Saturday, August 15, 2020

LotFP Style Maps Part 2

Here's another map in the same style as the last post I made. I feel like I'm finding my own style or rather my own twist to this style I saw in a Lamentations of the Flame Princess book. This next one still needs some work...

These are so fun to tinker on, and I find that I don't even mind the "mistakes." It's freeing in a way to doodle these up. :D


  1. These are great, when you drop something like this on the table in front of the players I am sure that they are given a feel of the game. I would be interested in seeing how something like the style of map impacts the play at the table. When using a more stylistic map like this and using a more traditional map of the same area. Do the players approach the overland travel in a different way.

    1. I have yet to use it. I think these would be good player maps as they don't have much detail. Notes could be scrawled on the side or back of it or on another paper with a key.