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Monday, September 13, 2021

Flame Princess Cült, a Free Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG Zine


These LotFP RPG zines are all still free. I got some art and several articles in these (new classes mostly). Download them and check them out for yourself. \m/

Friday, September 10, 2021

Rant: Left, Center, & Right, Just be Decent


I've always seen us role-players as a welcoming bunch of freaks & geeks. Sometimes I'm the weirdest person at the table, sometimes I'm the most Mr. Vanilla Joe Normie player. I've had fun in like 99.5% of those games.

Playing at clubs, conventions, and in games I joined from online player databases exposed me to a lot of other types of people with all sorts of wide-ranging political, religious, philosophical, etc. opinions. I've played with conservative ex-military types to radical storygaming rewilding environmentalists. It was only the most vocal out of character extreme position comments that caused any issues, and often we kicked those players to the curb and kept having fun.

If you are going to disrepect a person sitting across from you, get the F away from my gaming table. If you want to have a political chat in the middle of a scene where the characters are storming a castle, get the F away from my table. If you threaten violence, racial hatred, etc. get the F away from me and go hide in your backward cave. If you want to censor games like Mothers Against Dungeons & Dragons tried to in the 80s get away from me.

Play games, have fun, screw the haters, and ignore all the negativity that's online.