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Monday, December 5, 2022

Recap 4: Skyrealms of Jorune RPG Campaign "Joble Gambling & Dharmee Wrangling"


*Ahte, Muadra Caji (played by Bill).
*Blogren, Muadra Caji (played by my son Wes).
*Bruus, Boccord Soldier (played by George).
*Titanius Englesmith, Human Explorer (played by Kris).
*Addacar (Corastin) & Canth Lor Snoggis (Thriddle) (NPCs). 

I should have taken more DM notes, and the ones I took I seem to have misplaced...

The group traveled via the Shanthic Cle-Eshta directly to the Muadra & Thivin populated city of Joble. They found themselves in an ancient ruin, that Blogren realized was built by the Shanthas. One of the builders seemed to linger on there in some way, and when he meditated and put some of his Isho into the structure, it revealed its ancient outline, and then later on with more concentration the entire structure as it was originally built was revealed in dimly glowing Isho. In this revealing it seemed to use up the remaining energy of the Shantha and it was then back to being just a dusty ruin once more. Blogren wanted to remain there for awhile, but the rest of the characters, Addacar the Corastin, and the 14 freed Thivins wanted to continue on to the city of Joble.

The group talked to the city guard at one of the main entrances to the city, and they directed the group to go talk to a Thriddle to inquire about starting their path as Tauthers to acquire citizenship. On the way there, there were two Muadra Cajis who were engaged in a deadly battle using their Dyshas upon one another in the center of the street. The group ignored them and moved to their destination.

The characters talked about their exploits, and the Thriddle gave them their own (slightly burned) Chalisks that important members of society could mark when they had performed missions and important tasks. They were told that in the far-off city of Ardoth that they could eventually show these metallic plates there with 20 endorsements that then, and only then, would they achieve citizenship with all of its benefits (like granting Earth-tec to adventurers).

The Thriddle also noticed the taint of Lamorri on Blogren, and Ahte, as well as slight taint on Bruus (who removed most of it by violently shocking his skull last session). Experiments and procedures were performed by the Thriddle on the characters, and eventually the Lamorri sludge from that animated skull was removed and collected for future study. The Thriddle seemed both repulsed and very interested in their findings, and he gave the group some Thriddle history, and how they originally were introduced to the world of Jorune. Canth Lor Snoggis (the Thriddle who had been traveling with the group) was revealed to be a form of Thriddle criminal and folk hero. He was offered lodgings and to stay there in Joble, and he agreed to leave the group and stay there with his fellow Thriddle.

Ahte asked about Lamorri artifacts, and the Thriddle happened to have an odd oblong and flat squarish one in storage. It was given to Ahte who somehow activated it. A heat aura started to expand from him (and his hands were stuck in it) as it charged up. The heat burned the Thriddle's Boccord servant, and they wisely got Ahte outside to a nearby Kerning Bay to see what would happen. Ahte thought he might be destroyed, but once the odd green light covered his body, he was able to unleash the energy on a target. It destroyed the target, the wall behind it, and the tool shed behind that wall in destructive fury. What costs would this Lamorri Box of Death cause? Only time will tell...

The group then went to the Dirty Jurgen (an Illidge establishment of ill repute that dealt mostly in gambling). Titanius found the owner who happened to have Earth-tec and a high stakes game of chance was started. After three hands Titanius was the winner, and an irate Jurgen seemed to hold a slight grudge, but he didn't accost the characters to try to get their lawfully won artifacts. It seemed like the rumors of the Black Box of Death might have influenced a peaceful exit from the establishment...

Both Muadra Cajis (Ahte and Blogren) while arguing with the other characters saw a purple Isho light form in the center of all the group. It seemed to form in response to anger and disagreements between the characters... The Cajis both learned two new Mogren Dysha powers, and the other characters were granted some vague benefits too. The purple "Battle Spirit" between them was a curious thing, and they wondered if they would experience it again in the future.

On the way back to the Bronth Tonista's farm, 5 charging Dharmee (large lizards) tried to make a meal of the characters, but between the human's blaster barrage, the Black Box, Blogren's Dyshas, and the arrows of Bruus and Addacar, the Dharmee were turned quickly into butchered and blistered chunks of lizard meat. They skinned the corpses, and harvested the meat.

They were welcomed with warm fuzzy arms by Tonista, and the group told her about a Durlig Planter that was at the one ruin. They think she will retrieve it with some nearby help from other farmers. They inquired about the Shanthas that they had brought out of stasis, and they had been seen flying in their odd craft North-East to another small town, that just so happened to be Ahte's hometown. The group hopes to go there next, though some of them really want to explore that Warp to the Icy Skyrealm that is in the center of one of Tonista's Hilc fields.

We hope to play in a 2 weeks. :)


Saturday, December 3, 2022

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 14: Cleash Capsules, Limilates, & Narcosa Substances)


This is a work in progress...

Alil [gl] - Black Paste that induces vision trances, imbiber may learn Dysha or other ability (N)
Ambreh [1 gl] - Improves intelligence, memory (SG)
Arrigish [1 gl] - Speeds healing (SG)
Ascotin [gl] - Treats Slasher's Rot (SA)
Astral Moth Larva [gl] - Random effects every few hours for 1D100 hours (N)
Basilisk Tonsil Stones [gl] - Sense of euphoria and strength increase (N)
Blinder Capsule, Cleash [4 gl] - Gas burns the eyes, like tear gas, blinded for 5 minutes (SG)
Blood of Glory [gl] - Juice of the Ylam Tree induces a violent battle rage (N)
Breath of Glob [gl] - This viscous fluid deadens pain, increases strength & the speed of thought, immune to illusions, Agility penalty, lasts 1D4 hours (N)
Chak [gl] - Can be digested with Hilc (SA)
Cold Capsule, Cleash [8 gl] - Does slightly less cold damage than the Cast Energy dysha. Twice as effective vs. Croid (SG)
Daji Meat [2 gm] - Heightens Tra-Sense, even to those blind to Isho, lasts 6 hours. Ramian sell them. (SG)
Doul Extract [1 gm] - Adds to Color Stat, lasts 4 hours, hangover after (SG)
Dungeon Fungus [gl] - Eating it makes one violently ill, burning it has an effect like alcohol and makes people friendlier (N)
Ecru Pods aka Ruby Drops [30 gl] - When dissolved in liquid Ruby Drops increase 3 random Stats by a random amount (N)
Fire Capsule, Cleash [15 gl] - Fire damage like Cast Energy Dysha (SG)
Flare Capsule, Cleash [1 gl] - Give off light for 1 hour without heat (SG)
Giggit [2 gm] - Gasses from them are hated by all but Thriddle, who love it (SG)
Glow Moss [gl] - Glows faintly for 6 hours (SA)
Halcyon Snuff [gl] - Placing this snuff in one's mouth allows them to cast a Dysha without any Isho that they know, but every use burdens them like a mental weight (N)
Hilc [50 gu] - Allows humankind to eat 1 week of natural Jorune vegetation. (SG)
Jeesa Mucus [gl] - Trarch stimulant (SA)
Keether [15 gl] - Inhibits absorbtion of Isho, bad for Caji, makes person invisible to Tra-Sense (SG)
Kesl Mold [gl] - Corrosive mold, burns! (SA)
Knock-Out Capsule, Cleash [15 gl] - Deals damage to creatures that breathe Oxygen (SG)
Korogg Pods [gl] - Fungal fruits that grow on corpses, if made into liquor it deadens individual thought, and lessens despair (N)
Laba Wasps [gl] - Ground up paste that produces hallucinogenic effects (N)   
Laramidia Rotgut [gl] - Alcoholic drink deadens pain, gives temporary hit points, but wounds heal slower naturally (N)
Levoti Fern [gl] - Leaf broth for Narobu seeds, Stains Sapple. (SA)
Loosh Spider, Bait [gl] - For Pibbers (SA)
Loosh Spider, Ink [gl] - Favored by Thriddle (SA)
Loosh Spider, Repellent [gl] - Darrits especially hate this (SA)
Loosh Spider, Venom [gl] - Paralyzing (SA)
Marisia Tree Buds [gl] - Those that devour the buds worship and care for the tree in a druglike haze (N)
Mathin Aroma [2 gm] - Blount produce it, all others flee from it (SG)
Memory Dust [gl] - Allows Caji to use Dyshas that are slightly beyond their normal ability to cast them (N)
Narobu Seeds [gm] - Foul taste, heals warts, aphrodisiac. (SA)
Ochre Mint [gl] - When chewed it grants hallucinagenic effects for 1D4 hours (N)
Pondstone Tree Sap aka Sap Goggles [gl] - Mist from boiled sap creates a euphoric out of body state, mildly addictive (N)
Purple Pipeweed [gl] - Heightens creative thought, increases the effects of hallucinations & illusions, but dulls senses (N)
Ram's Horn Snuff [gl] - When used with other substances it can double the effects, addictive, coma or death possible (N)
Repel Capsule, Cleash [3 gl] - Smell repels most creatures (SG)
Rimeen [6 gl] - Reduces Color Stat (SG)
Salts of Vitesse [gl] - Fine white crystals that increase Agility and Intelligence, addiction and possible Constitution loss (N)
Sapple Bark [gm] - Bark/Paper used to write on, torches (SA)
Scedri Cloth [2 gl] - Tunics soaked in Arrigish to heal (SG)
Sheeja Flowers [gl] - Petals shift shift with Isho. Petals used to gain IPs. (SA)
Shirm-Eh [2 gl] - Ramian heal very slowly without it, thriddle chew it (SG)
Smoke Capsule, Cleash [2 gl] - Creatures huge cloud of black smoke in a 5m diameter and 3m height, lasts 1D6 minutes (SG)
Spectral Sweet [gl] - Translucent leaves when smoked paralyze and make one invisible to normal vision and Tra-Sense for 1D6 hours (N)
Stone Sap [gl] - If brewed into a tea it will paralyze the victim, and their skin will take on a stone-like statue appearance for 2D4 hours (N)
Tangler Capsule, Cleash [2 gm] - Creatures hit have sticky strands that expand and quickly bind their victims, a difficult STR Effort roll needed to break free, lasts hours (SG)
Thon [2gl] - Increases strength for 3 hours then withdrawal, addictive (SG)
Throw-Explode-Junior Capsule, Cleash [2 gm] - Explodes and deals damage equal to a Power Orb Dysha +1D6 extra damage. (SG)
Troll Poppy [gl] - When smoked the user will not be able to sleep for the next 6D6 hours (N)
Viper Weed [gm] - Smoked to produce auditory hallucinations, and it is slightly poisonous (N)
Woebegetter Wine [gl] - All those in a 10 mile radius that drink this wine can hear each others thoughts, lasts 1D20 minutes per pint (N)

*Narcosic Sentispores - Some shady Limilate dealers might sell things that are contaminated. See Narcosa for deatils. (N)

N = Narcosa (pages 32 - 48)
SA = Sobayid Atlas (pages 42 - 51)
SG = Skyrealms of Jorune Sholari Guide 2nd Ed. (page 53 & 58) 



Narcosa can be downloaded for free, or ordered from Lulu. I recommend the print copy though because it is very colorful and just well done.