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Friday, September 11, 2020

Alternate Halfling Class for LotFP

Here is my modified Halfling Class for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It was originally designed for the Bahalt Bahalt setting but I tweaked it so that it can be more versatile.

HALFLING BLOOD IS HOLY. They have been hunted and enslaved as blood donors by the other races and species of the world due to the incredible healing properties their blood possesses. It is the main ingredient in almost every healing potion and cure that is known to the world. Sadistic blood farms are hidden away in remote locales to gather a crimson harvest.

Halflings (of the more adventurous variety) strike out at their oppressors and engage in a doomed stealth war to free their drained brethren that rot in unhealthy blood vats.

Due to the tyrannical practices of the other races and species Halflings live in fear and are prone to being secretive and hide away from others. They rightly fear the outside world, but those who face their phobias and overcome them often become adventurers. These individuals are often seen as being ornery, insane, or wildly quirky by their brethren.

Halflings are very quick and agile folk, and so add one to their Dexterity Modifier and receive a one point bonus to Armor Class when not surprised. They have an uncanny ability to be quiet and so begin with a 3 in 6 Stealth skill. As a result of their small size they cannot use large weapons, and must use medium weapons two-handed.

Due to their blood Halflings naturally heal twice as much as the regular daily rate for hit points and ability damage. They heal at these rates even when badly injured or unconscious. They can heal even while in dangerous environments such as dungeons where normally that is impossible.

0*-1D612101511143 in 6
101D6108139123 in 6
22000+1D686107103 in 6
34000+1D686107103 in 6
48000+1D6647584 in 6
516000+1D6647584 in 6
632000+1D6424364 in 6
764000+1D6424365 in 6
8128000+1D6222245 in 6
9256000+1D6222245 in 6
/ lvl
+2**222246 in 6

*NPCs only, all Player Characters begin at Level 1
**Constitution modifiers no longer apply.

The art is public domain.

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