Species: #1 Rat-folk, Wolf-folk, Ant-folk

Country Name: Shalael
Races/Species: #1 Lizard-folk, Bat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Sondastla
Races/Species: #1 Frog-folk, Spider-folk, Goat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Tashkarin
Races/Species: Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Tree-folk, Lizard-folk

Country Name: Tin'unt
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Tree-folk, Frog-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Tyldach
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Wolf-folk, #1 Batfolk, Ratfolk

Country Name: Tzos
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Bat-folk, Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Spider-folk

Country Name: Uldako
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Ant-folk, Bat-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Tree-folk, Reptile-avian-folk

Country Name: Undossa
Races/Species: #1 Frog-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Voramo
Races/Species: Frog-folk, #1 Tree-folk, Rat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Wa'sul
Races/Species: Spider-folk, Tree-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Frog-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Yarahi
Races/Species: Frog-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Tree-folk, Fish-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Yirrakra
Races/Species: #1 Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Bat-folk

Country Name: Yitharja
Races/Species: #1 Ant-folk, Wolf-folk

Miscellaneous Areas

Cursed Wastes of Kabaj

Defilement of Tzij

PDF Rough Draft

Here is the current PDF of the project so far. 

Amaru as a Globe
I found this website, where you can take a 2D map, and turn it into a globe.  I'm geeking out over how cool this is.

Natural map:

Political map: 

If you want to check out future updates of the setting, please remember to follow this blog.  Thanks. 

RPG Research Paper - Tabletop Role-playing Games: What Are They, Why Are They Fun, and Why Are They Beneficial to Play?

Yeah, it has a long title, but I was the only one in my entire Advanced Composition class that knew anything about RPGs.  The teacher was the only one that had a slight idea of what kind of games they were.  :)

You can download this paper from the following link:

I enjoyed taking the questinnaire answers and incorporating them into the final paper.



Monday, June 13, 2016

RPG Questionnairre (For a RPG Research Paper)

If you have some time, please reply to these questions in the comments, or film a video response on YouTube, or post the answers in a blog, etc.  Thanks ahead of time for anyone that answers them.  I can't believe that my Advanced Composition class is letting me write a research paper on RPGs.  :)

Here are the questions in video form:


1. Can you please describe in detail any negative situations that came about in your life because you played RPGs? For example, were you ever bullied, belittled, made fun of, told you were going to Hell because you play THOSE games, etc.?

2. What skills do you think you have personally improved upon by playing RPGs?

3. Who introduced you to RPGs, and what was your first experience like playing them?

4. What was your first experience like running a game?

5. What was it like designing your own system?

6. What was it like making your own setting?

7. Why do you think tabletop RPGs are not known about by a good many people in the public?

8. What is an RPG and why are these types of games fun?

9. If you were going to teach a new player how to play RPGs how would you go about doing that?

10. What age group do you think plays these games more than other age groups?

11. What overall benefits do you think a person that plays RPGs has that perhaps a non-gamer wouldn't have, or would have less of?

12. Have you ever seen a RPG session break out in any violence, or have you ever seen with your own eyes people becoming more violent after playing RPGs?

13. Do you think RPGs are still seen as much of a negative thing as they once were?

Slimy Curse: Blessing of the Head Portal to the Plane of Slime

My allergies have been rough lately. It feels like I have a gallon of slime in my head. This of course got me thinking of how I could twist this and put it into a campaign.

As a curse, to any that fail a saving throw, the unfortunate victim has a portal to The Plane of Slime created inside of their skull. It continuously gushes forth wave after wave of putrid reeking slime and sludge. This person will be considered an Avatar of the God of Slime and Oozes by Clerics and common worshipers of that deity.

Clerics of Slime would probably consider this a blessing and not a curse to whomever they target with it.  Only unbelievers complain about this gift...  ;) 

This could be an alternative 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Domain ability to the ones I provided. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Response: Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorism Problem

Here is the blog post:

My heart goes out to the blog's author, and to anyone that has been through such difficult things in their life. It is sad that scumbags get away with all manner of horrible things in and out of our hobby. That being said, I think those of us that DON"T engage in this behavior need to stand up and do something about things like this if we see them. Normally this sort of thing is left up for the GM / DM to handle, but that too is a bunch of bullshit; players have vocal cords as well. If you think someone is uncomfortable stopping the game should be a priority. There can be that pressure where, "The show must go on" but ignore that, and take care of the players at the table, or in some cases the GM if the players are the ones targeting them.

Some of the language and phrases used in the article I wouldn't have used, but I'm also a white male gamer. I think it is only natural to be a bit defensive when a group you belong to is targeted by an article like this. People should be judged as individuals and not because of a label that is applied to them or because they belong to some group. I didn't always think that way, but life experiences and unlearning some faulty thinking showed me a bit of wisdom in that regard. Judging someone by a group they belong too is lazy, and essentially lumping people into stereotypes and archetypes. People don't fit nice and neatly in the little boxes we assign them to. Take each person as a unique individual and judge the fruits of their tree if it is ripe or rotten.

In all honesty I tend to stay away from gender and race topics when they concern the role-playing game community, because they tend to blow up and can be divisive. My internal dialogue tends to be, "can't we just play Elf Games and get along while we forget the real world and all of its miseries?" Articles like this can be eye-opening however because they are from a completely different vantage point. I haven't been harassed, groped, raped, or mistreated and the hobby for me has been a haven against similar behavior from "average non-gaming folks."

I have been known to run games that are disturbing and have subject matter that is not appropriate for everyone (though I always warn people well in advance of such things so there are no surprises). Should I stop running games like that because of the subject matter? I would say no, again as long as everyone knows what they are signing up for. So I am for freedom of expression, artistic license, free speech, etc. in that regard.

I think the gaming community for me has actually taught me a lot about sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. that I never learned growing up in rural Pennsylvania. I'm still not always sure where the line is between sexy and sexist, so that shows I have more learning to do. smile emoticon I'm just trying to be honest, for whatever that is worth.

For instance, I recorded a video where I talked about how I was more comfortable playing RPGs with guys. Now I know that is partly due to Social Anxiety when I'm around women. It's my issue though that I need to work on. I also think I learned a lot of things from my father unintentionally that need to be UNlearned. We are a product of our environment in some ways.

I have always tried to be welcoming, friendly, nice, etc. to those in my hobby because I know that a lot of us are damaged goods and need a diversion, and escape, entertainment, and meaningful interaction with other people who can also have FUN. I have never met a more welcoming bunch of outcasts before I started playing games. Kids can be cruel, and adults even more so in different ways.

So my advice is to be nice to each other, keep your damn hands to yourself (who's mother didn't teach them that?) and if you see something awful happen help the victim and do not hide the asshole that is giving the rest of us a bad name. Seriously, fuck those guys. -Tim Samwise7RPG Harper

I also filmed a video that is pretty much identical to this post.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

D100 Science Fantasy Places to Dungeoncrawl in Space!

This table was put together with the help of a bunch of people on Google+ and in the RPG Brigade.  Thanks for all the help.  I hope to use this list in my next sci-fantasy RPG campaign.  Enjoy.

1) Terraforming Base.
2) Rotting carcass of a huge space monster.
3) Hollowed out moon.
4) Hollowed out asteroid.
5) Spacehulk.
6) Bunch of old spaceships jammed together.
7) Shattered world & moon with ruins from extinct culture.
8) Weird remote religious site.
9) Catacomb world (chuck yer dead here!)
10) Garbage world (megadungeons carved from garbage piles).
11) Government research space station.
12) Head of a god floating in the void (might still be living).
13) Migratory spore pods on their way to far off planets (Pantera Planet Caravan video) being eating from inside by big slug-like parasites.
14) Colony generational life ship that never made it to its destination.
15) Horticulture preserve kept living by solar powered robots and rotating around a dying sun.
16) Debris fields on the planets near a huge space battle (parts of ships and survivors).
17) Self-contained megacities that fled their dying world.
18) Giant wasp-like hive structure of extinct insectoid alien species floating through space.
19) Deathcube in orbit around a heavily populated world, designed to kill off the worst of the population for entertainment purposes.  It is filled with thousands of deadly moving rooms (Cube movies).
20) Space temple built entirely out of the bones of the dead blended with high tech glass.
21) Residential Arcologies.
22) Cyclopean ruins of ancient alien civilizations.
23) Ring World.
24) Transdimensional intelligent machine mazes.
24) Hive city on a remote world.
25) Paradise world built beneath the surface of the planet. The lower you go the more posh it is.
26) The root structure of the illusive Space Lotus.
27) Dyson sphere/ habitation ring.
28) Physical expanse that defies physics and geometry (extraplanar habitat).
29) Parallel planetary development world (like Earth but different).
30) Penal colony/moon.
31) Space dry dock.
32) Space truck stop / import and export site.
33) Temple world / massive holy site.
34) A giant cube filled with passageways based on non-Euclidean geometry. It carbon dates to a time before the big bang and may have been a life-boat for creatures trying to escape the destruction of the universe that was there before ours.
35) Deceased Crystalline Entity (Star Trek The Next Generation). Parts of it still course with saved energy that can be exploited, but leaching off this energy is difficult because randomly throughout the entire angular tube tunnels spikes of this energy often kill those wandering around inside of its crystal exoskeleton.  It devoured all of the life on whole worlds to gain this stored energy...  so there might be some consequences to taking and using it.
36) Dilapidated subway system in a space station / or ancient city.
37) Undercity that has been excavated and used as a secret base beneath some thriving metropolis.
38) Excrement / compost space barge that did not make it to the terraform destination.  It crash landed into a moon.
39) Penal Colony that will be sucked into a black hole in XD6 years.  No one has visited it or supplied it with food in many years.
40) Housing blocks stacked up and connected to each other by living alien flesh tubing that excretes oxygen and water. The tubing survives off of the flesh of the dead and excrement of the inhabitants.
41) Military World Destroyer Battlestation (Death Star).
42) Space Monster that has a star revolving around it. The enormous creature has many orifices that could be entered.
43) Hundreds of small ships fused together holding the remains of a lost intelligent species.
44) Desert world with thousands of huge tunnels carved beneath the surface by sand worms.
45) A lonely ancient and advanced living ship trying to kill itself by flying into a sun.
46) A small moon split in two that has two separate alien races battling each other for control of the whole destroyed moon. I picture them as red and black ant-like races with steampunk type weaponry. Clone tech lets them continue fighting indefinitely.
47) An artificial environment generated by very advanced aliens for their own twisted purposes. The environment is very different than that found on Earth and is inimical (hostile) to other species.
48) Android dump site where still operating robots have begun to excavate and live beneath the piles of broken parts.
49) Spaceship that looks like a robotic dragon that is being attacked by lots of small ships or other living things.
50) Giant robot heavily damaged from some old battle that is buried halfway in a moon.
51) A former artificial environment which has long been broken up into small sections, each section containing 1 to 5 rooms. All of these sections are floating freely from each other, only loosely staying close via gravity. There are empty gaps of space between each one. Every section has a short-range teleportation portal which takes you to another one, but it can be like a maze, the portals don't connect in a linear fashion anymore.
52) Monastery filled with depraved criminals (Alien 3).
53) Hidden genetic laboratory where the experiments have taken over and done things to the technicians.  Some of those unlucky scientists are still alive.
54) High security space prison filled with the galaxy's worst offenders.
55) Abandoned mining site with new tenants.
56) Abandoned cloning facility with hundreds of slumbering clones.
57) Royal opera house space station that draws humanoids from far and wide to see their performances.
58) Expensive high security space mansion.
59) Recently bombed out spaceport.
60) Power plant with an unknown power source, perhaps extraplanar in origin.
61) Sacrificial mound and underlying catacombs all beneath an air-tight dome
62) Space shopping center / mall.
63) Insane asylum on a comet.  A government agency loads it with new patients every time it comes near.
64) Expansive anechoic chambers (built to absorb all sound and it drives you mad).
65) Complex structure that is seemingly composed from light.
66) Human harvesting center run by aliens that sell parts a-la-cart to the highest bidder. It orbits a world with a high population.
67) Repository of knowledge from a forgotten alien species.
68) A slowly tumbling maze of undulating tubes and something is trapped within it that can't break free.
69) Mechanized reclamation and recycling plant for organic and inorganic matter.
70) Factory of enslaved workers.
71) A massive automatic factory that is harvesting power from a nearby natural source, and occasionally beams pulses of intense energy back towards its home world. It is filled with robotic machines for many chores including some anti-invader ones.
72) Microscopic (shrunken) aliens that have set up a station in a humanoid being. They mine the humanoid's bones for minerals, but the human is starting to shut down. Antibodies attack them like monsters would in a dungeon.  Picture a human skeleton with dungeon levels dug out of the bones.
73) Slaving ship destined for a world to be terraformed.
74) "Elephant Graveyard" of some nearly extinct alien species that lived/lives on many worlds.
75) Location exactly like the one you just left from but it is an alternative history place that is vastly different than the other location.
76) A holodeck-like generated structure composed from the memories of everyone in an extinct culture.
77) A cyberpunk or perhaps hyper-sci-fi themed dive into the depths of a person's mind. Could use psychology profiles to generate a random dungeon based on personality disorders.
78) Beneath a colony on an asteroid or moon (could be abandoned but maybe not). There is a very intricate but broken down system of plumbing/sewers.
79) Space dragon being hunted down by other creatures/ships.
80) A zoo, full of varied environmental conditions for creatures from many different worlds.
81) A terraforming / colony ship that contains time periods over a planet's history.
82) A comet that was a remote base in times past. Find the center of the comet so you can use the magic/nuclear/fusion bomb to melt it from the inside before it hits your planet.
83) A probability machine is fracturing time, investigating each timeline, and attempting to alter events for its own benefit. Once it finds the "best" timeline all life will be extinguished. It dwells in a complex labyrinth of computer consoles and screens. The guys that designed it called themselves wizards.
84) A hyper cube where all rooms lead to different but similar rooms in a collapsing multiverse.
85) A massive collector vessel. Containing one of every living creature in the universe in suspended animation, perhaps unique oddities as well. Ship is full of androids and robots but nothing in is in charge. An alien "ark" type vessel ancient that never reached it's destination and has been drifting through the void for a millennium. Unique bio forms have grown upon the vessel over time as well as aliens that boarded and became stuck there.
86) Space gambling city (Las Vegas of the void).
87) Space pirate lair, asteroid retrofitted as a spaceship.
88) A cluster of massive balloons, each about a half-mile apart, floating in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant. They drift gently on the winds, but are tethered together by thin strong cables. A secret research station is where the balloons are tethered to.
89) Luxury resort spaceport that has been cut off of their supply lines due to space junk destroying their engines and stabilizers.
90) A large geometrically shaped vessel comes out of a black hole. There are silicon based life forms demanding something but no one can figure out their language or what they want. They seem to be slightly out of phase with this universe.
91) Two massive warships of two different races crashed into each other and drifted into the middle space between galaxies.  They finally drifted into the edge of our galaxy. What do the aliens look like after tens of thousands of years. Interbreeding? What social structure has evolved?
92) A massive workshop for titan-sized aliens. The PCs are like Jack in the Beanstalk moving among massive crafting tools.
93) A Restaurant at the End of the Universe. They all have strange rituals about towels...
94) Demonic / extraplanar prison of summoned dark entities from paraspace.
95) A circular ship looking like the typical "flying saucer" enters the galaxy and heads right for your planet. All communications with the ship get one response in every known language and a million unknown. "The Seed is Here." The ship is full of massive androids and living metal beings. In the center is the "Seed" which appears to be a human woman in suspended animation. It is nearly impossible to navigate the portals to arrive at The Seed.
96) To escape genocide, inhabitants of a planet were forced to relocate to the rings surrounding their world. Cities exist on the largest chunks of rocks and ice in the rings, while smaller ones have tiny villages or even space-native species.
97) Old folks home in the stars. The inhabitants were sent there from a society that is obsessed with youth and their own vanity.
98) A being the size of the moon rides on top of a ship of twice that size. It does not seem to know how to operate the ship. The ship itself looks very old and traveling wherever it wants despite its rider's wishes.
99) A huge polyhedral shape that is an a sports arens for aliens (and PCs) to engage in all sorts of competitions, including zero gravity ones.
100) A derelict ship floating adrift containing 1000's of "dead: creatures except one is alive and she is very hungry. (Lifeforce movie).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"O5R" Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet (Incorporating Optional & House Rules)

With a little elbow grease, a pen, and some white sticker paper I doctored up a D&D character sheet that incorporated my house rules as well as some of the optional rules from the DMG.

You can download a PDF of this here (if you would care to).

I talked about most of the optional and house rules that I'm going to use here:

"O5R" is a combination of some of the ideas from the old school renaissance (OSR) and 5th Edition D&D.  See below for more information and for some links.

Character Creation:

Step 1.  Determine Ability Scores via 4D6 drop the lowest straight down the line.  Start at the first stat, roll, and then record the total for that stat.  Page 13, and 173 in the PHB).

Step 2.  Choose a Race.  Page 11, and 17 in the PHB.

Step 3.  Describe your character.  Choose your character's Background and Personality details.  Page 13, and 121 in the PHB.  A character's starting equipment will be given out based on the details in their Background and Class.

Step 4.  Choose a Class.  Page 11, and 45 in the PHB.  The Classes will be limited to the Cleric, the Fighter, the Ranger, the Rogue, and the Wizard (the "Big Four" plus the Ranger in other words).  The Cleric and Rogue will be modified to show the rules changes found below.

Step 5.  Come together.  Page 15 in the PHB.

Optional/House Rules:

1.  Remove Charisma and all of the associated skills that go along with it.  Players will engage in role-playing without any social mechanics.  Those skills that are listed in Classes and Backgrounds will be replaced with other skills.  Spell descriptions that call for a Charisma saving throw will instead be a Sanity saving throw (see below).

2.  Add a Sanity stat, with one skill under it called Mental Stability.  This new skill will be one of the ones that replace some of the social skills that I removed in the class descriptions.  Seem DMG page 258 and 264 for details on Sanity and Madness.

3.  Instead of a static Proficiency Bonus I am going to use the more random Proficiency Dice optional rule found on page 263 of the DMG.

4.  I won't be using any of the feats.

5.  Inspiration can also be spent like Plot/Story Points which is an optional rule found in the DMG on page 268.  I am going to use Option 1 and Option 2.  Option 3 is more for GMless games.

6.  The XP character advancement chart will be modified to stretch out levels 1-6 a bit, as those earlier levels are my favorite in D&D games.  1st lvl 0, 2nd lvl 1200, 3rd level 2400, 4th level 4800, 5th level 9600, 6th level 16300, and 7th level and above are the same as those found in the PHB.

7.  Success at a Cost, found on page 242 of the DMG.

8.  Side Initiative, which is also in earlier versions of D&D.  DMG page 270.

9.  Slow Natural Healing which is on page 267 of the DMG.

10.  Lingering Injuries which is in the DMG on page 272.

11. Massive Damage found on page 273 of the DMG.

12.  No Opportunity Attacks.  They are listed in the PHB on page 190, and 195.  Reactions to spells and class features still happen as normal.

13.  Instant Death happens at negative constitution instead of a negative maximum total of hit points.  PHB 197.  Make one single Death Saving Throw with Con modifier as a bonus.

14.  Traps don't always go off, and they will fail a certain percentage of the time.  I still need to figure out how often they should fail.

15.  Spellcasters will need to announce BEFORE initiative is rolled if they will be casting a spell or not (remember that I will be using Side Initiative).  This is to show how obvious it is with they waving their hands all over the place and muttering dark words that a spell is close to being cast so that they can be targeted by the enemy.  If a spellcaster takes one hit point of damage before it is cast (before their initiative) the spell fizzles and it will not be cast that turn.  They do not lose any spell slots however.

16.  Shields can block successful attacks a percentage of the time.  This will be a roll of the dice, but I'm not sure which die to use for this yet however.  If the roll is successful then the attack is blocked entirely.  This makes shields more important and I just like the way it feels in play.  This rule is from the game Dragon Warriors.

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