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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Published Works: Dungeons & Dragons 5E Fifth Edition Cleric Domains / Murcanto's Lair Adventure

I'm pretty awful at promoting my own little projects.  Just look at the way this blog post is written.  hehe.  ;)  Anyway, if you want a PDF that is revised version of the D&D 5E Cleric Domains that I wrote up on this blog years ago, you can find them in the link below.  It's chock full of public domain art, so don't expect anything fancy.  Especially since I did the layout myself in Open Office and didn't pay anyone to make it look all pretty 'n shit. 

Here it is.  Dig the generic non-specific title y'all.

Fifth Edition Cleric Domains

While I'm at it, here is a link to a systemless dungeon crawl adventure I published a few years ago too.  It is behind the Adult Filter because I figured I'd better be safe than sorry.  It is a bit dark & horrific in places and the subject matter might offend some out there.

Murcanto's Lair

I'm also in the LOOOOONNNNGGGGG process of writing up my next adventure called Suffering of the Moth Queen.  It is going to be aimed more at OSR play, but you might be able to use it with other systems with a bit of elbow grease.  It is proving to be my most ambitious project yet.  It is more like a sandboxy mini-setting than a typical adventure.  The text alone is up past 170 pages now and I like to include a lot of art, so I'm sure it will balloon up when a skilled layout gal or guy gives it some love.  This one will be a bit more risque than my other projects, so it might draw some unwanted attention.  The main themes in it will deal with physical and psychological abuse on top of a bunch of fantasy/horror tropes that I will twist until I like them.  Let's hope I finish it before I die of old age.  hehe.