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Saturday, January 21, 2017

2D6 Death & Dismemberment Table of DOOM

Video with the same information can be found here:

Roll 2D6 when a character "dies" and check the chart below.

2. Horrific Demise!  You are decapitated, torn into pieces, disemboweled, or find some other horrible way to die a painful death.  The rest of the party members need to make a Saving Throw vs. Paralyze or be frozen in place for 1D4 rounds.

3. Lifeless "Corpse."  You are actually alive but your friends don't know this.  Your body is functioning at such a slow rate that they think you are dead.  You will recover 1 Hit Point per day until you reach 1 Hit Point and then you will wake up.  You may have been left for dead, buried, burned, or left for the crows by then though.

4. He Will Be Missed.  You feel hands clutching you, but then you see your soul being dragged downwards and your body is resting above you.  Somehow you are able to see through the layers of dirt and rocks as you descend to your eternal fate.

5. Someone Is Watching Over You.  Something doesn't want you to die yet for some cosmological reason.  Roll a D2.  If you roll a 1 it is a benign or benevolent being, if it is a 2 it is one of The Outer Powers...  You wake up at 1 Hit Point... but you can't shake the feeling that "you aren't alone anymore."

6. He Was a Bastard Anyway.  In your last moments you are confronted by the thoughts and feelings of everyone that ever hated or disliked you.  This flashing cacophony of horrible images and emotions assaults you until everything fades to black.

7. SNAP! Broken Bone(s). You break 1D4 bones of the GM's choosing.

8. Broken Useless Thing.  You are horribly disfigured and broken.  You die after 1D4 horribly painful rounds of agony.  You can barely get out 1 sentence each round that will be your last words.

9. Half the Man You Used To Be.  You have been torn, or sliced, or ripped in half.  Your guts spill out all over the ground around you and your top half falls into this serpentine-like mess.  You gag on your own blood and pass to the hereafter.

10. That's Gotta Hurt!  One of your limbs or appendages is cut off, ripped off, or smashed to the point of it no longer functioning at all.  Roll 1D10. 1 = Left foot, 2 = Right foot, 3 = Left leg, 4 = Right Leg, 5 = Left hand, 6 = Right hand, 7 = Left arm, 8 = Right arm, 9 & 10 = Decapitation & Death.

11. At the Gates of Death.  You somehow manage to cling to life by the skin of your teeth.  You lie here unconscious at the mercy of the friends or foes that are around you.  Somehow you are able to see this scene from above you as if you were floating, even though your eyes are closed.

12. Now I'm Fucking Mad!  You have a near death experience, and get a burst of adrenaline.  You heal up XD6 Hit Points were X is the level of your character.  For example if you are a 4th level character you would heal up 4D6 Hit Points.  At the end of the combat you return to zero Hit Points and fall into unconsciousness.