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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Three Dungeon Drawings (In Need an Intrepid Dungeon Stocker)

I had a few hours of free time at work the other night and I drew these dungeon maps.  I have no idea what some of the symbols mean (that is for the viewer to decide) but have at 'em.  I was making a line of pillars at first with the same symbology, but who knows, they may be something cool.  Maybe they are moveable blocks that when put together produce strange magical effects for the whole level of the dungeon.  It was pointed out that this one doesn't have a way up, or down, or in.  When in doubt... IT'S MAGIC!

This 1st and 2nd one were fun to draw with the hatch marks.  I think that is going to be my preferred way of shading dungeons from now on.  :)  I pictured the weird center room as some sort of divine sanctuary for some weird god.

This 3rd one I think was at least originally a Dwarven tomb or stronghold.  Who knows what lurks in its hallowed halls now.  I pictured the main long center room as having a long carpet made of some rich material, and the shields of their vanquished foes lined the halls.  The secret doors to the other rooms are behind this hall.  I think the ways in and out of this level are in the caves at the top of the level.  I picture this level having a lot of deadly traps.  There are a lot of passageways in this level that go under the other rooms. 

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