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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amaru D&D 5E Fantasy Campaign Setting Part 2: First 3 Races/Species

Here are the first three races/species that I have statted out.  Others will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.  It is fun to mess with the points system, and I'm going to stick to 6 points for all of them.  Here are the Ant-folk (Yimkals), Bat-folk (Nildacks), and the Fish-folk (Vor'nalu).

Ant-folk / Yimkal (plural Yimkals)

Language/names - Fantasy (K, J, Y, etc.)
Ant-folk / Yimkal Traits (6 points total)
  • Dexterity +2 (2pts)
  • Intelligence +1 (1pt)
  • 40 Feet Movement
  • Proficiency with the stealth skill (0.5pts)
  • Sleepless Trance (0.5pts) 
  • Secondary Arms (0.5pts) 
  • Telepathic Communication (Not Mind-reading) 60 Feet (0.5pts) 

Secondary Arms - They have a secondary set of weaker arms located along their torso beneath their
regular ones. These arms can be used to hold additional light items or equipment but may not
attack. You may perform an additional object interaction on your turn if either hand is empty.

Sleepless Trance - They don’t need to sleep. Instead, they meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. (The Common word for such meditation is “trance.”) While meditating, you can dream after a fashion; such dreams are actually mental exercises that have become reflexive through years of practice. After Resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that another race does from 8 hours of sleep.

Telepathic Communication 60' - You can telepathically communicate to any creature up to 60' away from you, but they can only communicate back in this way if they also have this ability.  


Bat-folk / Nildack (plural Nildacks)

Language/names - Consonant Heavy Names 

Bat-folk / Nildack Traits (6 points total)  
  • Dexterity +2 (2pts)
  • Wisdom +2 (2pts)
  • Small (-1pt) 
  • Superior Hearing (1pt) 
  • Darkvision 120 Feet with Light Sensitivity (0.5pt) 
  • Proficiency in the Stealth skill (0.5pt) 
  • Naturally Stealthy (1pt) 

Darkvision 120' with Light Sensitivity - You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight.

Naturally Stealthy - You can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.

Small - Disadvantage with heavy weapons, 25' movement.

Superior Hearing - You are proficient in Perception, and you have advantage on perception checks involving hearing. 

Fish-folk / Vor'nalu (plural Vor'nalu)

Language/names - Names With Apostrophes   

Fish-folk / Vor'nalu Traits (6 points total)
  • Intelligence +1, Dexterity +1 (2pts)
  • Cunning (2pts)
  • Darkvision 60' (0.5pts)
  • Two Extra Languages (1pt)
  • Natural Armor +1 (0.5pt)  

Cunning - You have advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws against magic.

Darkvision - You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions.  You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.  You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 

Natural Armor - You have a natural armor bonus of +1.  When unarmored, your AC is equal to 10 + your natural armor bonus + your Dexterity modifier.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Amaru D&D 5E Fantasy Campaign Setting Part 1: Introduction

I have been tinkering around with a new Dungeons & Dragons 5E fantasy setting called Amaru lately (when I should be doing about a million other things).  I've learned to just go with where my creativity leads me, and currently it is whispering lots of things about this new setting.  Damn my unfocused muse, haha. 

It Starts with a Map...

Finding a free map to start with online was much easier than I expected.  When I saw this one I fell in love with it.  It was free to use as I wished, which was a bonus.  As you see, it is fan-frickin-tastic.

What the Hell do I Call It?
So where did I get the setting's name?  I looked at some old Akkadian words and found this, and liked the dream part of it.  Amaru, to see the dream.   

Amaru: 1) G: see (someone, something, dream), to dream, to look at, to glance, to examine, to inspect, to read (a tablet).

I like the sound of pronouncing it "Ah-May-Roo."

Akkadian may come in useful later to name things, so I'll put these links here.

Traditional Races... Nope

I've created traditional settings before (Marth Ice World) and unconventional ones (Burning Heaven), so this is a sort of middle ground between the two of those.  I didn't want to go down the Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Goblin superhighway, but I wanted to make races that were easy to grok quickly.  While I'm not normally a big anthropomorphic fan, I figure that humanoid animals are very easy to picture quickly for those that are coming to the setting for the first time.  Slap on the "-folk" suffix, and a way you go!

I came up with the following 11 races/species but I still need to stat all of them up, and these will be in later posts.  Ant-folk (Yimkal/Yimkals), Bat-folk (Nilddack/Nilddacks), Fish-folk (Vor'nalu / Vor'nalu), Frog-folk (Iskaro / Iskaren), Goat-folk (Rhakin / Rhakins), Lizard-folk (Ch'taren / Ch'taren), Rat-folk (Yasur / Yasuren), Reptile-avian-folk (Ushum / Ushum), Spider-folk (Ajal / Ajals), Tree-folk (Esonta / Esontas), Wolf-folk (Ektu / Ektus).   


 Making D&D 5E Races/Species

I found the following links invaluable to making some new races for D&D 5E.  I still need to flesh out all of the races/species though.

This document should be helpful.  5E Analysis/Creation Guide

This one is a list of races created with the above document.

There is this one too from the wiki.

I'll share the finished races in future posts.

Where Are All of These Races/Species on the Map Anyway?

I added the migratory routes of the races / species onto the map.  I picked a starting location for each of them, and then literally just drew different colored lines all over the map.  I imagine that the people of each group spread out from the line and this would later help me figure out what races/species are in each country.

Maroon - Ant-folk
Grey - Bat-folk
Orange - Fish-folk
Yellow - Frog-folk
Light Blue - Goat-folk
Dark Green - Lizard-folk
Purple - Rat-folk
Brown - Reptile-avian-folk
Pink - Spider-folk
Light Green - Tree-folk
Dark Blue - Wolf-folk 


Countries & Kingdoms Oh My!

I put grafitti all over the lovely image using Paint, to figure out where the various countries and kingdoms are.  I tried sticking to natural boundaries that were implied by the map (like rivers, coastlines, and mountains).  I still need to figure out what type of government each one of them has however  In hindsight, I probably put too many countries on the map, but I am sure that because of that there can be lots of wars and politics.  The race/species with the #1 is the most populace and the name of the country uses the same naming conventions.  I figure that the most populace race/species will have more to do with the government type and style as well.

Northern Continent

Country Name: Ashtu
Top Right Country: Reptile-avian-folk, Spider-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Ant-folk, Fish-folk, Lizard-folk

Country Name: Chothus
Races/Species: #1 Ant-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Frog-folk

Country Name: Ch'tael
Races/Species: Bat-folk, Frog-folk, Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Fish-folk, Tree-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Lizard-folk

Country Name: Gabajal
Races/Species: Ant-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Fish-folk, Spider-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Gahnimek
Races/Species: Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Fish-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Reptile-avian-folk

Country Name: Hanadru
Races/Species: Ant-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Fish-folk, Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Jelun
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Fish-folk, #1 Tree-folk, Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Kalojix
Races/Species: #1 Spider-folk, Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, Frog-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Kjarros
Races/Species: Frog-folk, Spider-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Fish-folk

Country Name: Kroljarin
Races/Species: Spider-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Fish-folk

Country Name: Mashtu
Races/Species: Fish-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Ant-folk

Country Name: Mos'tanu
Races/Species: Spider-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Nirur
Races/Species: Ant-man, Spider-folk, Frog-folk, #1 Tree-folk

Country Name: Om'ach
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Spider-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk, Goat-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Ragaba
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Fish-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk

Country Name: Ridesu
Races/Species: Spider-folk, Goat-folk, Reptilian-avian-folk, #1 Rat-folk

Country Name: Rod'atha
Races/Species: Bat-folk, Frog-folk, Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Fish-folk, Rat-folk, Tree-folk, Goat-folk, Lizard-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Shularen
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Frog-folk, Spider-folk, #1 Lizard-folk, Ant-folk

Country Name: Shuyesh
Races/Species: Goat-folk, Wolf-folk, Fish-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Frog-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Ant-folk

Country Name: Tachar
Races/Species: #1 Goat-folk, Spider-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk, Lizard-folk

Country Name: Tzende
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Frog-folk, Goat-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Undjask
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Frog-folk, Rat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Yanaru
Races/Species: Reptile-avian-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Frog-folk, Tree-folk, Ant-folk, Lizard-folk

Southern Continent

Country Name: Aghiazo
Races/Species: Ant-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, Wolf-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Arithdru
Races/Species: #1 Rat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Avahur
Races/Species: #1 Lizard-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Balatu
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Bat-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Caladur
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Lizard-folk

Country Name: Chakr
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Frog-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Da'amu
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Bat-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Wolf-folk

Country Name: Etzal
Races/Species: Ant-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Bat-folk

Country Name: Gahnala
Races/Species: Goat-folk, Wolf-folk, Tree-folk, Lizard-folk, Frog-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Spider-folk

Country Name: Harpu
Races/Species: Bat-folk, #1 Wolf-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Ishtum
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Frog-folk, Fish-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Ixenil
Races/Species: Frog-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Goat-folk

Country Name: Izlak
Races/Species: Tree-folk, #1 Spider-folk, Bat-folk, Ant-folk, Spider-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Jadror
Races/Species: Tree-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Rat-folk, Frog-folk

Country Name: Jh'tahur
Races/Species: #1 Lizard-folk, Tree-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Kolarn
Races/Species: Rat-folk, Wolf-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Fish-folk, Frog-folk, Tree-folk

Country Name: Komesda
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, #1 Frog-folk, Rat-folk, Spider-folk, Bat-folk

Country Name: Krolsvar
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Goat-folk, Frog-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Laenara
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Bat-folk, Rat-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Lizard-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Lisurra
Races/Species: Tree-folk, Spider-folk, #1 Rat-folk, Wolf-folk, Goat-folk

Country Name: Nagiani
Races/Species: #1 Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Frog-folk, Spider-folk, Fish-folk

Country Names: Rasku
Races/Species: #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Frog-folk, Fish-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Saena
Races/Species: #1 Rat-folk, Wolf-folk, Ant-folk

Country Name: Shalael
Races/Species: #1 Lizard-folk, Bat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Sondastla
Races/Species: #1 Frog-folk, Spider-folk, Goat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Tashkarin
Races/Species: Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Tree-folk, Lizard-folk

Country Name: Tin'unt
Races/Species: Wolf-folk, Tree-folk, Frog-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Tyldach
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Wolf-folk, #1 Batfolk, Ratfolk

Country Name: Tzos
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Bat-folk, Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Tree-folk, #1 Spider-folk

Country Name: Uldako
Races/Species: Lizard-folk, Ant-folk, Bat-folk, Rat-folk, #1 Tree-folk, Reptile-avian-folk

Country Name: Undossa
Races/Species: #1 Frog-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk

Country Name: Voramo
Races/Species: Frog-folk, #1 Tree-folk, Rat-folk, Wolf-folk

Country Name: Wa'sul
Races/Species: Spider-folk, Tree-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Frog-folk, #1 Fish-folk

Country Name: Yarahi
Races/Species: Frog-folk, #1 Reptile-avian-folk, Wolf-folk, Goat-folk, Tree-folk, Fish-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Spider-folk

Country Name: Yirrakra
Races/Species: #1 Ant-folk, Wolf-folk, Rat-folk, Lizard-folk, Reptile-avian-folk, Bat-folk

Country Name: Yitharja
Races/Species: #1 Ant-folk, Wolf-folk

Miscellaneous Areas

Cursed Wastes of Kabaj

Defilement of Tzij

PDF Rough Draft

Here is the current PDF of the project so far. 

Amaru as a Globe
I found this website, where you can take a 2D map, and turn it into a globe.  I'm geeking out over how cool this is.

Natural map:

Political map: 

If you want to check out future updates of the setting, please remember to follow this blog.  Thanks. 

RPG Research Paper - Tabletop Role-playing Games: What Are They, Why Are They Fun, and Why Are They Beneficial to Play?

Yeah, it has a long title, but I was the only one in my entire Advanced Composition class that knew anything about RPGs.  The teacher was the only one that had a slight idea of what kind of games they were.  :)

You can download this paper from the following link:

I enjoyed taking the questinnaire answers and incorporating them into the final paper.