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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Some Marth Ice World RPG Poems

I wrote these amateur poems up for my Marth Ice World fantasy setting years ago. 

Artist: Robbie18

Eyes In Shadow

I've looked beneath
I've seen your form
I can't forget
I can't move on

I've heard your voices
I've felt your power
I can't forget
I can't move on

I've fallen again
I've turned my back
I can't forget
I can't move on

I've lived a lie
I've hidden my heart
I can't forget
I can't move on

I've severed the chords
I've lost my kin
I can't forget
I can't move on

I've been attacked
I've felt their breath
I can't forget
I can't move on

I've learned the truth
I've heard your lies
I can't forget
I can't move on

Falgrif & Vermia


With heavy limbs and rage he swings
The gore covering his hilt of sword
All during the bloodletting, sings
Of a dead maiden and a forsaken hoard

Inward his thoughts, outward his hate
Her face perfect so dishonored and pale
The sword he wishes his blood lust sate
Hearing still her miserable high wail

Vermia's cold hand he held for an age
The noble dress torn and used as rags
Fire-filled eyes, his enemies as in a cage
While his taut arms severed the dark slags

Many dead souls floating in the lonely wind
Vermia's burial under those enemies falling
Falgrif the Red slaying and in turn slain
Falling on the mound with last breath calling


Gnawing Hunger

This emptiness screams in silence
Tearing down all positive thought
Vacancy moans for substance
Reaching for comfort
With shattered bones
Hollow trunk claws
Shredding mind, spirit
Need craves and calls out
Wishing for an end
This unrequited longing
Sighing into darkness
This gnawing hunger
Crying, weeping
For it is now
All I am
A ghoul for you

Treading These Shadows

Every step, a noise
Cacophony of crunching skulls
The breathing, behind
In the gloomy silence
Fated to die alone
For one shall fall
So you all may live
I feel this blood leaving
Escaping into the air
Wounds, violently caused
I smell your sulfur
In this lair
Filled with rotting souls
I've seen the Evil One
And lived to tell the tale

When Breathing Is No More

In the land of twisting shadows
When breathing is no more
We will march to the edge
Of the long dark ocean shore
To be bathed in glorious morning light

Woman of Death

Her eyes like charcoal
Her breath like death
Her limbs like swords
Her voice no breath

Her thoughts like poison
Her hair like fire
Her smile like slaughter
Her body's desire

Her hands like torture
Her face like Hell
Her motion like ice
Her secret so fell

Her singing like static
Her nails like talons
Her heart like metal
Her thirst, bloody gallons

Her soul like pitch
Her lies like satin
Her love like betrayal
Her mission dark sin