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Myrkálfr / Murk Elves Class for Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP)

Myrkálfr (or murk elves) are the masters of stone and they dwell far beneath the surface of the world in places long forgotten or otherwise unexplored by humankind. They are also known as the Mörkalver. It is thought that they are an elf/gnome hybrid conjured by some ancient wizard but they refute that claim. Perhaps they have always been here... and wished they had never been found. Their myths talk of emerging from a hallowed deep sping at the dawn of time.

They prefer to be left alone and rarely interact with other beings, often greeting strangers with violence. Those however that choose a life of adventuring are different as they did not quite fit in with their reclusive kind. Those that flee their sheltered subterranean homelands are often ornery, mischievous, and reckless.

Myrkálfr settlements tend to be near to underground lakes and rivers. They revere water (elevating it as a deity) and love to immerse themselves in it. They use it in all manner of cultural rituals. They are known to drown those who are seriously ill or who are close to death as a form of mercy killing. At times they need to be thwarted from giving "The Kiss of Water" as they will try to kill those who will recover.

Murk elf limbs are long, thin, and spindly but they are as tough as ancient roots covered in a naturally tough skin (granting a +1 armor class bonus). Their feet and hands are broad and strong which gives them a 2-in-6 climbing ability which improves at higher levels. Their hair is often auburn, black, or red. Their mucus dripping eyes are oddly large without any pupil, and they rarely blink. They also gain skills at a reduced rate, and have the sneak attack ability like a specialist does.

Myrkálfr have an innate ability to destroy stone in all of its many shapes and varieties. While Dwarves craft exquisite tunnels murk elves dig crude utilitatian ones but at a brisk pace (they can excavate 6 plus strength modifier cubic feet of earth per hour with proper equipment). They have a +2 attack bonus to hit stone creatures in combat. Also, statues and stone creatures always take maximum damage when hit by a Myrkálfr.

Murk Elves have their own unique spell list of arcane and divine spells but they can only cast up to 4th level spells.

*Note that Myrkálfr do not get the combat maneuvers that a regular Elf has.

MU SpellsPerLvl
LvlXPHPParPoisBrthDevMagSkills1 234Climb
0-1D61014151414-- ----
101D681213141421 ---2-in-6
23200+1D6612101414+11 ---2-in-6
36400+1D6612101414+12 1--2-in-6
412800+1D641071414+12 1--3-in-6
525600+1D641071314+13 21-3-in-6
656200+1D621041212+13 21-3-in-6
7112400+1D62841212+13 3214-in-6
8224800+1D62821212+14 3214-in-6
9449600+1D62821112+14 3324-in-6
10674400+1262118+14 4325-in-6
11876720+126278+15 4335-in-6
12986310+124278+15 4435-in-6
131152000+124278+15 5435-in-6
/ lvl
+122256+16 5446-in-6

Myrkálfr Spell List

First Level
1. Bestow Elf Curse
2. Comprehend Languages
3. Cure Light Wounds
4. Detect Magic
5. Featherfall
6. Hold Portal
7. Identify
8. Light
9. Purify Food & Drink
10. Spiderclimb
11. Stone Shape (Lesser)
12. Transmute Rock to Mud

Second Level
1. Audible Glamour
2. Barrier
3. Change Self
4. Delay Poison
5. Force of Forbidment
6. Forget
7. Knock
8. Levitate
9. Phantasmal Force
10. Silence 15' Radius
11. Stone to Flesh (Lesser)
12. Transmute Rock to Bleeding Flesh

Third Level
1. Army of One
2. Dispel Magic
3. Gaseous Form
4. Hold Person
5. Magic Vestment
6. Protection from Normal Missiles
7. Remove Curse
8. Speak with Dead
9. Strange Waters II
10. Telekinesis (Lesser)
11. Water Walk
12. Water Breathing

Fourth Level
1. Airy Water (Lesser)
2. Charm Monster
3. Confusion
4. Creation, Minor
5. Cure Serious Wounds
6. Dig
7. Move Earth (Lesser)
8. Neutralize Poison
9. Protection from Normal Weapons
10. Spell Immunity
11. Wall of Ice
12. Wall of Rock

Beginning Spells

A murk elf begins play with Read Magic and 2 of the new spells found below in their spellbook.

New Myrkálfr Spells

Myrkálfr Level 4
Duration: 1 Turn/level
Range: 0
The caster of this spell creates a bubble of altered water in a body of water (or water-based medium). Within this bubble there is a breathable atmosphere. The bubble sinks in water; the center of the bubble is on the caster and moves with him. The area of effect is either a 15' radius globe, or a 30' radius hemisphere, caster’s choice. Aquatic creatures cannot swim while in this bubble, as it is only slightly denser than air. Likewise, water breathing
creatures cannot breathe within the area of affect. Intelligent aquatic creatures will not enter the area of effect by mistake.

Myrkálfr Level 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
This spell can bring about any number of unfortunate effects upon a being, determined by the caster and Referee. Some limits of effect must be enforced. Typical possibilities are limited to no more than a –1 penalty to saving throws or –2 to hit. These effects can have any number of creative symptoms. The victim can avoid being affected by this spell with a successful saving throw versus Magic. Non-mechanical curses might be something like: bleeding from the eyes and ears, excessive hair growth, passing gas every minute, swelling or pain in a part of the body, vomiting blood or other substances, and urinating black liquid.

Myrkálfr Level 4
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 100'
A 20' cube of loose soil can be moved per Turn within the spell’s range. Solid stone cannot be moved.

Myrkálfr Level 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
This spell can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits the caster’s purpose, to a total volume of 2" cubed per level. While it is possible to make small crude amulets, cups, dice, holy symbols and so forth with stone shape, fine detail is not possible.

Myrkálfr Level 2
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
This spell returns a petrified creature to its normal state, restoring both life and goods. Only petrified creatures of human size or smaller, can be restored.

Myrkálfr Level 3
Duration: 1 Round/level
Range: 60'
By concentrating on nothing else and taking no other actions, the caster can move objects or creatures by concentrating on them. A total of 10 pounds per caster level can be moved 10' per Round. Living beings can also be moved, but they are allowed a saving throw versus Magic to resist being moved by the spell.

Myrkálfr Level 2
Duration: Permanent
Range: 60'
This spell turns 15 square feet of rock 10' deep into edible blood-soaked flesh for 1 day. To pass through this flesh it will need to be cut or hacked by weapons, which will reduce movement by 50%. This flesh vaporizes 1 day after it is created, and all those who ate the transmuted flesh will be nauseated for 1D4 days (-2 penalty to all rolls).

Myrkálfr Level 1
Duration: Permanent
Range: 60'
This spell turns 30 square feet of rock 10' deep into mud for 1 day. Any beings passing through the mud have their movement reduced by 90%. This mud can easily be removed and is often used by Myrkálfr to aid them in tunneling through solid stone.

Myrkálfr Level 4
Duration: Permanent
Range: 60'
The caster brings a rock wall into being that can be any form that the caster desires, to a maximum of 800 cubic feet. This wall is permanent unless otherwise destroyed or a Dispel Magic spell is cast upon it. The wall cannot be evoked so that it occupies the
same space as a creature or another object, and it must rest on a solid surface.

Thanks go to the following people who helped me make this class better: Andrew Knapp, Ian Christiansen, Jeff Cape, and Jeff Rients.

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