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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Random 1D10 Table: What's In Its Guts? (RPG Brigade Community Project)

A few of us old timers who've had RPG YouTube channels for awhile are trying to get people in that group of people to be more active.  Here is a random table to add to a recent idea posted there.

What's In Its Guts?

1. An ancient game played bt a forgotton local culture comprised of 1D100 intricately carved alabaster pieces.  The creature ate it along with the game's owner.

2. 1D4 Gems that pulsate along with the notes to a silent song trapped within them.  If these gems are broken the closest intelligent being will be able to perform the song (singing and playing instruments) perfectly for the rest of their life.

3. A moderately sized ball of half-digested hair that will animate to grapple and protect the creature that last touched it.

4. A magical sword that can be folded 20 times in on itself to make it very small (the size of a penny).

5. A complex holy symbol that took a master craftsman 100 years to make.  Inside a forgotten trapped god waits to be released.

6. A pair of match8ng blood-stained bracelets with five attached twisted nails.  If nailed into two people they can speak telepathically with each other up to one mile away.  Once a month the users must save vs. diseases or contract an illness that will wither that hand.

7. A bottle filled with a weak poison that refills itself once a week.

8. Bones of a squirrel that once was a potent wizard's familiar.  Once freed from the stomach it will befriend and assist the closest magic-user for 1D100 days.

9. 2D12 arrows that will reform after they are broken, burned, melted, etc.  The arrow heads deal much more damage when the arrows are removed from a creature (critical hit).

10. Roll again.  The item that you roll has 1D4 copies instead of just one of them.