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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Save vs. Moonlight or Lunar Influence

My friend is on a cruise and took this.  It made me think that I should tinker on a Saving Throw vs. Lunar Influence table. Feel free to chime in.

Save vs. Moonlight.  If you fail a Saving Throw roll on the table below.

1. Temporary loss of short-term memory.
2. You lose one item by setting it down and forgetting about it.
3. Your sense of smell increases three fold.
4. You gain low-light vision temporarily.
5. You gain darkvision temporarily.
6. You gain Infravision temporarily.
7. One random stat increases.
8. Two random stats increase.
9. One random stat decreases.
10. Two random stats decrease.
11. You and an ally gain telepathy with each other for the rest of the night.
12. Your hair turns white permanently.
13. Your pupils look like twin crescent moons for 1D6 days.
14. Any spilled blood looks like it glows for you.  The blood in living beings makes them glow a dull red too.
15. You know how to read, speak, and write one random language for the rest of the night.
16. The character can cast 1D4 divine spells based on the domain of one of the moon gods or goddesses.
17. The character grows long black fur all over their body.  It needs to be shaved off to remove it.
18. Your fingernails and toenails grow extra quickly (as if they had grown naturally for one year).
19. Your fingernails become sharp talons that can be used as natural weapons.
20. You transform into a violent predatory animal for 1D6 hours.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Google+ Apocalypse, the Rise of MeWe, the OSR, and Little Ole Me

Hello everyone.  How's life?  Things are super busy around these parts with work and family but I have been spending a good amount of time chatting about RPGs over on a new social network called MeWe.

Yeah... the name is weird but in the course of about a week most of the OSR role-players that I followed on Google+ migrated over.  

The site is pretty user friendly and the RPG groups are easy to find with a quick search.  If you want to add me feel free.

Each group has a chat which I think really helps bring in that feeling of community.

When you are just getting started you are only allowed to add 50 new people a day but I understand that it is a spam prevention method.  Just be patient.  I've now gotten to the point where I don't max out every day. Hehe.

I hope to see you over there.  Come say hello.  Cya around.  *Internet High Five*