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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Sea Magic aka Shell Spells

A friend posted about finding shells on the beach but my brain read his post as finding SPELLS on the beach.  That made me think about a shell-based system about a culture that harvests shells to cast sea-based magic.  Maybe they crush them, snort them, cut themselves with them, or inscribe spells onto them as a focus. 

Shell Spells... :D

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Rolemaster Unified Stat Generation for Empire of the Petal Throne

Recently I watched a video by Bankbar Como on YouTube where he was generating a character for RMU from I.C.E. In that video he rolled 3D100 for each stat, dropped the lowest, used the next highest roll for the current stat, and the highest roll was used for the maximum Stat Potential (the highest that stat could ever be).

That stat generation method made me think of Empire of the Petal Throne.  As a house rule I always had the players roll 4D6, drop the lowest result, and then multiply the 3D6 total X 5 to get the final stat total.  Now I think I'm going to bolt on RMU's method.

EPT has random rolls at each new level to increase your stats.  I think I'll make that roll a bit easier but include the stat maximums.

Anyway, I thought I would share.

Here is Bankbar Como's YouTube channel:

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Vs. Dragons RPG Review


There are only 2 Stats (Brains and Muscles) and that reminds me a bit of the Lasers & Feelings RPG.  You get to put 4/4, 5/3, or 3/5 in the Stats.

Core Mechanic: Draw cards = Stat.  If the highest card is equal to or greater than the set Target Number (7 average) success.

Classes provide only one special ability but it wouldn't be tough to add some free Gimmicks in the game to flesh them out more.  I like that they are simple.

Each hero (character) gets one good and one bad Gimmick of their choice.  Think of D&D Feats but more narrative.  These are like many Boons and Flaws in other games but more rules-lite.

Equipment is more on the "what makes sense" side of things as well.

Shields are awesome.  Hearts deflect hits, Diamonds or Clubs reduces damage, Spades reduces damage but shield is damaged.

Weaponds deal 1-4 damage depending on size.

Random Card Draw as an Oracle:

Hearts = Very Good,

Diamonds = Good,

Clubs = Bad,

Spades = Very Bad

Initiative is just clockwise around the table.

Actions are move and attack.

Melee Combat is a draw of # of cards = Muscle, if highest card is greater than or equal to target's Muscle hit.

Ranged Combat is a draw of # of cards = Brains, if highest card is greater than or equal to Range Value (based on distance) hit.

Toughness (Hit Points) is 10 or higher with Gimmicks.  At 5 -1 Pain mod, at 2 -2 Pain mod, at 0 -3 Pain mod, at -1 Unconscipus.  Any hit after -1 is death.

Natural Healing is 1/hour, or 5/4 hours.  First Aid/Medical Care is Heart it worked, Diamond or Club is. Nothing bad happened, and Spade is it failed and possible death.

The rest is optional rules, NPC and Monster stats, items, and spells.

Hero Rewards are via Stat increases, Bonus Cards, or new Hero Gimmicks.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

D&D 5E 1D6 Cantrip Effect Table

When a cantrip spell is cast the player rolls 1D6 and applies the results listed below.  This is to add some variety to Pew-Pew-Itis when casting the same cantrips over and over again...

This was inspired by Sergey Pomerantsev over on MeWe.

1. Critical Failure. No damage or effect. Fumble.
2. Less range or damage or reduced effect.
3. Normal.
4. Normal.
5. Increased range or damage or increased effect.
6. Critical success.  Max damage or effect.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Save vs. Moonlight or Lunar Influence

My friend is on a cruise and took this.  It made me think that I should tinker on a Saving Throw vs. Lunar Influence table. Feel free to chime in.

Save vs. Moonlight.  If you fail a Saving Throw roll on the table below.

1. Temporary loss of short-term memory.
2. You lose one item by setting it down and forgetting about it.
3. Your sense of smell increases three fold.
4. You gain low-light vision temporarily.
5. You gain darkvision temporarily.
6. You gain Infravision temporarily.
7. One random stat increases.
8. Two random stats increase.
9. One random stat decreases.
10. Two random stats decrease.
11. You and an ally gain telepathy with each other for the rest of the night.
12. Your hair turns white permanently.
13. Your pupils look like twin crescent moons for 1D6 days.
14. Any spilled blood looks like it glows for you.  The blood in living beings makes them glow a dull red too.
15. You know how to read, speak, and write one random language for the rest of the night.
16. The character can cast 1D4 divine spells based on the domain of one of the moon gods or goddesses.
17. The character grows long black fur all over their body.  It needs to be shaved off to remove it.
18. Your fingernails and toenails grow extra quickly (as if they had grown naturally for one year).
19. Your fingernails become sharp talons that can be used as natural weapons.
20. You transform into a violent predatory animal for 1D6 hours.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Google+ Apocalypse, the Rise of MeWe, the OSR, and Little Ole Me

Hello everyone.  How's life?  Things are super busy around these parts with work and family but I have been spending a good amount of time chatting about RPGs over on a new social network called MeWe.

Yeah... the name is weird but in the course of about a week most of the OSR role-players that I followed on Google+ migrated over.  

The site is pretty user friendly and the RPG groups are easy to find with a quick search.  If you want to add me feel free.

Each group has a chat which I think really helps bring in that feeling of community.

When you are just getting started you are only allowed to add 50 new people a day but I understand that it is a spam prevention method.  Just be patient.  I've now gotten to the point where I don't max out every day. Hehe.

I hope to see you over there.  Come say hello.  Cya around.  *Internet High Five*

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Published Works: Dungeons & Dragons 5E Fifth Edition Cleric Domains / Murcanto's Lair Adventure

I'm pretty awful at promoting my own little projects.  Just look at the way this blog post is written.  hehe.  ;)  Anyway, if you want a PDF that is revised version of the D&D 5E Cleric Domains that I wrote up on this blog years ago, you can find them in the link below.  It's chock full of public domain art, so don't expect anything fancy.  Especially since I did the layout myself in Open Office and didn't pay anyone to make it look all pretty 'n shit. 

Here it is.  Dig the generic non-specific title y'all.

Fifth Edition Cleric Domains

While I'm at it, here is a link to a systemless dungeon crawl adventure I published a few years ago too.  It is behind the Adult Filter because I figured I'd better be safe than sorry.  It is a bit dark & horrific in places and the subject matter might offend some out there.

Murcanto's Lair

I'm also in the LOOOOONNNNGGGGG process of writing up my next adventure called Suffering of the Moth Queen.  It is going to be aimed more at OSR play, but you might be able to use it with other systems with a bit of elbow grease.  It is proving to be my most ambitious project yet.  It is more like a sandboxy mini-setting than a typical adventure.  The text alone is up past 170 pages now and I like to include a lot of art, so I'm sure it will balloon up when a skilled layout gal or guy gives it some love.  This one will be a bit more risque than my other projects, so it might draw some unwanted attention.  The main themes in it will deal with physical and psychological abuse on top of a bunch of fantasy/horror tropes that I will twist until I like them.  Let's hope I finish it before I die of old age.  hehe.