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Friday, July 31, 2020

Knocking the Dust Off of YouTube (RPG Videos)

I had some downtime this week so I managed to film some RPG videos.

Here's a quick video about The Sword of Cepheus (Fantasy Traveller).

This one is about a collaborative world building project where the setting is designed one statement at a time with the goal of getting to 100 statements.

My son wanted to film a video about some things that happened in the little games I run for him so here it is.

I've been reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, and it's really inspired me to build a new world.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Character Generation pt. 3 for The Sword of Cepheus (Fantasy Traveller)

Let's try to whip up another character. It's rather fun to just sit down and try to crank out several characters as character creation really is a neat little solo mini-game. Will they survive?!

Step 1 - Characteristics

Again I'm using a 3D6 drop the lowest straight down the line method of generating stats.

I get: Str 8 (+0), Dex 10 (+1), End 4 (-1), Int 6 (+0), Edu 10 (+1), and Soc 11 (+1).

Step 2 - Background Skills

I choose Savage Hinterlands so I get:
Athletics-1, Recon-1, Survival-1.

Step 3 - Careers

I try to go for Pirate but I fail the Qualification throw. So I pick Noble as a backup since I can get right in there with my Soc of 11. Otherwise I could have picked Peasant or Vagabond.

For the Noble's Basic Training I get the six service skills at level zero:
Riding-0, Carousing-0, Rulership-0, Leadership-0, Melee Combat-0, and Archery-0.

Survival throw... I just make it. I suspect that this was a poison attempt by a rival noble and I just got sick and survived. It's fun to add some fluff to these results. It stirs the imagination.

It's the first time through the career so I roll twice for skills and since my Edu is high I roll on the Advanced table and get Religion twice so it adds up to Religion-2.

The Advancement throw is successful so I go up one Rank in Noble.

??? So is this when I get the Rank 0 Noble benefits??? 

I just started there because I was not sure. So rank 0 Noble. So I get Carousing-1.

My Event is Hunting so my Survival-1 goes up to Sourvival-2.

I re-inlist successfully.

I got Religion again so it's up to Religion-3. Holy cow! :D

I succeed on the Advancement so he's a Rank 1 Tribune. No benefits for that.

For the Event it was Politics so I choose Deception-1.

I re-inlist again.

The Survival roll is a success so I think it must have been a botched assassination attempt.

No Advancement.

He gets Elevated thanks to an Event and goes up to a Rank 2 Noble (Quaestor).

I re-inlist again but die with the Survival roll. I should have mustered out after the last 4 years of service. Oh well. Rest in peace dead noble character that never got to play. :D

Character Generation pt. 2 for The Sword of Cepheus (Fantasy Traveller)

It was suggested that I blog about making a character to see if I'm messing up. I think that should help get me more familiar with the process so here we go.

Step 1 - Characteristics

I'm using a modified version of one of the optional generation methods. I'm rolling 3 dice and dropping the lowest and then placing them in right down the line from Str to Soc.

Here are the results:
Str 10 (+1), Dex 10 (+1), End 11 (+1), Int 12 (+2), Edu 11 (+1), and Soc 9 (+1).

Step 2 - Background Skill

I chose the Rural Village background and I got the following skills:

Animals-1, Riding-1, and Watercraft-1.

*Note that these are NOT a negative one. That's just how Traveller (and Cepheus Engine games) mark their skills.

Step 3 - Careers

You start at age 14 and each term of service for your career adds 4 years to that.

1. Choose a Career

I pick Priest.

For the Qualification roll I need to roll 2D6 and I got a 7 when I added in the Int modifier. I needed Int 6+ so that is a success.

2. Basic Training

This part confused me at first but now it's clear. You get 6 skills at zero level. These are the 6 Service skills listed for your career.

So I get:

Religion-0, Liason-0, Leadership-0, Rulership-0, Streetwise-0, and Art-0.

3. Resolve your term of service.

I roll the survival roll listed for priest with 2D6 and get a 7. I survive... barely as I needed a 6. This aspect of character creation is evocative to me. It maked me think of a mishap with rival neophytes of the faith that could have ended in my death.

This is the first term, so I roll twice for skills and get 2 of them. Since my Edu is higher than 8 I can roll on the Advanced table.

I get:

Deception-1, and Medicine-1.

??? I have no idea if I can roll on the Specialist table so I've not done that... ???

Advancement roll fails (I rolled a 3) so I don't get an additional skill.

I roll for Events and I get Purge. I get an enemy and get the following skills:

Stealth-1 and Recon-1.

I'm going to say it was a Ratfolk Purge so one particular Ratfolk wants me dead.

I choose to reinlist so I roll a 6 and barely succeed (I needed a 5).

When you reinlist you start over with the steps again.

For Survival I roll a 3 and DIE in character creation at age 18. Hehe.

Looks like I need to start over.

*Some GMs might opt to have the character have some calamity befall or that they get hurt or maimed and survive however.

I'll try to post more characters in future posts.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Character Generation pt. 1 for The Sword of Cepheus (Fantasy Traveller)

My one gripe with The Sword of Cepheus is that while it seems great for those who are familiar with Traveller it probably is less so for brand new players that are unfamiliar with how it all works.

I want to emphasize that I love the randomness of a lifepath character creation.

I have only ran a few one-shots of Classic Traveller so I put myself into that newbie category.  The tables used for character creation are efficient but a bit jam-packed with info. It leaves me wondering if I'm creating characters correctly or giving them too many bells and whistles (too many skill ranks for instance).

I'm having fun exploring the system with my son however. I need to make some spellcasters to see what the magic system is like as we've only used a Barbarian and a Thief so far.

P.S. Are there any good links out there to helps those new to Traveller and The Sword of Cepheus grok it all?  Thanks.

Monday, July 13, 2020

The Sword of Cepheus (Fantasy Traveller): First Session

I ran a one-shot of The Sword of Cepheus for my son today. He managed to defeat some bandits (via ambushing them), and followed their trail to their secret hideout. 

He had a challenging encounter with a Lizardfolk who had summoned a Fire Elemental. His Theif retainer got unwillingly sacrificed to The Voice in the Flames but that sealed a pact where the bandits were defeated in one fell swoop via an avalanche. 

My son seemed shocked by the turn of events, but in a good way. :D. I hope to run more little sessions for him in the future.

I enjoyed running a fantasy game with Traveller mechanics.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fantasy Calendar, Mythology, and Zodiac

Here is a fantasy calendar/zodiac (and a basic mythogy to go with it) from a few MeWe posts that I made earlier today. Phew.

Thanks Jens and Gregorious for your help.

Calendar/Zodiac in days (365 total)
1 to 4, Xoltoff 
5 to 10, MwerKef 
11 to 13, Aenur 
14 to 18, Muureshta 
19 to 20, Geurn 
21 to 27, Wurnalla 
28 to 30, Frenn 
31 to 33, Vuul 
34 to 40, Othsna 
41 to 44, Kaenosh 
45 to 50, Culn 
51 to 65, Thrunn 
66, Ithna 
67 to 76, Zinthra 
77 to 82, Hruur 
83 to 90, Aenur 
91 to 100, Geurn 
101 to 112, Culn 
113 to 117, Pahvan 
118 to 126, Blunn 
127 to 130, Mhurrgh 
131 to 136, Slixan 
137 to 156, Thoolba 
170 to 174, Pahvan 
175 to 182, Ashunth 
183 to 195, Thoolba 
196 to 199, Thrunn 
200 to 212, MwerKef 
213 to 217, Muureshta 
218 to 222, Wurnalla 
223 to 231, Blunn 
232 to 240, Zinthra 
241 to 247, Kthalt 
248 to 252, Phulthan 
253 to 260, Lontash 
261 to 270, Slixan 
271 to 279, Ferrwu 
280 to 284, Frenn 
285 to 291, Grysh 
292 to 297, Kantusm 
298 to 299, Negu 
300 to 310, Xoltoff 
311 to 313, Kaenosh 
314 to 320, Negu 
321 to 325, Kantusm 
326 to 331, Grysh 
332 to 334, Ferrwu 
335 to 338, Lontash 
339 to 341, Phulthan 
342 to 349, Kthalt 
350 to 360, Vuul 
361, Othsna 
362 to 363, Ithna 
364, Mhurrgh 
365, Ashunth


Calendar Dates I [1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 33, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 127, 131, 137, 139, 149, and 151]

Calendar Dates II [157, 163, 167, 173, 179, 181,191,193, 197, 199, 211, 223, 227, 229, 233, 239, 241, 251, 257, 263, 269, 271, 277, 281, 283, 293, 307, 311, 313, 317, 331, 337, 347, 349, 353, and 359]

The first day after the first continual snowfall.

God Details and Holidays

Aenur (Candles, Light, Sunrise)

Calendar Dates I [11 to 13] (Fasting until sunrise)

Calendar Dates II [83 to 90] (Lighting a candle at sunrise and letting it burn all day or until it extinguishes)

Ashunth (Demons, Spirits, Summoning)

Calendar Dates I [175 to 182] (Summoning of fallen enemies to curse them)

Calendar Dates II [365] (Summoning of deceased loved ones to comfort them in the afterlife)

Blunn (Coin, Merchants, Travel)

Calendar Dates I [118 to 126] (Makeshift merchant shanty towns are set up outside of cities to sell their wares)

Calendar Dates II [223 to 231] (Makeshift merchant shanty towns are set up outside of cities to sell their wares)

Cron (Intelligence, Magic, Math)

Calendar Dates I [1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 33, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 127, 131, 137, 139, 149, and 151] (Meditation for a few minutes)

Calendar Dates II [157, 163, 167, 173, 179, 181,191,193, 197, 199, 211, 223, 227, 229, 233, 239, 241, 251, 257, 263, 269, 271, 277, 281, 283, 293, 307, 311, 313, 317, 331, 337, 347, 349, 353, and 359] (Turning toward the sun with one's eyes closed for a few minutes)

Cuhl (Predators, Wolves)

Calendar Dates I [45 to 50] (Painting doors with animal blood and leaving small meat offerings nearby)

Calendar Dates II [101 to 112] (Archery contests, and hunting for more dangerous and sacred animals is only allowed this time of year)

Ferrwu (Dusk, Sunset, Twilight)

Calendar Dates I [271 to 279] (Gifts are exchanged as the sun sets)

Calendar Dates II [332 to 334] (Metal is hung in trees to scare away hungry creatures in the woods)

Frenn (Construction, Rocks, Stone)

Calendar Dates I [28 to 30] (Starting some sort of new construction like a wall or building)

Calendar Dates II [280 to 284] (Ritual of destuction, leveling buildings and reusing the building materials)

Geurn (Athletic Games, Exercise, Strength)

Calendar Dates I [19 to 20] (Running a two day marathon)

Calendar Dates II [91 to 100] (Athletic events, violent games, duels to the death)

Grysh (Fury, Hatred, Rivals)

Calendar Dates I [285 to 291] (Effigies of your foes are destroyed with ceremonial tools)

Calendar Dates II [326 to 331] (Curses against your enemies are written down and tied to stones with your own hair before being cast in deep water)

Hhuur (Winter; the cold, snow and subjugation of life associated with a harsh winter)

"Hhuur´s Coming"; The day after the first day of continual snowfall in the region (different every year); observed by gathering around a ritual fire in the community and singing  "songs without words" in grudging recognition of Hhuur´s reign for the time to come.

"Hhuur´s Expulsion;  [Day 77 to Day 82]; ending "Hhuur´s Reign" by marching around the home or community with torches in hand while howling, screaming and/or roaring; sometimes includes the ritual burning of a wicker man at the end of the procession on the final day.

(Chance, Chaos, Dice, Gambling)

Calendar Dates I [66] (Playing dice and board games)

Calendar Days II [362 to 363] (Blessings of dice and other implements of chance)

Kaenosh (Dancing, Fire, Romance)

Calendar Dates I [41 to 44] (Nobles hold extravagant balls while the peasantry have raucous parties)

Calendar Dates II [311 to 313] (Solo dancing and a belief that they are dancing with deceased loved ones)

Kantuzm (Justice, Torture)

Calendar Dates I [292 to 297] (Prisoners of high crimes are tried in "courts" in public squares)

Calendar Dates II [321 to 325] (Those found guilty by Kantusm's priests are executed)

Kthalt (Darkness, Monsters, The Void)

Calendar Dates I [241 to 247] (People go to bed at sunset and stay indoors to allow the creatures of the night to enter civilization freely)

Calendar Dates II [342 to 349] (Families of those who lost a loved one leave tokens out and then they act as a talisman against that type pf creature)

Lontash (Healing, Medicine, Surgery)

Calendar Dates I [253 to 260] (The sick are housed in temples and all those with any skill in healing are expected to help them)

Calendar Dates II [335 to 338] (Those with skills in healing go on pilgrimages to small towns and heal their sick)

Mhurrgh (Clouds, Fog, Poison Gas, Smoke)

Calendar Dates I [127 to 130] (Deaths occur at a much higher rate than normal, and victims are found in their beds poisoned or strangled, and the mornings are also very foggy)

Calendar Dates II [364] (A large ritual is performed that involves repeatedly breathing out forcefully and making a guttural sound that is said to drive Mhurrgh away for the next year)

Muureshta (Decay, Disease, Illness, Rotting)

Calendar Dates I [14 to 18] (Smearing rotting leaves on the bottoms of your feet and walking on a path covered in old fire coals)

Calendar Dates II [213 to 217] (Making mushroom dolls, drowning them in rancid water, and then burying them near an old tree)

MwerKef (Ancestors, Honorable Dead, Preservation of Corpses and Graves)

Calendar Dates I [Day 5 to Day 10] (Clearing and maintaining graves)

Calendar Dates II [Day 200 to Day 212] (Making effigies of loved ones who have passed and burning them at sunset)

Negu (Commitment, Love, Marriage)

Calendar Dates I [298 to 299] (Lovers propose marriage)

Calendar Dates II [314 to 320] (Marriages and wedding feasts)

Othsna (Drowning, Getting Lost, Storms, Thunder)

Calendar Dates I [34 to 40] (Season of storms, sailors carve boat amulets to wear to appease the angry god)

Calendar Dates II [361] (Rain and storm dances after sundown)

Pahvan (Childbirth, Pain, Suffering, Wisdom)

Calendar Dates I [113 to 117] (Priests and the devout publicly torment themselves and fast for the whole duration of the holiday)

Calendar Dates II [170 to 174] (Births during this time are blessedly free of pain, and their children are said to be destined for greatness)

Phulthan (Crafts, Innovation, Technology)

Calendar Dates I [248 to 252] (New inventions are presented to Lords and merchants to invest in and purchase)

Calendar Dates II [339 to 341] (Items are forged in naturally hot places and the items presented to the poor)

(Books, Languages, Lore, Scrolls)

Calendar Dates I [131 to 136] (Teaching the illiterate how to read)

Calendar Dates [261 to 270] (Binding and rewriting books)

(Soldiers, Strategy, War)

Calendar Dates I [137 to 156] (Families of soldiers will make stick soldiers and paint them a new color each day)

Calendar Dates II [183 to 195] (The painted stick soldiers from earlier in the year are given an animal bone each day beneath their feet)

(Catastrophes, Destruction, Fire)

Calendar Dates I [51 to 66] (Bonfires are lit every night and criminals/prisoners are burned alive)

Calendar Dates II [196 to 199] (Old and unwanted items are burned)

Vuul (Blood, Combat, Violent Death)

Calendar Dates I [31 to 33] (Sacrificing 3 birds)

Calendar Dates II [350 to 360] (Putting criminals to death via gladatorial games, the last remaining criminal is set free)

Wurnalla (Bees, Blossoms, Crops, Flowers, Small Plants)

Calendar Dates I [21 to 27] (The planting of crops and the blessing of fields with dried plants from last year's harvest time)

Calendar Dates II [218 to 222] (Harvest festivals and feasts)

Xoltoff (Fish, Fishing, Rivers)

Calendar Dates I [Day 1 to Day 4] (Ritual meals of eating a purified fish)

Calendar Dates II [Day 300 to Day 310] (Catching and releasing a fish once, and then carving a wooden fish and throwing it into a river or stream)

Zinthra (Trees)

Calendar Dates I [67 to 76] (Planting trees)

Calendar Dates II [232 to 240] (Burning fallen trees)

Friday, November 22, 2019

Fantasy South America Map

I hope to slowly go continent by continent and doodle up some fantasy versions of the real world using Paint.  Yes... Paint.  :)  This was my take on South America.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fantasy Age: Yeti Homebrew Race

Fantasy Age: Yeti Homebrew Race

* +1 Str
* Sturdy (Big Oaf, Knock Prone and Skirmish Stunts used on you need +1SP).
* Pick One: Con (Stamina), or Str (Climbing).
* Speed 10 + Dex (minus armor pen.).
*  Yeti, and Wolfen languages.
* Roll Twice (2D6)
2) +1 Perception
3) Armored (Natural Fur: +2 Armor Rating).
4) Focus: Str (Might)
5) Focus: Perception (Tracking)
6) +1 Fighting
7) Focus: Fighting (Bite) [1D6 + Str]
8) Focus: Str (Intimidation)
9) Focus: Fighting (Claws) [1D6 + Str]
10) Focus: Perception (Smelling)
11) Focus: Communication (Animal Handling)
12) +1 Con


Fantasy Age: Wolfen Homebrew Race

Fantasy Age: Wolfen Homebrew Race

* +1 Perception
* Pick One: Accuracy (Brawling), or Perception (Smelling).
* Pick One: Dex (Stealth), or Int (Natural Lore).
* Speed 14 + Dex (minus armor pen.).
* Wolfen, Elven, and Yeti languages.
* Roll Twice: (2D6)
2) +1 Str
3) Focus: Dex (Acrobatics)
4) Focus: Perception (Hearing)
5) Focus: Str (Jumping)
6) Focus: Int (Navigation)
7) +1 Dex
8) Focus: Int (Cultural Lore)
9) Focus: Perception (Tracking)
10) Focus: Perception (Seeing)
11) +1 Fighting
12) +1 Con