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Friday, October 9, 2020

The Wayward Scrounger / Gutter Cook: a LotFP Class

THESE INDUSTRIOUS FOLK CAN FIND FOOD IN THE STRANGEST OF PLACES. Even in the depths of the earth, buried in a refuse pile, behind an old grave, or under a corpse... Wayward scroungers or "gutter cooks" have a knack of finding edible food that others would never eat. They know ancient techniques on how to prepare such normally disgusting food in ways that won't make their compatriots vomit violently. It might not taste like the soup at the local inn but it will keep the characters alive to see another day. They might WANT to die after eating these prepared meals however... 

These vagabonds rarely stay in any one place for long. Their wanderlust serves them well as adventurers for hire. They tend to take assignments that will introduce them to new places and bygone backwater towns few have ever heard of. They often collect new recipes and cooking techniques from new cultures in recipe books.

With the use of ancient lore passed down from parent to child gutter cooks have tricked herbs to grow right on their own skin in small patches. They begin play with 1D4 herb patches on their skin from the random table below. Each patch has 1D6 doses of herb that regrow in one week once harvested. They can grow one additional patch on their skin at each new character level (roll randomly for the type of herb that grows in the new patch).

Those who eat food that a Gutter Cook prepares have a +2 bonus to any saving throw rolled that day vs. anything they eat. The food they prepare is treated as if a Purify Food & Drink spell was cast on it. These improvisational cooks can also deal +1 extra damage per character level to all forms of fungi and plants with a successful attack. They get +1 to all dice rolls (attack, damage, etc.) when they are hunting or gathering/scrounging for food.

Wayward scroungers are at home in natural areas and start with a 2 in 6 chance to use Bushcraft. They can track creatures in the wilderness with a base 5 in 6 chance and in dungeon environments with a 3 in 6 chance. This chance is reduced by 1 for each day that has passed since the creature left its mark there. It is also reduced by one for each hour of rain since the creature passed that way in wilderness areas. Obvious trails left by bleeding creatures, herds of animals, or large groups of people should automatically be successful.

Thanks go to Dyson Logos for finding the public domain image that I used in this post.

LvlXPHPParPoisBrthDevMag BushcraftHerb
101D414141112122 in 6+1
21800+1D414141112122 in 6+1
33600+1D414141112123 in 6+1
47200+1D414141112123 in 6+1
514400+1D41212910103 in 6+1
628800+1D41212910103 in 6+1
757600+1D41212910104 in 6+1
8115200+1D41212910104 in 6+1
9230400+1D410107884 in 6+1
10345600+110107884 in 6+1
11449280+110107885 in 6+1
12561600+110107885 in 6+1
13673920+1883445 in 6+1
14786240+1883445 in 6+1
15898555+1883446 in 6+1
161010875+1883446 in 6+1
171123195+1662446 in 6+1
181235515+1662446 in 6+1
191347835+1662446 in 6+1
662446 in 6+1

1D20 Roll
Verusktorild / She of the Crimson Eye – When you grind the stem into a powder it can be blown into the eyes of your target to daze and partially blind them for 1D2 rounds.
Lorenbannysy / Bloodroot Broth – If you mix a few drops of blood into the crushed roots of this plant it will produce heat for 1D6 hours equal to that of smoldering coals.
Enisghatora / Purple Limb – The leaves of this plant when chewed to a pulp are toxic. If this substance is smeared onto a blade and enters through a wound the area near the wound will swell drastically causing intense pain and then the affected flesh will turn a dark purple.
Serechtonalde / Garland's Berry – A creature that eats the fruit of this plant will not take any violent action unless they are attacked.
Ormagetasechight / Vurnon's Cauldron – If you mix the buds of this plant with sand it will produce a noxious substance that reeks horribly for 1D6 days.
Agetontiaundler / Spit of the Widow – Chewing and spitting the leaves of this plant in to the face of a dying thing will keep them from crossing over to the other side into death until natural or magical healing can be used on them.
Deltherdentonem / Pangs of the Dog – If you dehydrate the flower petals of this plant they can be ingested to get rid of hunger for 1D12 hours. If used for a week however the creature or person will no longer be able to digest food correctly and will start to die no matter how much food is ingested.
Rynhonbanunty / Milk of the Infant – Sucking out the milk from the stem and drinking it provides energy for staying awake for 1D4 days. After its effects wear off the person that drank it will fall into a deep coma that lasts 1D2 days.
Yerestenthkinon / Girnin's Giggling Root – Eating the roots of this plant will heal injuries (1D4 hit points plus 1 point of any stat damage). A side-effect of this herb is that the creature or person that ate it will giggle uncontrollably for 1D6 minutes.
Dynuskuntinga / He of the Still Form – If you grind the flower petals of this plant and mix it in a drink it will paralyze the person that drinks it for 1D6 minutes.
Undildgarserage / Eyes of the Sleeper – Someone that is in a deep slumber (natural or magical) that smells this pungent fruit will instantly awaken.
Ansayarhat / Cold's Demise – When the entire plant is sprinkled with the ground up leaves of the Yerestenthkinon plant (see above) it will produce a short-lived fire. The fumes are said to be beneficial for getting over minor sicknesses too.
Serackuskhon / Marlae's Bruise – A wrap made out of the entire plant will heal 1D10 hit points worth of damage that were caused by blunt weapons.
Achesselmaro / Bug Wall - If you lie these plants on the ground end to end around a campsite or around a dwelling all insects will not cross it.  It can also be used as a way to scare of larger more violent insects from attacking you, or to bind insectoid demons in a circle.
Tonelminaorusk / Bindings of the Martyr – Bleeding can be stopped by cutting a section of this plants' leaf and placing it over a wound caused by a slashing weapon (treat as a binded wound). If the patient engages in any fighting or athletic maneuvers before the injury is healed the wound will tear open again.
Bangharakiaril / Death of the Leech – If the juice of this plants' berries is slightly heated and imbibed it will reduce fevers and kill any parasites in or on the patient.
Nalechingnygar / Savage Mask – By tying all of the long tubers from one of these plants into your hair you can gain the trust of one animal. It is up to the referee's discretion as to what that animal does for you, or if they become a temporary ally.
Seringildageia / Orange Dream – If you place and hold the buds of this plant in your mouth you can spit out an orange substance. This substance produces hallucinogenic dreams if it is drizzled into someone's eyes.
Emechpolon / Hollistor's Pollen – If the pollen is painstakingly collected it can be sniffed to give the inhaler a burst of speed and an increase in movement (double movement for 1D6 rounds).
Issangeldir / Amalthea's Lizard Skin – If the entire large plant is ingested (roughly the same as a large meal) the creature or person that ate it will have their skin toughen much like scales or natural armor (+1 AC for 1D2 days).

Thanks go to Dyson Logos for posting the public domain image I used.

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