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Saturday, September 19, 2015

D100 Science Fantasy Places to Dungeoncrawl in Space!

This table was put together with the help of a bunch of people on Google+ and in the RPG Brigade.  Thanks for all the help.  I hope to use this list in my next sci-fantasy RPG campaign.  Enjoy.

1) Terraforming Base.
2) Rotting carcass of a huge space monster.
3) Hollowed out moon.
4) Hollowed out asteroid.
5) Spacehulk.
6) Bunch of old spaceships jammed together.
7) Shattered world & moon with ruins from extinct culture.
8) Weird remote religious site.
9) Catacomb world (chuck yer dead here!)
10) Garbage world (megadungeons carved from garbage piles).
11) Government research space station.
12) Head of a god floating in the void (might still be living).
13) Migratory spore pods on their way to far off planets (Pantera Planet Caravan video) being eating from inside by big slug-like parasites.
14) Colony generational life ship that never made it to its destination.
15) Horticulture preserve kept living by solar powered robots and rotating around a dying sun.
16) Debris fields on the planets near a huge space battle (parts of ships and survivors).
17) Self-contained megacities that fled their dying world.
18) Giant wasp-like hive structure of extinct insectoid alien species floating through space.
19) Deathcube in orbit around a heavily populated world, designed to kill off the worst of the population for entertainment purposes.  It is filled with thousands of deadly moving rooms (Cube movies).
20) Space temple built entirely out of the bones of the dead blended with high tech glass.
21) Residential Arcologies.
22) Cyclopean ruins of ancient alien civilizations.
23) Ring World.
24) Transdimensional intelligent machine mazes.
24) Hive city on a remote world.
25) Paradise world built beneath the surface of the planet. The lower you go the more posh it is.
26) The root structure of the illusive Space Lotus.
27) Dyson sphere/ habitation ring.
28) Physical expanse that defies physics and geometry (extraplanar habitat).
29) Parallel planetary development world (like Earth but different).
30) Penal colony/moon.
31) Space dry dock.
32) Space truck stop / import and export site.
33) Temple world / massive holy site.
34) A giant cube filled with passageways based on non-Euclidean geometry. It carbon dates to a time before the big bang and may have been a life-boat for creatures trying to escape the destruction of the universe that was there before ours.
35) Deceased Crystalline Entity (Star Trek The Next Generation). Parts of it still course with saved energy that can be exploited, but leaching off this energy is difficult because randomly throughout the entire angular tube tunnels spikes of this energy often kill those wandering around inside of its crystal exoskeleton.  It devoured all of the life on whole worlds to gain this stored energy...  so there might be some consequences to taking and using it.
36) Dilapidated subway system in a space station / or ancient city.
37) Undercity that has been excavated and used as a secret base beneath some thriving metropolis.
38) Excrement / compost space barge that did not make it to the terraform destination.  It crash landed into a moon.
39) Penal Colony that will be sucked into a black hole in XD6 years.  No one has visited it or supplied it with food in many years.
40) Housing blocks stacked up and connected to each other by living alien flesh tubing that excretes oxygen and water. The tubing survives off of the flesh of the dead and excrement of the inhabitants.
41) Military World Destroyer Battlestation (Death Star).
42) Space Monster that has a star revolving around it. The enormous creature has many orifices that could be entered.
43) Hundreds of small ships fused together holding the remains of a lost intelligent species.
44) Desert world with thousands of huge tunnels carved beneath the surface by sand worms.
45) A lonely ancient and advanced living ship trying to kill itself by flying into a sun.
46) A small moon split in two that has two separate alien races battling each other for control of the whole destroyed moon. I picture them as red and black ant-like races with steampunk type weaponry. Clone tech lets them continue fighting indefinitely.
47) An artificial environment generated by very advanced aliens for their own twisted purposes. The environment is very different than that found on Earth and is inimical (hostile) to other species.
48) Android dump site where still operating robots have begun to excavate and live beneath the piles of broken parts.
49) Spaceship that looks like a robotic dragon that is being attacked by lots of small ships or other living things.
50) Giant robot heavily damaged from some old battle that is buried halfway in a moon.
51) A former artificial environment which has long been broken up into small sections, each section containing 1 to 5 rooms. All of these sections are floating freely from each other, only loosely staying close via gravity. There are empty gaps of space between each one. Every section has a short-range teleportation portal which takes you to another one, but it can be like a maze, the portals don't connect in a linear fashion anymore.
52) Monastery filled with depraved criminals (Alien 3).
53) Hidden genetic laboratory where the experiments have taken over and done things to the technicians.  Some of those unlucky scientists are still alive.
54) High security space prison filled with the galaxy's worst offenders.
55) Abandoned mining site with new tenants.
56) Abandoned cloning facility with hundreds of slumbering clones.
57) Royal opera house space station that draws humanoids from far and wide to see their performances.
58) Expensive high security space mansion.
59) Recently bombed out spaceport.
60) Power plant with an unknown power source, perhaps extraplanar in origin.
61) Sacrificial mound and underlying catacombs all beneath an air-tight dome
62) Space shopping center / mall.
63) Insane asylum on a comet.  A government agency loads it with new patients every time it comes near.
64) Expansive anechoic chambers (built to absorb all sound and it drives you mad).
65) Complex structure that is seemingly composed from light.
66) Human harvesting center run by aliens that sell parts a-la-cart to the highest bidder. It orbits a world with a high population.
67) Repository of knowledge from a forgotten alien species.
68) A slowly tumbling maze of undulating tubes and something is trapped within it that can't break free.
69) Mechanized reclamation and recycling plant for organic and inorganic matter.
70) Factory of enslaved workers.
71) A massive automatic factory that is harvesting power from a nearby natural source, and occasionally beams pulses of intense energy back towards its home world. It is filled with robotic machines for many chores including some anti-invader ones.
72) Microscopic (shrunken) aliens that have set up a station in a humanoid being. They mine the humanoid's bones for minerals, but the human is starting to shut down. Antibodies attack them like monsters would in a dungeon.  Picture a human skeleton with dungeon levels dug out of the bones.
73) Slaving ship destined for a world to be terraformed.
74) "Elephant Graveyard" of some nearly extinct alien species that lived/lives on many worlds.
75) Location exactly like the one you just left from but it is an alternative history place that is vastly different than the other location.
76) A holodeck-like generated structure composed from the memories of everyone in an extinct culture.
77) A cyberpunk or perhaps hyper-sci-fi themed dive into the depths of a person's mind. Could use psychology profiles to generate a random dungeon based on personality disorders.
78) Beneath a colony on an asteroid or moon (could be abandoned but maybe not). There is a very intricate but broken down system of plumbing/sewers.
79) Space dragon being hunted down by other creatures/ships.
80) A zoo, full of varied environmental conditions for creatures from many different worlds.
81) A terraforming / colony ship that contains time periods over a planet's history.
82) A comet that was a remote base in times past. Find the center of the comet so you can use the magic/nuclear/fusion bomb to melt it from the inside before it hits your planet.
83) A probability machine is fracturing time, investigating each timeline, and attempting to alter events for its own benefit. Once it finds the "best" timeline all life will be extinguished. It dwells in a complex labyrinth of computer consoles and screens. The guys that designed it called themselves wizards.
84) A hyper cube where all rooms lead to different but similar rooms in a collapsing multiverse.
85) A massive collector vessel. Containing one of every living creature in the universe in suspended animation, perhaps unique oddities as well. Ship is full of androids and robots but nothing in is in charge. An alien "ark" type vessel ancient that never reached it's destination and has been drifting through the void for a millennium. Unique bio forms have grown upon the vessel over time as well as aliens that boarded and became stuck there.
86) Space gambling city (Las Vegas of the void).
87) Space pirate lair, asteroid retrofitted as a spaceship.
88) A cluster of massive balloons, each about a half-mile apart, floating in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant. They drift gently on the winds, but are tethered together by thin strong cables. A secret research station is where the balloons are tethered to.
89) Luxury resort spaceport that has been cut off of their supply lines due to space junk destroying their engines and stabilizers.
90) A large geometrically shaped vessel comes out of a black hole. There are silicon based life forms demanding something but no one can figure out their language or what they want. They seem to be slightly out of phase with this universe.
91) Two massive warships of two different races crashed into each other and drifted into the middle space between galaxies.  They finally drifted into the edge of our galaxy. What do the aliens look like after tens of thousands of years. Interbreeding? What social structure has evolved?
92) A massive workshop for titan-sized aliens. The PCs are like Jack in the Beanstalk moving among massive crafting tools.
93) A Restaurant at the End of the Universe. They all have strange rituals about towels...
94) Demonic / extraplanar prison of summoned dark entities from paraspace.
95) A circular ship looking like the typical "flying saucer" enters the galaxy and heads right for your planet. All communications with the ship get one response in every known language and a million unknown. "The Seed is Here." The ship is full of massive androids and living metal beings. In the center is the "Seed" which appears to be a human woman in suspended animation. It is nearly impossible to navigate the portals to arrive at The Seed.
96) To escape genocide, inhabitants of a planet were forced to relocate to the rings surrounding their world. Cities exist on the largest chunks of rocks and ice in the rings, while smaller ones have tiny villages or even space-native species.
97) Old folks home in the stars. The inhabitants were sent there from a society that is obsessed with youth and their own vanity.
98) A being the size of the moon rides on top of a ship of twice that size. It does not seem to know how to operate the ship. The ship itself looks very old and traveling wherever it wants despite its rider's wishes.
99) A huge polyhedral shape that is an a sports arens for aliens (and PCs) to engage in all sorts of competitions, including zero gravity ones.
100) A derelict ship floating adrift containing 1000's of "dead: creatures except one is alive and she is very hungry. (Lifeforce movie).

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The People of Pembrooktonshire - Resources (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)

I ran a campaign where the player characters started out in the messed up town of Pembrooktonshire.  I believe that we spent about 17 sessions in that horrible place but I would have loved to have played more sessions there.  A great time was had by all, but eventually reason took over and they wanted to get out of Dodge.

Here are some resources that I used while running the game that might be useful for a LotFP GM.

Keyed Map of Pembrooktonshire:

D40 Random NPCs and Events Table:

D40: To roll these dice, use the same structure as a d% roll, but replace one of the d10's with the appropriate tens die (D4). Thus a d40 is rolled with a d4 and d10. The highest number on the tens die is replaced with a 0 unless the ones die is a 0. That sounds more confusing than it is. A roll of 4 on the d4 and 0 on the d10 is 40, a roll of 4 on the d4 and 9 on the d10 is 09. When you think about it, this is lot like percentile dice, where 00 becomes 100.

Here is my actual play of my campaign where I used The People of Pembrooktonshire if you want to listen in.

The People of Pembrooktonshire PDF:


The Keyed Map:

1. Jail (Constable Blackie Stark, Assistant Constable Peter Orhan, Curran Ranahan*, Paddy Kilpatrick*, Shamus Dooley*) / Courthouse (Judge Barnaby Smolenski, Ex-Mayor (Diseased) Impert Laverick, New Mayor Rupert Irving, Steward Pip Moulds) / Official Town Scribe (Basil Quedgely) / Performing Arts Building (Gemma Rouleau, Randolph Sabouin)

2. The Squicky Wicket Pub (Wendy Lillywhite) / Starving Artist (Vernon Vallancourt)

3. Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons (Clive Brodhurst) / Spotless Chimneys (Barnabas James)

4. Lock & Key Bank (Abraham Charrington)

5. Blubberer (Dennis Bergelin) / The Wonder of Glass - Glassblower (Justin Laroux)

6. Borcellino Farm (Lloyd Borcellino) / Kingsford Farm (Frances Kingsford) / Whispers Farm (Rachel Whispers)

7. The Good Shepherd Pub (Morris Simons, Millicent Wellesley) / The Finest Wines - Vinter (Arthur Wyndham)

8. Reuter's Printing & Binding (Reuter Family: Tobias, Kurt & Klementine, Jessica *DEAD*, Lilli, and Ursula Reuter. Others: Armand Leroux, and Franz Hoffman)

9. Honey & Beewax (Giles Denton) / Old Man Lakely (Addison Lakely)

10. Pembrooktonshire Post Office (Hector Degauchy) / Peacock Messenger Service (Bartholomew Peacock)

11. Diadora Jewelry (Warren Diadoro) / Roger's Gadgets (Roger Nelthorpe)

12. Light Your Wick Candles (Thurston Butcher) / The Potter (Sylvester Tither)

13. Offices of Alfred Cunningham - Barrister For Hire (Alfred Cunningham, Leonard Snow) / Magnificent Masks (Julianne Wilcox)

14. Shane Bunting's House / Laverick Family Residence (Sophie-Marie Laverick)

15. Elroy's Stationary (Elroy Aldersey)

16. The Wagging Tail - Dog Breeder (Randolph Harnsworth)

17. Elegant Prose & Poetry (Richard Frost) / Odd Jobs & More (Theodore Geurts & Raymond Lolley)

18. Up In Smoke - Tobacconist (Herbert Dooley)

19. Cleverdon Locks (Peregrin Cleverdon)

20. Le Strange Residence (Algernon Le Strange)

21. Eunuch Escort Service (Lancelot Dashwood) / Taxidermist (Nigel Bingsley)

22. Canes, Crutches, and Walking Sticks! (Abraham Christiannse) / Buttons For Show - Buttonmaker (Samuel Pfaff)

23. Da Vinci's House of Pleasures (Veronica da Vinci) / The Lucky Strike - Gambling House (Lucius Sprockling)

24. Joseph Dornford's Museum - War Hero / Englefield Barbershop & Dentistry (Charles Englefield)

25. Alford's Furs & Pelts (Anthony Alford) / Midwifery (Titricia Finn)

26. The Almeida Household (Martina de Almeida)

27. Diplomat Edmund Dusserre / Playwright Tobias Holmes

28. Sage Advice (Horace Fitzherbert) / Apartments (Percival St. John)

29. Sticky Adherent - Gluemaker (Gavin Old) / Chastity Belt Maker (Neville Savage)

30. Tick Tock Clocks (Edward Dilhorne) / The Tasty Bakery (Henry Waxman)

31. The Medicinal Leech (Bernard Eyre & Jasper Moulds (Both Dead))

32. Town Planner - Department of Destruction & Rebuilding (Thornton Cumberbund)

33. Extravagant Wagons (Louis Diggle) / The Alchemist's Art (Rupert Irving & Miranda Peaver)

34. The Last Stop Pub & Tavern (Eddie & Bertha Diggle, Drusilla Myklebust, Princess Octavia Teixeira, Dell* & Sarah Clover*) / Plague Inspector (Reuben Pontier)

35. Master of Languages - Interpreter (William Hoffman) / Enormous Dolls (Bianca Snoddy)

36. Temple of THE ALL (Ryryd Rhydderch, Benedict Onions, Pontificator Maurice Heathcote, Eurost Tither) / Schoolhouse (Alexandra Morgan)

37. Haddingfield Construction & Masonry (Royston Haddingfield & Oscar Mohl) / Tax Assessor & Collector (Clarence Ravensdale)

38. It Floats! - Shipbuilder (Thomas Grayson) / The Undertaker (Kenneth Patterson)

39. Proper Foot Attire (Myron Hunsley) / Cooper Pembrook (Jefferson Pembrook)

40. Clover Homestead (Dell & Sarah Clover, Sir Tiberius) / Stallone Pig Farm (Nathanial Stallone) / The Cemetery

41. Carpentry & Woodworking (Boyd Grützmüller & Roger Peter) / Weyhofen Garden (Matthew Weyhofen)

42. Sybil Orhan's Cottage / Wilberforce Residence (Katrina Wilberforce)

43. The Gypsy Wagon Camp - Plague Victims Site (Deserted) / Hunsley Farmhouse - Abandoned

44. Narquin Farm (Walter Narquin) / Umpleberry Orchard (Herbert Umpleberry)

45. Lady Matilda's Comfort House (Matilda Bainbridge, Benedict Wroxley) / Oxnard Sheep Farm (Imogen Oxnard)

46. Ironmonger (Sebastian Auvunet) / Quentin's Pipes & Fittings - Plumber (Quentin Lorenzetti)

47. Marcus Arbuthnot Sculptures / Just Nails (Cecil Ranahan)

48. Constant Farm (Gerald Constant & Homer Longacre) / Madget Farm (Eugene Madget, Roland Valmore)

49. The Tailor's Tailor (Gilbert Lumley) / H.O.M.E. Honorable Organization for Maidenly Emancipation (Penelope Rambottom & Georgine Revesby, Virginia Stark, Edwina Strokes, Henriette Woolcombe)

50. Baker's Butchery (Horton Baker) / Armor, Shield, & Sword (Julius Oliphaunt)

51. Chapelle's Goat Farm (Lucas Chapelle & Nicholas O’Shaunnessy) / Smith Farm (Jonathan Smith, Christopher Sparrow, Portia Tissit) / The Ødegård Residence (Beatrix Ødegård (Dead))

52. Finely Crafted Shoes - Cobbler (Helio DeCameron) / Manley Ropes (Oliver Manley)

53. Pembrookshiretonish Perfume (Cain Magellan) / The Maxwell Export Company (Toliver Maxwell, Sylvia Wayne)

54. The Gallows in a corn field (Frederick Amcotts, Alisa Somerbaker) / The Scarecrow Exterminator (Maximilian Pratt) / The Quaif Farm (Felix Quaif)

The Random Events and NPCs:

Roll 1D4 and 1D10
     Random NPC
     Events / Encounters
Matthew Weyhofen sleeps with a woman - she has plants grow out of her...
Matilda Bainbridge - Two following ventriloquists - goes crazy
Gordon Balladeer - lamplighter - sarcastic sage
Nigel Bingsley - taxidermist - undead stuffed animals run a muck
Theodosa Birkbeck - doing things for ghosts around town thinking they are her boss
Lloyd Borcellino - animal children
Lucas Chappelle's carnivore ghosts escape and rampage the town
Abraham Christiannse - people unable to walk without their canes
Edwin Clover - Cockfighter - strange contraptions on the chickens
The 3 Cows - Dopplegangers turn back into angry dopplegangers
Martina de Almeida's husband - Doppleganger trying to locate the other 3
Giles Denton - Beekeeper wants to be Mayor - attacks with his mind-controled bees
Warren Diadoro - cursed jewelry around town starts to affect many citizens
Edward Dilhorne - no clocks in town match
Titricia Finn - Midwife of the Outer Powers, 75% of people born in the town are changelings and not human.
Theodore Geurts - ducks in the pond have gold and jewels in them.
Boyd Grutzmuller - buildings will collapse if magic is removed
Royston Haddingfield - All buildings in town have a secret room
Randolph Harnsworth - All dogs in town are small barking dogs
Myron Hunsley - contacts the party because of what he has learned from people's feet
Frances Kingsford's corn kills people
Addison Lakely - ex-magic user, hides magical auras in town.
Justin Laroux - makes glass fruit for people to eat
Raymond Lolley - Disturbed Street Sweeper
Cain Magellan - Someone smells like death and skunk spray
Oliver Manley's ropes kill people
Minerva Meijer - model
Oscar Mohl - Laborer - will help the PCs
Drusilla Myklebust - life draining madame – attempts to sleep with one of the party
Nicholas O'Shaunnessy - dunslinger finds The Black One.  The Obsidian Tower will
            appear soon...
Kenneth Patterson - dancing with a corpse by the lake
Gemma Rouleau - dances in public
Randolph Sabouin - Evil Puppets >:)
Bianca Snoddy Dollmaker - kids poisoned by snakes
Alisa Somberbaker - child with demon necklace - eats children
Christopher Sparrow - kills townsfolk because he thinks they are evil animals...
Percival St. John is thought to be a vampire. Angry mob goes to kill him at noon.
Nathaniel Stallone - coins vanish
Octavia Teixeira - princess is walking around town
Roland Valmore child - kills other kids via the Great Spirit

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fantasy Alphabet / Letter Symbols / Linguistic Doodling

If you were to start tearing up my gaming room you would find reams of paper that have this kind of doodling on it.  I'm not sure why but from time to time I just feel an overwhelming urge to try to make a new series of symbols that could be some fantasy alphabet.  There are way more symbols here than are needed to duplicate the English alphabet which I find intriguing.  I want to add in strange letter combinations.  Even if you just use 1/4th of the symbols above you can have plenty of extra symbols to represent CH, TH, ST, NG, etc.  It is kind of amazing that I could come up with so many different symbols from just using lines, circles, triangles, and squares.

I think the simplest symbols would represent the vowels or the most common letters used in whatever language they come to represent on the written page.  I left blanks if you want to go into an image editing program to type in your own letters.  I'm not entirely happy with the letters I associated with each letter symbol yet or I would post that up too.

I messed up on one of the letters in the image.  hehe.

What are some fantasy or sci-fi alphabets that you use or have come up with on your own?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

One Hundred Ways to Die in a Fantasy Setting

This table was heavily inspired by the Lost Souls RPG death tables.  It is a game about ghosts.

I'm going to be running a play by post game about ghosts that mashes together various rules from several different games but I'm going to be using a fantasy setting as the backdrop instead of the standard modern ghost setting.  I'll be throwing in setting elements from: the Mad City from Don't Rest Your Head, the world of Little Fears, and The Shadowlands of Wraith: the Oblivion.  It should be fun.

No more blah, blah, blah, here is the table.  Some of them are a little silly, but not overly so.

D100 Fantasy Deaths
Cause of Death
1. Died of a heart attack while vehemently defending your ideas.
2. Dropped dead of excitement.
3. Touched glowing, green ooze seeping from strange meteor.
4. Swallowed unknown elixir “to see what would happen.”
5. Suffocated while exploring mysterious cave.
6. Horse / Transportation accident.
7. Published rival's book under own name and then murdered by them.
8. Translated ancient parchment aloud while standing in front of a grave.  Strangled by an unknown party.
9. Murdered by an old friend with a mental illness.
10. Accidentally summoned a “Creature from Beyond.”
11. Tripped while ascending stairs.
12. Jumped from a high place and failed to land where you wanted to.  SPLAT!
13. Accidentally stabbed self while carving or butchering something.
14. Tripped (or were pushed) into a vat of some liquid, drowned.
15. Gargoyle (or some other statue) fell on head.
16. Died while attending a play or while listening to a story.
17. Metal or stone structure collapsed on you.
18. Murdered by a mad artist who used your body for his "art."
19. Drowned while swimming too far from shore.
20. Spouse wanted you dead, and had her brother do it.
21. Died in a dungeon for a crime you didn't commit.
22. Buried in sand, suffocated.
23. Stomach rupture after too much eating.
24. A dock collapsed and you were drapped under the pilings, drowned.
25. Skull crushed while not wearing a helmet.
26. Beaten to death in a fist-fight.
27. Died of heat exhaustion.
28. Crushed by fans at a jousting/sporting/melee championship event.
29. Hit in the head with a rock.
30. Ambushed from above, broken neck.
31. Choked to death on a bone.
32. Ran over by a horse and wagon.
33. Hit in the head with a rod of iron.
34. Overdosed on drugs/stimulants.
35. Allergic reaction to bee sting (or some other thing).
36. Died while repairing something heavy, crushed to death.
37. Horse was uncontrollable, landed on the ground and died after being dragged to death.
38. Lightning strike.
39. Poison in your wine or ale.
40. Fell down stairs, neck broken.
41. Stabbed to death by a beautiful stranger that you slept with the night before.
42. Gust of wind blew you off of a high place.
43. Died during construction of a new building.
44. Inhaled poison fumes.
45. Burned to death.
46. Ancient tower collapsed with you in it.
47. Drowned in a sewer.
48. Village was attacked, you were stabbed and died slowly surrounded by lots of corpses.
49. Boiled to death as some sort of punishment.
50. Burned to death as a result of a new form of alchemical weapon.
51. Friendly fire during a battle.
52. Starved to death in a forgotten room of a library, when a librarian locked you in.
53. Lord or politician killed you when you threatened to black mail them.
54. Died from eating rotten meat.  Served by a loved one.
55. Accepted a bribe, and was later killed by the one that bribed you.
56. Criminal was offended at your remarks, killed you in your sleep.
57. Killed by a shop owner for stealing stomething.
58. Arrows during a battle.
59. Scavenged for food while hungry and accidently ate poison herbs.
60. Accidently stabbed yourself, wound festered and you died.
61. Drowned in quicksand.
62. Hired to kidnap someone, and when the job was finished they killed you.
63. Killed while trying to release some hostages.
64. Torn apart by wild dogs.
65. Killed a corrupt person of high importance, killed by guards.
66. Stalked and killed by some supernatural murderer.
67. Fell out of a tree while climbing it.
68. Punched by a drunk, cracked skull upon on hard stone floor.
69. Crushed by a rush of people in a crowded area.
70. Mauled by a bear.
71. Murdered by an assassin.
72. Weapon failed you at the last moment, killed by soldier.
73. Refused to take a bribe and killed by corrupt soldiers/guards/etc.
74. Hunted down by a psychopath.
75. Died while saving a great king, lord, vassal, etc.
76. You were bitten by someone or something, and gangrene killed you.
77. Killed by a horrible virus/plaugue.
78. Buried alive while knocked unconcious.
79. Froze to death.
80. Starved to death, locked in room by someone you trusted.
81. You accidentally scarred someones face, and they killed you 10 years later.
82. A tree fell and crushed you during a storm.
83. Exotic pets turned on you.
84. Died of exposure when your clothes were forcibly removed from you.
85. Killed by a collector that wanted something valuable that you possessed.
86. Killed by the followers of a strange cult.
87. Sudden blizzard and ice storm left you stranded in the woods, died of exposure.
88. Left to die by trecherous companions.
89. Bit by a poisonous snake.
90. Angered a powerful host, who had you killed with an axe.
91. Someone thought you were someone else, and beat you to death.
92. Smothered while escaping from prison in a tunnel.
93. Hunting "accident."
94. Never returned after going down the river in a small boat with some "friends."
95. Lost in the woods, ate poisoned berries.
96. Killed by poor peasants, who wanted your shoes/boots.
97. Devoured alive by rats and mice in a torture room.
98. Suicide.
99. Stroke.
100. Killed by a jilted lover.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Three Bored at Work Dungeons

I doodled these up yesterday while I was snowed in at work.  They are for the ruins of Castle Vyn in the Blood Moon Rising Labyrinth Lord module.  The above image is the first level.  There are some black star teleporting symbols.  The rest is left up to interpretation.

I really enjoy just drawing up dungeons with a normal ball point pen.

The above dungeon would be a pain in the ass to map as a player.  The weird symbols are most likely some sci-fantasy artifacts.

I drew some quick squiggly lines and then put in lines based on the graph paper. 

There are spiral stair cases in the four corners that lead from the first level down to the last one.