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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Three Dungeon Drawings (In Need an Intrepid Dungeon Stocker)

I had a few hours of free time at work the other night and I drew these dungeon maps.  I have no idea what some of the symbols mean (that is for the viewer to decide) but have at 'em.  I was making a line of pillars at first with the same symbology, but who knows, they may be something cool.  Maybe they are moveable blocks that when put together produce strange magical effects for the whole level of the dungeon.  It was pointed out that this one doesn't have a way up, or down, or in.  When in doubt... IT'S MAGIC!

This 1st and 2nd one were fun to draw with the hatch marks.  I think that is going to be my preferred way of shading dungeons from now on.  :)  I pictured the weird center room as some sort of divine sanctuary for some weird god.

This 3rd one I think was at least originally a Dwarven tomb or stronghold.  Who knows what lurks in its hallowed halls now.  I pictured the main long center room as having a long carpet made of some rich material, and the shields of their vanquished foes lined the halls.  The secret doors to the other rooms are behind this hall.  I think the ways in and out of this level are in the caves at the top of the level.  I picture this level having a lot of deadly traps.  There are a lot of passageways in this level that go under the other rooms. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Bunch of Weird Monster Drawings

Sometimes I just stare down at a blank sheet of paper and that overwhelming empty white sheet just intimidates me.  Other times I put the pen or pencil to the paper and come up with some freakish things like these monstrosities. 

This one looks like a mutated version of Falcor from The Neverending Story.

Then there is this thing.  Honest, I don't do drugs.  I'm not too impressed by this one, but here it is anyway.

...and another one...   I think this is some sort of floating intelligent fungus-plant-thing.  Don't breathe in the spores, unless maybe breathing them in is actually a good thing? 

There there is this freak.  It looks like some sort of bug that walks on sharp single razor claws.

What do you think this one smells like?  I was thinking, "What if Shai-Halud could fly?"  I messed up the wings a bit.

Maybe I should call this one Visine? This is one of my favorites that I doodled up.

This sort of reminds me of those weird alien-things from Sesame Street.

 I'm guessing this guy didn't die a nice peaceful death in his bed during the night.

I pictured these things showing up after an earthquake.

I have a few other drawings but they aren't very good.  Maybe you could use one or more of these in your own campaign.  Let me know if you do give them a spin.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Infinite Dungeon: The YouTube RPG Brigade Megadungeon Project

So I get weird ideas to try to get a bunch of strangers to work on RPG stuff together.  My latest idea was to have a bunch of people make a level of a dungeon on a standard sheet of graph paper and then put out videos about those levels.  I figured that this way people years from now (if YouTube is still a thing) could still make a level of a dungeon for the project.  I was thinking about a deck of playing cards where each card represented a level of the megadungeon.  The viewers of the videos can pick and choose which levels they want to include (provided people actually participate in making the videos) and stack them up any way that they want to.  For some reason someone shuffling a bunch of dungeon levels is a cool mental image for me.  Shuffle.  Shuffle.  :)

Here is the first video that started off this project.

Here is the playlist for all of the videos that I know about for the project so far.  I will add more to the playlist as they come in.

Here are the details that I typed up for the project.  It occurs to me now that if people want to participate with their blogs that that would be cool too.  So if you feel like making a random dungeon level that connects to another level above and to another level below in some fashion, by all means doodle one up. 

Here is the megadungeon level I've been working on for this project, and I plan on making other levels as well.

1) You draw up a fairly large level of a dungeon, you know, on graph paper. Let's stick to standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper size. That is your level of the dungeon.

2) Number your rooms and hallways. If you have related rooms feel free to use letters too, like 1a, 1b, 1c, etc.

3) Make a Key for your level of the dungeon with the symbols you are going to use in it. That way we know what all your little squiggles on the map mean. Also detail what is in each of the numbered rooms but do so in a system-less manner. Feel free to use common monster names, spell names, etc. but don't stress too much about system or edition or whatever. If you make up your own creatures tell us about them. Just describe what is there in words.

4) Make 1 (or several) Wandering Monster Tables for your level of the dungeon. If you have very distinct different areas on your level it might be good to have different tables for instance. Your table can be as large as you like. To keep it consistent maybe we should all design the table to be rolled on with a D20. If you want certain creatures to show up more often give that creature's spot in the table more numbers that are associated with it. So at max the Wandering Monster Table will have 20 creatures listed in it.

5) You fill only 1/3rd of the rooms with creatures. The theme of exploration should be emphasized and there won't be monsters in every room. Put a bunch of strange / creepy / weird / fantastical / supernatural stuff in the rest of the rooms. Also, some rooms will just be "empty" but there might be some unique description of the way that room looks.

6) Keep in mind that this is a supernatural underworld where normal physics need not apply. This place is corrupt, a blight on the face of the world (and in the world), and there is a reason that evil and chaotic things tend to make this place their home. They feed off of that power, and thrive on it.

7) Think of your level as a whole. Are there any politics between factions in your level of the dungeon? Are there any level wide strange effects that you should tell us about, etc. Do most of the inhabitants worship a strange god or gods or other things? This might be considered Dungeon Ecology.

8) Put some treasure in, some items of antiquity and/or power, etc. If you want to be stingy, be stingy. If you want to be Monty Haul, be Monty Haul. Have fun with the placement of such things. I would think most of us would be in the stingy to medium level of treasure range though.

9) Your level of the dungeon connects randomly to a level above and below your level. These other levels are created by someone else in the YouTube RPG Brigade.

10) Make a video (or a blog post) about your level of the dungeon and share it with the rest of us.

Another RPG Blog

I will hopefully be putting things on this blog soon that will deal with RPGs (Role-playing Games). I have a YouTube channel but I have found lately that it is harder and harder to find time to myself to record and upload them.  You can see what I've put out there on my channel.

I tend to doodle up monsters from time to time as well.  Here is a sample.  This is one of the better ones that I submitted to Within the Ring of Fire RPG.  I'm not sure if it will be published however.

Here is my old blog where I documented some details on my Labyrinth Lord megadungeon campaign.