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Monday, April 15, 2019

Solo Role-playing: The Lost City of Barakus Part 3 (LL) Dretches & Death Dogs

The party was still mucking and sloshing about in the sewers when they stumbled upon two hideous little Dretches (Demons) dumping soil in the sewer near a now opened secret door.

Giladrina went unconscious again after several bites and claws landed brutal hits.  The Dwarven Cleric saved her from death's door and she managed to cast a Burning Hands spell to take the demons out.

Further into the secret lair they were ambushed by twin Death Dogs and two of the characters were infected with Rotting Death (-1D6 Con).  A Sleep spell put them down but the party fled back to the city of Endhome to lick their wounds.

At Endhome the Priests of Freya cured their diseases and they rested at their rooms at The Lion's Side Inn.  They paid for back rent and two more weeks stay there (6gp per week each).

By this point the group has been adventuring for 12 days.  Some shopping and upkeep was in order.

I really need to improve my record keeping and I started using a group xp sheet, a wealth sheet, and a house rules sheet.  I'm taking notes as I go on college ruled paper in a three-ring binder and that seems to be working well.

My house rules so far are:
*0HP = Unconsciousness
*Sell items for 50% of value
*1gp = 1xp
*If shooting into melee a natural 1 = Friendly Fire

I also need to keep better track of food and expended torches but it's going well and I'm having fun.

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