Wednesday, July 14, 2021

OSR Explorer (Ranger): Revised Labyrinth Lord Class

I plan on running a Dolmenwood hexcrawl campaign eventually, so I've been looking over a variety of OSR systems to use as a chassis to bolt house rules onto. I've always liked Labyrinth Lord and my players tend to like AD&D, so here I am tinkering on classes.

I plan on having the players use the core human classes (cleric, fighter, magic-user, and thief) and a non-magical explorer/ranger class. I want to give them a few extra abilities, and tweak them a bit.


Requirements: None

Prime Requisite: STR and WIS

Hit Dice: 1D8

Saving Throws: Same As LL Fighter.

Explorers have a THAC0 equal to the standard LL Cleric for melee weapons, but their THAC0 for ranged weapons is equal to the LL Fighter.

Explorers are vagabonds that travel the world, and they are accustomed to spending time in the wilderness. They wear only leather or studded leather armor (or armor made from hide or natural components). They get a damage bonus that increases at higher levels on ranged weapon damage as well as an increased chance of getting critical hits with those weapons. Rangers can use any weapons, and they can wield two weapons with both hands without penalty. They attract an animal companion at 3rd and 7th levels. At higher levels Explorers can shoot ranged weapons more times per round. They are only surprised on a 1 on 1D6.                                                                                                                                                      

018 HPExplorer Skills, Two Weapon Combat
1,56522D8Archery +2 Dmg.
3,12533D8Animal Companion I
6,25144D8Rate of Fire: Twice per Round
12,20155D8Ranged Critical (19 & 20)
25,00166D8Archery +4 Dmg.
50,00177D8Animal Companion II
100,00188D8Archery +6 Dmg.
200,00199D8Ranged Critical (18-20)
300,0011010D8Rate of Fire: Thrice per Round
Explorer SkillLvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6Lvl 7Lvl 8Lvl 9Lvl 10
Foraging and Hunting39485664717884899396
Hear Noise1-21-21-21-31-31-31-41-41-41-5
Move Silently41505866738086919598
Surprise Others1-21-21-31-31-31-41-41-41-51-5

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