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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cyberpunk RPG Idea: Pole-Jacking, a Cybernetic Gang Initiation

I had this dystopian dream of a cyberetic gang initiation. The rite of passage was called "Pole-Jacking" and it involved:

1) special drugs that made the person lose all control of their bodily functions a few seconds after injection, but the user would remain entirely conscious,

2) an implant that when triggered via a small lever on the pole that destroyed the part of the brain that governs restraint,

3) jumping off a tall building before doing the stuff in #1, and #2, and then

4) actually surviving the fall that felt like eternity due to the drugs and brain damage.

It was a weird stressful dream, and I remember it ending as I jumped on the pogo-stick like pole off a building, hit the trigger which fried a part of my brain, and then injected myself with this booster-shooter thing (think Star Trek). It felt like it lasted FOREVER, a strange mix of the fear of death, a high, and then blending into a fear of nothing and wishing for the ground to finally meet me.

Yeah, it was intense dream, hehe.

Maybe you can use that out there.

Edit: I was thinking that to start some cyberpunk session one of these guys strapped to a strange pole could crash land into a car right in front of the players.  hehe.