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Monday, June 1, 2015

Fantasy Alphabet / Letter Symbols / Linguistic Doodling

If you were to start tearing up my gaming room you would find reams of paper that have this kind of doodling on it.  I'm not sure why but from time to time I just feel an overwhelming urge to try to make a new series of symbols that could be some fantasy alphabet.  There are way more symbols here than are needed to duplicate the English alphabet which I find intriguing.  I want to add in strange letter combinations.  Even if you just use 1/4th of the symbols above you can have plenty of extra symbols to represent CH, TH, ST, NG, etc.  It is kind of amazing that I could come up with so many different symbols from just using lines, circles, triangles, and squares.

I think the simplest symbols would represent the vowels or the most common letters used in whatever language they come to represent on the written page.  I left blanks if you want to go into an image editing program to type in your own letters.  I'm not entirely happy with the letters I associated with each letter symbol yet or I would post that up too.

I messed up on one of the letters in the image.  hehe.

What are some fantasy or sci-fi alphabets that you use or have come up with on your own?