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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 10: NPCs, Bronth, Cleash, Thriddle, and Beagre Stats)

I recently posted the recap of our first session, and I figured you might want to see some of the Stats I whipped up for the NPCs and creatures that have shown up so far.

(Art by Miles Teves)

Canth Lor Snoggis. Thriddle. 

Characteristics & Rolls: AGL 16/80%, COL 25/125%, CON 9/45%, EDU 25/125%, INT 13/65%, ISHO 10/50%, LIS 18/90%, SIZE 8, SPOT 18/90%, STR 7/35%

Actions: 2+move. 

Move: 6

CP 50, HP 17, IP 20

Damage Bonus: NA

Armor: 1D6-1 points, leather soft

Skill Category Bonuses: Lore +40, Manipulation +10, Mental +20, and Moon Isho +30.



Desti (80%): Lightning Blast, Stiff, Frost Bolt. 

Du (70%): Orb of Light. 

Ebba (85%): Power Orb, Force, Tumble, Levitate. 

Launtra (75%): Fire Touch, Healer. 

Gobey (80%): Shield, Bubble. 

Shal (65%): Faint, Calm Animal. 

Canth's home is in Ardoth, and after his dismal trip to the Cleash infested icy skyrealm he can't wait to get back home.

(Art by Atananuk)

Tonista Burk. Bronth.

Characteristics & Rolls: AGL 15/75%, COL 5/25%, CON 7/35%, EDU 12/60%, INT 17/85%, ISHO 10/50%, LIS 9/45%, SIZE 24, SPOT 10/50%, STR 12/60%

Actions: 3+move

Move: 12

CP 5, HP 31, IP 10

Damage Bonus: +2D6

Armor: 1D4 points fur, 1D6 points hard leather

Attacks: 1H Greatsword 95% 2D8+db, Brawling 90%, Grappling 85%

Rage: 1 round to start and it lasts a number of rounds equal to Con. Hits with melee weapons deal twice as much damage. No dodge or parry allowed. 

Skill Category Bonuses: Communication +20,  Manipulation +30, Outdoors +40, Physical +10. 

Skills: Animal Handling 95%, Cooking/Foraging 90%, Fauna 75%, Flora/Herbs 85%, Self Control 85%, Scent ability 75%, Shield 80%, Tracking 80%, Weather 95%

Tonista is protective of her farm and the workers who till the fields. She's a great cook, but can be stern when she spots laziness. She pays a fair wage, but farming is hard work, so she's often had to replace workers who have moved on to the "Big City" of Joble. She lost her husband to a band of Crugars while he was gathering wild berries for her.

(Art by Gerry Arthur)

Johan Tanhall. Boccord.

Characteristics & Rolls: AGL 8/40%, COL 13/65%, CON 11/55%, EDU 8/40%, INT 10/50%, ISHO 11/55%, LIS 10/50%, SIZE 15/DB: +1D6, SPOT 11/55%, STR 15/75%. 

Actions: 2+move

Move: 10

CP 26, HP 26, IP 11

Attacks: Flail 80%, Grappling 85%.

Skill Category Bonuses: Combat +40, Manipulation +30, Moon Isho +10, Physical +20

Skills: Ambushing 75%, Archery 65%, Bribe/Bureaucracy 90%, Charging 70%, Climbing 80%, Cultures: Thivin 75%, Diplomacy/Persuade 80%, Disguising 75%, Feint 70%, Improvised Weapons 60%, Intimidation 65%, Jumping 50%, Lore: Drugs/Poisons 70%, Shield 75%, Stalking/Stealth 80%, Streetwise 85%, Throwing 80%.

Johan's philosophy is to do as little as possible to make enough to drink, and rest, and occassionally go into Joble disguised to gamble. He often leaves his work for others, who get tired of him and leave the farm. Tonista doesn't like his attitude, but she cares for the big oaf even if she would never say it out loud. He got in trouble in the past due to fights and spent some time in jail there.

(Art by Miles Teves)

Cleash. No Name was Uttered. Dead.

Characteristics & Rolls: AGL 16/80%, COL NA, CON 15/75%, EDU 16/80%, INT 11/55%, ISHO NA, LIS 13/65%, SIZE 17, SPOT 9/45%, STR 7/35%. 

Actions: 3+move.

Move: 8


Damage Bonus: +1D4

Armor: Natural Damage Reduction -1D10

Attacks: 2H Curved Sword 65% 1D10+db, Acid Spray 75% 30' radius 2D6 dmg, Throw Capsules 85% (various effects)

Skill Category Bonuses: Combat +20, Manipulation +40, Mental +30, Outdoors +10.

Skills: Ambushing 75%, Climbing 75%, Cold/Heat Survival 85%, Dirty Fighting 65%, Disarming 55%, Healing 80%, Hypnotism 65%, Intimidation 55%, Mimicry 85%, Parrying 65%, Science 85%

This Cleash chased the Thriddle from the Skyrealm through the Warp only to find itself swiftly decapitated in a strangely warm field (due to a really lucky critical hit). The characters harvested its capsules and burned the remains.

(Art by Miles Teves)

Beagre. Vermin! Pests!

Beagres tend to scavenge in packs of 1D20 or 1D100 of them. 

Characteristics & Rolls: AGL 3D6 (9/45%), COL 3D6 (10/50%), CON 2D6+1 (10/50%), EDU NA, INT 1D6+2 (3/15%), ISHO 2D6+6 (12/60%), LIS 3D6+6 (14/70%), SIZE 1D6+2 (6), SPOT 2D6+6 (14/70%), STR 2D6+2 (10/50%). 

Actions: 1+move

Move: 11

CP: 10, HP: 16, IP: 12

Damage Bonus: NA

Armor: 1-point fur

Attacks: Bite 50% 1D4 dmg, Claws 60% 1D6 dmg

Skills: Balancing 55%, Climbing 30%, Escape Artist 35%, Hiding 70%, Jumping 45%, Scent ability 70%, Scrounging 80%, Sense Ambush 45%, Stalking/Stealth 45%, Tripping 55%.

The group managed to set clever Traps for most of the Beagre pack that they encountered. They slaughtered them and are taking their boiled skulls for a bounty in the small city of Joble.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Recap 1: Skyrealms of Jorune RPG Campaign "Tonista's Durlig & Hilc Farm"


Player Characters:

Ahte, Muadra, played by Bill.

Blogren, Muadra, played by my son Wes.

Bruce, Boccord, played by George.

Titanius Englesmith, Human, played by Kris.


Canth Lor Snoggis, Thiddle.

Johan Tanhall, Boccord. Drunk farmhand.

Tonista Burk, Bronth. Motherly bear/humanoid Durlig/Hilc farm owner.

The first session went well! We made characters for the first half of the session. One Boccord, two Muadras, and a Human. The guys seemed to like the more skill-based rules once we got into it. They were used to class based games. I only had to tweak a few things on the fly to my BRP D100 rules hack/hybrid.

While the characters were working on Tonista's (Bronth) Durlig/Hilc farm (outside of Joble in the Sobayid) they noticed that a bunch of Beagres had tore into the crops the night before so they were going to go after them... when a Warp (teleporting gateway) appeared, and a semi-frozen Thriddle exited it. Snow was pouring out of it from an icy Skyrealm and covering the crops. A monstrous Cleash followed after the Thriddle, and the party killed it swiftly (due to a lucky crit roll by my son). They looted the Cleash Capsules from it that had 3 effects (cold damage, light, and smoke). They burned its corpse quickly away from the fields.

They hunted and trapped the Beagres, and slaughtered them. Later they skinned them and made a lot of jerky from them with special directions from the Thriddle who was named Tonista also had a minor spat with her other worker Johan (Boccord) who tends to drink too much. 


After the human character intimidated the Thriddle it gave them a few Shanthic Artifacts, and later it tried to say those were thank you to the characters for saving its life. The Boccord got a Shanthic Blade with a powerful Shantha trapped inside of it, and the Muadras learned a few Dyshas from a Sarceen (teaching item carved from raw isho energy).

Tonista made a huge meal for everyone, and she gave them a lot of servings of Durlig and Hilc to take with them. She thought that her best workers were leaving for good, but they promised to return.

They plan to turn in Beagre skulls for a bounty in the nearby Thivin town of Joble. They might go back to the Skyrealm if they can reopen the Warp (both of the Muadras can), and they promised to eventually take the Thriddle to the northern city of Ardoth (his home).

We hope to play again next month in November. I can't wait. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2022

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 9: A.I. Generated Art)

Shanthas (some are a bit odd)



Corastin (some mutated?)






Lamorri (these fleshcrafting beings are still alive... lurking in hidden subterranean places, and they have a variety of twisted forms)


All of the above art was generated with a lot of trial and error with Dream from Wombo.