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Saturday, June 26, 2021

#RollForInitiative Ash Ogre (Narcosa)

Here's another random monster from Rafael Chandler's Narcosa.

Ash Ogre  

Ascending Armor Class: 13  

Hit Dice: 1D8  

Hit Points: 5  

# Attacks: 3 (fist, fist, fist)  

Damage per Attack: 1D4 + 2D6 Fire  

Size: Small  

Move: 30 (No Special Movement)  

Baked Intelligence: 5

Type: Neurist - Alters your brain chemistry if it touches you; all potions and drugs have random effect for 1D4 days. Save vs. Poison negates.

Special Defenses: Immune to cold-based attacks.

Treasures: 1d100 silver, 1d1000 Copper, 2 magic items.

#RollForInitiative Acid Snake (Narcosa)

I'm rolling up some random monsters based on some tables in Narcosa by Rafael Chandler.

Monster #1: Acid Snake 

Ascending Armor Class: 13 

Hit Dice: 4D8+2 

Hit Points: 20 

# Attacks: 3 (Acid Spray, Bite, tail) 

Damage: 1D10 per Attack 

Size: Large 

Movement: 30 (No Special Movement) 

Amped Intelligence: 15

Type: Inhaler - Drains your soul if it's close enough to sniff you. Save vs. Magic or lose 1d100 XP. Counts as an attack.

Spells Known: Charm Person, Plant Growth.

Special Defenses: Only struck by magic weapons (or spells).

Treasures: 1D20 Platinum, 1D100 Silver, 2 Magic Items.