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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Recap 7: Skyrealms of Jorune RPG Campaign "Slaughter Isho"



*Ahte, Muadra Caji (played by Bill).
*Blogren, Muadra Caji (played by my son Wes).
*Bruus, Boccord Soldier (played by George).
*Titanius Englesmith, Human Explorer (played by Kris).

*Addacar (Corastin NPC).


I tend to get burnout as a GM, so I told the guys that I would plan to run this campaign up to about 20ish sessions and then let someone else run a game. We have a bunch of sessions still until that point though.

The group watched as a creature comprised of mostly pure Isho energy formed on the mysterious Shanthic Leyline. As per Blogren's vision the Shanthas at both ends of the Leyline had summoned it to fight them. Eventually it materialized enough for weapons to harm it and the battle began. Titanius got to use his new Field-Ram Earth-Tec on it to good effect. The Isho Creature hurt many of the characters with odd seemingly deadly spiritual abilities.

The Slaughter Isho Lamorri power that the group just got access to (from past exposure to that Lamorri skull and tampering with Lamorri tech) was used twice and by doing so Blogren got another vision of not only the creature dying, but ALL of the Shanthas, the many birds resting on the biers in the cemetery, and all surrounding life died too. The Leyline full of Isho and Life... became a demarcation of Death. Twenty five feet to either side of the line all through the lands from the Southern Jungle to the Northern Forest were instantly slain. Bugs were seen flying over the line... and instantly dying. Later a bird likewise died instantly above the line. The land was horrendously scarred by their actions. As a GM I love to see unexpected things like that happen. The setting has been altered in a MAJOR way that I could not have foreseen.  > : )

The group eventually noticed a weird dark smudge on the green moon of Launtra... They put two and two together to realize that the ascending Lamorri Death Tech Rods must have returned to some settlement there to wreak mass destruction. It made them wonder who or what resided there, perhaps Shantha using ancient Lamorri secrets to fight humanity? Perhaps other alien species? A mystery, but whoever resided there, they seem to have been behind the attack on the nearby town of Dharmery with their floating cloud ship/structure/skyrealm thing.

The characters walked on the sides of the Death Line and eventually decided to head to another nearby town (Advan) that they suspected might also be under attack. They found it and it was being attacked by a contingent of Crugar who were hurling Lightning Blasts at a protective Isho Wall (cast by the Dharsage's Muadra Caji). They group attacked the Crugars who either seemed to be in league with the ones from the mood settlement, or just taking advantage of the now war torn kingdom. Addacar collected the Crugar pelts after they had slaughtered them quickly. 

The protective Isho Wall came down, and they met with some soldiers and... the Dharsage of Ardoth. It seems he had traveled there to inspect the goings on in the South and to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. As they were speaking a 2nd group of Crugars could be seen charging the town riding on Dharme lizards... The Dharsage revealed the only Warp / Gateway that led to the city of Ardoth and that all of them should travel through it and destroy it from the other side. This was accomplished right after Ahte's Black Lamorri Box of Death wiped out some of the charging horde. Unknown to the characters... destroying the Warp with Lamorri Energy also had some interesting effects. hehe.

The group was glad to be in the capital city of Ardoth where the Dharsage gave them extra marks on their Challisks for their help. Titanius got a special write stating that he could retain his Earth-Tec devices in the confines of Ardoth (instead of turning them in as usual). 

Then terrible things happened. The Lamorri energy residing in the characters seemed to desperately want to assassinate the Dharsage. It billowed out of the characters and attacked and slayed the Dharsage's Muadra Caji. The Dharsage fled to safety... or at least so he thought. The dead Caji crumbled into ashes, then formed into a shadowy figure. It pointed at the Dharsage's castle and several towers fell as the world quaked. The group was told that they would be given room and board far away from the Dharsage to keep him safe and to find out what had happened.


Friday, March 3, 2023

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 16: Lamorri Power Mutations)

                                                      (Videodrome Reference)

So this is basically just another mutation table for those unfortunate player characters who use the dangerous Lamorri Powers and get corrupted / changed by them. *Evil GM Chuckle* Most of these were revised from this great blog post:


1. Hair grows out down your spine, and out along the tops of your shoulders.

2. Tusks form and grow from your lower jaw.

3. Burst of Speed. Once per day, can double movement for 10 minutes.

4. Two of your legs now end in hooves instead of feet.

5. Crab Arm. One hand becomes a claw. 1d8 damage + damage bonus. You can't use that hand to hold tools, weapons, etc. 

6. Hole. Mysterious hole right through your forehead.

7. Extra Mouths. Gain 1d4 extra mouths on your head and neck. 

8. Leathery Hide. You have an extra 1D6 worth of armor protection with every hit.

9. Spiky Teeth. Your teeth grow long and they have serrated edges. You have a slight speech impediment now.

10. Milk. Your body produces 1 ration's worth of milk per day. It is painful if neglected for more than 3 days.

11. Bizarre Skin. Your skin flickers between two random colors.

12. Pheromones. Repels insects, 20m radius.

13. Stabbing Limb. One arm becomes a sharp point of bone. As a dagger. You can't use that limb to hold items or write.

14. Bird Wings. Vestigial. Cannot fly.

15. Unusual Genitals. Whatever you had going on down there is different and weird now...

16. Feeble Jaw. Enormous overbite.

17. Third Eye. On your forehead. +1D10 to Spot Stat.

18. Dog Face. Face of a hybrid humanoid/canine.

19. Perfect Memory. Can roll vs Intelligence/Idea to recall incredibly trivial details.

20. Skin Flaps. Like flying squirrel wings. Cannot use them to fly or even fall slowly.

21. Crown of Tentacles. 2D10 tiny tentacles grow in a ring around your head.

22. Hair Migration. All of it migrates to one side of your head in a huge weird tuft.

23. Grinding Throat. Can eat tough objects (leather, wood) and non-food items can sustain you as if they were food.

24. Finger Mouths. Every finger ends in a tiny lamprey mouth. Can eat with them.

25. Neck Pouch. Inflates, becomes big and red.

26. Second Face. On your stomach. It can see and smell but not hear or speak

27. 100 Eyes. They cover your body. You cannot be Surprised. Darkvision 30m. Spot Stat increases by +1D10.

28. Spider Gland. You can excrete 10' of rope per day.

29. Bilious Vomit. 10' cone, 1d4 damage. Requires 1 ration to recharge.

30. Strange Voice. Something has gone awry with your vocal cords...

31. Any body part chopped off combusts in 1d6 rounds dealing 2D10 fire damage to all of those in a 10m radius.

32. Tentacle Fingers. All wiggly.

33. All bodily fluids can be used as (smelly) lamp oil. 1 flask per day normally.

34. Thick Skull. -1D6 Intelligence, +1D6 Constitution. Cannot be stunned by physical attacks, and 1D6 damage reduction to any hit that hits the head.

35. Extra Lobes. +1D6 Intelligence.

36. Suckers. Your fingers end in suction cups. You can pick up anything and it is impossible for anyone to knock an item held out of your hands.

37. Chameleon Eyes. Bulge, can look in 2 directions at once. Spot Stat increases by +2D6.

39. Glow Pockets. Can glow (as a candle) at will.

40. Goat Horns. Small and pointy form on your skull. 

41. Mantis Arm. One arm gains several extra joints. Can extend to 3m long, folds up to normal size.

42. Worm Blood. Your blood is now infested with extraplanar bloodworm parasites.

43. Mimic. You can mimic all voices, music, and natural sounds.

44. No Lips. Exposed teeth and gums. Dribbly.

45. Compound Eyes. Whole bunch of little eyeballs, like a raspberry. Spot Stat increases by +1D10.

46. Colored Pupils. Pick a color.

47. Unsettling Laughter. Your laugh requires small children, hirelings, NPCs etc. to make a morale check.

48. Retractable Head. Can shrink into torso, leaving only hair exposed.

49. Resilient. Reduce all incoming physical damage by 1D10.

50. Two Necks. Attached to one head. Tricky to decapitate. Can sing in harmony with self.

51. Slime Trail. You sweat a horrible stinking ooze. -10% to Stalking/Stealth skill. Creatures with a scent ability will always be able to track you.

52. Sensitive Eyes. Cannot bear direct sunlight.

53. Swap. GM picks a mutation you currently have and replaces it with one rolled on this table.

54. Horrible Bloating. Something is wrong with your guts. Roll Constitution/Stamina every time you eat a ration or take 1 damage.

55. Foul Stench. Rotting fish and boiled hooves. -30% to Stalking/Stealth skill. Creatures with a scent ability will always be able to track you.

56. Mental Backsliding. -1D6 to Intelligence. Cannot read or write.

57. Strange Walk. You joints fire in an odd order. Reduce your Movement by 1/3rd.

58. Mute. Your tongue withers and disappears.

59. Inverted. Legs swap with arms. Movement unimpeded. Writing and delicate tasks are difficult.

60. Atrophy. One your limbs becomes withered and useless.

61. Foul Stench. You smell like burnt meat and hair. -20% to Stalking/Stealth skill. Creatures with a scent ability will always be able to track you.

62. Inside Out. Horrible. Your total Hit Points are halved. Two random Stats are reduced by -1D10.

63. At death, parasitic limbs will try to grapple nearby targets and fuse to them.

64. Grotesque. Distressingly deformed, scarred, or mangled. Agility -1D6 & Constitution -1D6, then roll again on this table. 

65. Corrupted Organs. Your guts writhe. Whenever you sustain a Major Wound, everyone in 30' must roll to resist being overcome with fear.

66. Pheromones. Insects find you very attractive. 

67. 1D100 Sores. They cover your entire body. -1D10 to Agility, Constitution, and Strength.

68. Cold Blooded. Extremely slow at low temperatures.

69. Goat Horns. Large and curled make it strenuous to hold your head up, and make balancing and other physical activities difficult (-20% penalty).

70. Gaseous Guts. Whenever you gain a Major Wound, everyone in 10m must roll Constitution/Stamina or be poisoned (1d4 damage).

71. Egg Laying. Once a week. Eggs are self-fertilized, hatch into horrible malicious mini-clones.

72. Neuter. Your genitals wither and fall off.

73. Wracked. Your body twists and deforms. -1D6 Agility, and -1D4 Constitution.

74. Duplication. Split in half. Reduce all your Stats by -1D6 and your hit points by half. Your "twin" rolls new stats and HP and has the same skills as you.

75. Evil Eye. One of your eyes becomes green and wobbly. If you die, it becomes a slime. Spot Stat is decreased by -1D10.

76. Evil Eye. One of your eyes becomes black and weeps tar-like tears. Spot Stat is decreased by -1D8. 

77. Hunchback. Agility -1D4, Strength -1D2.

78. Crown of Useless Arms. 1D6 tiny arms grow in a ring around your head.

79. Carnivore. Can only eat meat for rations. You get violently ill if you ingest other forms of food.

80. Spare Legs. Current legs divide into three. Shuffle at almost normal speed.

81. Fish Hatred. All aquatic creatures instinctively fear and/or hate you. People are immune.

82. Extra Useless Head. Identical to your current one, but mirrored, and it has a constant migraine (-10% to all skill rolls).

83. Hideous Violent Morphing. Remove all current mutations. Roll once on this table for each mutation removed.

84. Cyclops. All your eyes migrate to the center of your forehead and fuse into one. Spot Stat is decreased by -1D6. 

85. Anosmic. Your nose disappears and you completely lose your sense of smell. 

86. Tentacle Leg. Horrible and bendy, but it still works. Your movement is halved, but it can hold an item.

87. Multiple Heads. 1D6 additional heads on your neck. The size of apples. They mutter almost constantly and glare. Reduce Stalking/Stealth and Hiding by half unless the mouths can be somehow silenced.

88. When you are hit in combat take 1d6 extra damage as blood sprays out from your pores 10m in all directions.

89. Unbalanced Legs. One grows strong and thick. The other withers. Movement is halved.

90. Age +2D10 years in the course of a single day.

91. Life-Eater. Need to eat 1 living creature a day or take 1d6 damage. Vermin work.

92. Toxic Blood. Immune to poison and disease. At 0 HP or below, any hits deal 1D4 damage to attacker. Those who attempt to heal you also sustain 1D4 damage if they get your blood on them.

93. Cravings. You are hungry all the time. You consume twice as many rations as normal.

94. Skin Slough. Sections of your skin falls off every day, exposing muscles and sinew. This happens in the morning as soon as direct sunlight hits you and you take 1D4 damage.

95. Joint Reversal. All your knees and elbows now bend the other way. Those who see you move are often disturbed by it, making social situations problematic.

96. Swap. Pick a mutation you currently have and replace it with one rolled on this table.

97. Misshapen. May no longer run or ride a horse. Reduce Movement by half.

98. Sensitive Skin. Unpleasant, itchy rash from touching any form of metal, or having metal on your person anywhere or even in a backpack (-10% penalty to all skill rolls).

99. Blindness. You can only barely see light and shadows.

100. Dire Straits. Roll again twice. You get both mutations.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Recap 6: Skyrealms of Jorune RPG Campaign "Experiments, Lamorri Domination, & Shanthic Leyline"


*Ahte, Muadra Caji (played by Bill).
*Blogren, Muadra Caji (played by my son Wes).
*Bruus, Boccord Soldier (played by George).
*Titanius Englesmith, Human Explorer (played by Kris).

*Addacar (Corastin NPC).


The group searched the ruins of Dharmery but an odd looking cloud descended from far above. It cast its shadow over the town, and the characters could make out some sort of ship or structure within its strange mists. Townsfolk were taken over by small black spheres that came from above. They acted zombie-like and seemed not to have a will of their own any longer.

In one of the ruins the group found Doctor Mathis' laboratory. There was a mechanically animated Shantha skeleton that used Earth-Tec to propel its limbs. They rescued a prisoner named Lorrit who had his eyes removed and replaced with computer wires that were directly linked to the computer systems found there. When the characters did not know the password the computer voice enacted a self-desctruct sequence. They fled, but not before finding some more Earth-Tec power cells.  

Outside again the group faced off against the mind-controlled townsfolk who seemed to be changing from the inside out. Ahte's brother was one of those controlled in this way.  The characters eventually fled as more townsfolk were being taken over. A half-sphere of energy was created around the town of Dharmery, seemingly isolating it from the world around it.

The group headed toward the own of Advan but stopped when they found a Shanthic river of energy (Leyline). Blogren, the Muadra, got a vision of Shanthas painting obelisks with blood and performing rituals at both end points of the line. One the group thinks was North, and the other far to the South, but both were in heavily wooded areas or forests (Glounda Forest and East Trinnu Jungle). One of those obelisks was in a cemetery of biers with lots of birds looking directly at Blogren in his vision.

As Blogren's vision ended a hideous monstrosity was forming on the Leyline right where the characters had crossed it. A palpable sense of fear was bubbling up inside of them before the session ended. hehe.

Today we will play our next session, and I hope to type up a summary soon. I was slacking this month.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 15: Lamorri Powers)


My buddy Bill Coulson has a character in my Skyrealms of Jorune campaign who was infected/corrupted by ancient Lamorri skull. These powers are a result of that as well as him dabbling with evil Lamorri tech... The idea is that each power is "free" but with every use of each power the danger to the caster of having their DNA altered increases... Most of those mutations will be vile, but I'm going to sprinkle in some good ones too on a future random table.

Lamorri Powers:

*Alter Flesh
*Destroy Cle-Eshta or Warp
*Dominate Being (Cleash, Corastin, Croid, Ramian, Skarmis, or Thriddle)
*Muadra's Bane
*Poison Isho
*Ray of Mutation
*Remove Disease & Neutralize Poison
*Shan-Theel (Dark Shantha)
*Shape Stone & Warp Metal
*Slaughter Isho

[Evids of the Shantha are resistant or immune to Lamorri powers].


Range: Touch
Mutation Chance: 1% (+1% per use).
If the touched living being fails a Con/Stamina roll then one random part of the creature changes into another living physical biological form that has the same mass. This power cannot kill, but it can make many unfortunate changes to the creature.

Area: 10 meters
Range: 30 meters
Mutation Chance: 1% (+5% per use).

Lamorri energy completely severs the magical pathway between teleporting Cle-Eshtas, gateways, portals, warps, etc. A massive expenditure of Isho is needed to reestablish the pathway.

DOMINATE BEING (Cleash, Corastin, Croid, Ramian, Scarmis, or Thriddle)
Range: 30 meters
Mutation Chance: 1% (+2% per use).

If you win a test of Intelligence vs. Intelligence on the Resistance Table you can control the actions of any Cleash, Corastin, Croid, Ramian, Scarmis, or Thriddle being through a telepathic link that you establish with the subject’s mind. You can force the subject to perform as you desire for a full day, within the limits of its abilities.

Once you have given a dominated creature a command, it continues to attempt to carry out that command to the exclusion of all other activities except those necessary for day-to-day survival. Giving a dominated creature a new command takes one action. Obviously self-destructive orders are not carried out.

Range: 100 meters
Mutation Chance: 1% (+4% per use).
If you win a test of Intelligence vs. Intelligence on the Resistance Table vs. a targeted Muadra they will have all of tgeir Isho ripped from them, and it will be infused with corrupting Lamorri energy. If they fail a Con/Stamina roll they die. Those that survive being filled with Lamorri energy will not be able to cast any Dyshas for 1D6 days.

Area: 100 meter radius centered on the caster
Mutation Chance: 1% (+2% per use).

All ambient Isho in the area is poisoned. The energy will eventually return to nornal in the area but it will take 1D4 days to do so. Beings that attempt to cast Dyshas in the area will need to try to resist the poisoned energy with an Isho/Empathy roll (albeit with a 30% penalty). If the roll succeeds they avoid the poison effect. Those that fail can't cast Dysha for 1D4 days. Two successful Moon Isho skill rolls are necessary to cast a Dysha in the area.

Range: 50 meters
Mutation Chance: 1% (+2% per use).

Those creatures who are hit with this ray and fail a Con/Stamiba roll will manifest a painful random Mutation over the course of the next 1D10 rounds. Roll on the Mutation Table.

Range: Touch
Mutation Chance: 1% (+1% per use).

One disease is removed or type of poison is neutralized in the victim that the caster touches. That creature is immune to that disease or poison from now on.

Range: 100 meters
Mutation Chance: 1% (+5% per use).
If you win a test of Intelligence vs. Intelligence on the Resistance Table vs. a targeted Shantha it will have all of its Isho ripped from it, and it will be infused with corrupting Lamorri energy. The Shantha's flesh will violently be changed. It will obey the caster even to the point of death for 1D4 days. After that the Dark Shantha will flee to follow its own twisted will.

Range: 50 meters
Mutation Chance: 1% (+1% per use).

The caster can make any type of stone change shape into any other form with the same equal mass and volume. The stone will harden into its new shape in 1D10 minutes. Any form of metal can also be warped into a new shape, but this is mostly used to turn weapons into unusable hunks of metal.

Area: 50 meter radius centered on the caster
Mutation Chance: 1% (+3% per use).

All ambient Isho in the area is destroyed. The energy will eventually return to the area but it will take 1D4 days to do so. Living beings in the area can attempt to resist having all of their Isho ripped from them if they make a successful Isho/Empathy roll.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Recap 5: Skyrealms of Jorune RPG Campaign “Lamorri Death Tech”



*Ahte, Muadra Caji (played by Bill).
*Blogren, Muadra Caji (played by my son Wes).
*Bruus, Boccord Soldier (played by George).
*Titanius Englesmith, Human Explorer (played by Kris).

*Addacar (Corastin NPC).

The group rested and relaxed a bit on Tonista’s Durlig & Hilc farm. They told the Bronth owner of the farm where an Earth-Tec Durlig planter was, and she was going to get some local people to go retrieve it. She said she would have to hire on a human as well, so that they could operate the planting device.

The characters headed off toward Ahte’s home town of Dharmery to the North-east of Tonista’s farm. While traveling there Ahte told the group about how Dharmery is ruled by a human-only nobility, and that Boccords and Muadras (as well as any other form of intelligent life) are considered second class citizens. Luxury crops like chocolate and coffee are the town’s main exports.

Bruus noticed an odd section of ground, and avoided it… only to miss another section that was a trap. He fell through the odd plant-based spider web-like fibers, and as he was tangled in it, 4 large furry creatures with sharp teeth (Harns) bit into his flesh with their diseased saliva. He struggled to get free, and tried to fend off his attackers. The group managed to levitate him out of there with a Dysha, but one of the 4 Harns sunk his teeth in deeper and held on. Luckily for Bruus Blogren (the Muadra) cast Flame Touch and yanked the last remaining Harn off of him, and hurled it into one of the other web traps (which then caught on fire). Addacar filled his belly with Harn meat, and he seemed to have no ill effects from them other than a stomach ache from eating too much.

The group cleaned out the rest of the Harns in their tunnel nests, including some humans who had their bodies reduced to disgusting egg incubators. They also freed a Thriddle who was recently captured, and just undergoing the egg implantation process. He was a member of Canth’s (the first Thriddle the characters met) failed skyrealm exploration mission. His name was Salrough, but the characters just called him Sal. Upon further exploration they found some Gems, Gemlinks, and Gemules from previous victims of the Harns. They also found some damaged armor and a few mundane weapons. Blogren collected all of the Harn teeth, but no one else took any other Harn parts.

A letter was also in the refuse that said:

Dear M.,

Experiments have gone well. Deliveries should be made in roughly two months time.


Appra (later they learned that this was Appra Dharmery, a noble of the town of Dharmery).

On the way there they saw 10 thin gray-white streaks of light that hurled downward at the downtown sections of the upcoming town on the horizon. As they approached the farming peasants were all hidden in their homes, and scared. No one knew what had happened but they weren’t taking any risks by being outdoors.

The center of town, and scattered around in 10 locations were areas of dark ash destruction. Noble houses, main buildings of wealth, and other vital locations were utterly destroyed, and all life was reduced to ashes in a 20 feet radius around these light drinking black rods buried deep in the ground. Only about a foot of each of them was visible above the ground. Titanius hit one of the rods (after Ahte told him not to) and his arm felt a horrible shock, and the Muadras looking on noticed a color shift in Titanius’ aura, to now having odd brown to it in places (a color that did not exist to their knowledge). Later they would learn that this was the color of the vile Lamorri energy that is the antithesis of Isho and life itself. Blogren levitated the rod out of the ground to reveal that it was 30 meters long. When his Dysha ended, it once again hurled itself into the ground and thereby killing another 20 foot radius of life and Isho around it, and that also hurled the characters violently away from the blast area.

As they discussed what to do, another 10 Lamorri Death Rods blasted into the town from above. Blogren started to feel an intense creeping pain, but Ahte… felt attracted to the power held within the Lamorri tech. The townsfolk mostly fled the debris, as well as Bruus, Titanius, and Blogren, but Ahte remained. He approached slowly, and grabbed hold of one of the Lamorri rods. Instantly, all of the rods hurled themselves upward out of the ground, and Ahte vanished. A huge explosion was seen high above the world where nothing was previously visible, and then a single rod hurled itself back to the ground with Ahte still holding onto it. He seemed to have sustained no damage, but his aura had a darker brown tint to it as the Lamorri energy seemed to be coursing through him. As a result of this, and Titanius’ touching the rod previously… it seems that Ahte can now control Titanius’s left arm. This of course disturbed the group, but it could possibly come in handy later (ba dum tiss). Hehe. The rod that Ahte held crumbled to ash and that ash flew into Ahte’s nose and mouth. It was guessed that Ahte perhaps will gain new powers, and perhaps lose some ability with Isho as a result. Only time will tell...