Friday, September 18, 2020

The Null Monk: A LotFP Class

NULL MONKS ARE THE BANE OF MAGIC. From birth they begin the slow process of covering every inch of their skin with anti-magic symbology. This ritual scarring and their elaborate tattoos helps to protect them from spells and to combat the everpresent use of arcane magic. Their visage can be a bit intimidating at first due to the marks on their face.

The Order of the Reposeful Void teaches their adherents to meditate several times throughout the day. They teach the concept of being in nature to observe it but to wall themselves off from its chaotic energies. Many of their thought exercises during meditation are about visualising energy absorbing stones being built into defensive walls. They also devote time contemplating that even magic will come to nought ere the end. They teach that magic will fade and join with the nothingness in the void. Entropy reigns.

Those who follow the Null Path have a resistance to magic that starts at 2% and increases at higher levels. This ability kicks in whenever a spell targets them. If the player rolls that percentage or less on D100 the spell fizzles out and has no effect. They also get a +2 saving throw bonus when touching cursed, intelligent, and/or malign magic items.

These monks can counter spells that are being cast a number of times per day based upon their level. If a spell is being cast and the Null Monk wants to counter it the caster of the spell then needs to make a saving throw vs. magic. If their saving throw fails the spell being cast instantly fizzles.

Null monks train with a variety of weapons and also learn how to use improvised weapons effectively (they ignore any negative modifiers to use such items). 

LevelXPHPParPoisBrthDevMagCntr Spl Mag Res
16+89110 /lvl+244322+1+6%

Optional: Spells that are countered and fizzle could affect the nearby area in harmless ways as if the chaotic energies are converted into something else. The colors of things can change, it could rain pebbles, feathers, or blossoms, insects and worms could crawl from the earth and writhe, birds could begin chirping oddly, patterns could form from leaves on the ground, etc.

Optional: If a GM/referee thinks that the magic resistance percentages are too low or if they think the number of counterspells given is too low they should increase them.

Thanks go to the following people who helped tweak this class: Dianli Zhang, Hxppy Thxughts, John Rudd, Johnny Normal, John Rudd, Ian Borchardt, and Michael Moceri.

Art is public domain and the symbols were designed by me.

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