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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"O5R" Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet (Incorporating Optional & House Rules)

With a little elbow grease, a pen, and some white sticker paper I doctored up a D&D character sheet that incorporated my house rules as well as some of the optional rules from the DMG.

You can download a PDF of this here (if you would care to).

I talked about most of the optional and house rules that I'm going to use here:

"O5R" is a combination of some of the ideas from the old school renaissance (OSR) and 5th Edition D&D.  See below for more information and for some links.

Character Creation:

Step 1.  Determine Ability Scores via 4D6 drop the lowest straight down the line.  Start at the first stat, roll, and then record the total for that stat.  Page 13, and 173 in the PHB).

Step 2.  Choose a Race.  Page 11, and 17 in the PHB.

Step 3.  Describe your character.  Choose your character's Background and Personality details.  Page 13, and 121 in the PHB.  A character's starting equipment will be given out based on the details in their Background and Class.

Step 4.  Choose a Class.  Page 11, and 45 in the PHB.  The Classes will be limited to the Cleric, the Fighter, the Ranger, the Rogue, and the Wizard (the "Big Four" plus the Ranger in other words).  The Cleric and Rogue will be modified to show the rules changes found below.

Step 5.  Come together.  Page 15 in the PHB.

Optional/House Rules:

1.  Remove Charisma and all of the associated skills that go along with it.  Players will engage in role-playing without any social mechanics.  Those skills that are listed in Classes and Backgrounds will be replaced with other skills.  Spell descriptions that call for a Charisma saving throw will instead be a Sanity saving throw (see below).

2.  Add a Sanity stat, with one skill under it called Mental Stability.  This new skill will be one of the ones that replace some of the social skills that I removed in the class descriptions.  Seem DMG page 258 and 264 for details on Sanity and Madness.

3.  Instead of a static Proficiency Bonus I am going to use the more random Proficiency Dice optional rule found on page 263 of the DMG.

4.  I won't be using any of the feats.

5.  Inspiration can also be spent like Plot/Story Points which is an optional rule found in the DMG on page 268.  I am going to use Option 1 and Option 2.  Option 3 is more for GMless games.

6.  The XP character advancement chart will be modified to stretch out levels 1-6 a bit, as those earlier levels are my favorite in D&D games.  1st lvl 0, 2nd lvl 1200, 3rd level 2400, 4th level 4800, 5th level 9600, 6th level 16300, and 7th level and above are the same as those found in the PHB.

7.  Success at a Cost, found on page 242 of the DMG.

8.  Side Initiative, which is also in earlier versions of D&D.  DMG page 270.

9.  Slow Natural Healing which is on page 267 of the DMG.

10.  Lingering Injuries which is in the DMG on page 272.

11. Massive Damage found on page 273 of the DMG.

12.  No Opportunity Attacks.  They are listed in the PHB on page 190, and 195.  Reactions to spells and class features still happen as normal.

13.  Instant Death happens at negative constitution instead of a negative maximum total of hit points.  PHB 197.  Make one single Death Saving Throw with Con modifier as a bonus.

14.  Traps don't always go off, and they will fail a certain percentage of the time.  I still need to figure out how often they should fail.

15.  Spellcasters will need to announce BEFORE initiative is rolled if they will be casting a spell or not (remember that I will be using Side Initiative).  This is to show how obvious it is with they waving their hands all over the place and muttering dark words that a spell is close to being cast so that they can be targeted by the enemy.  If a spellcaster takes one hit point of damage before it is cast (before their initiative) the spell fizzles and it will not be cast that turn.  They do not lose any spell slots however.

16.  Shields can block successful attacks a percentage of the time.  This will be a roll of the dice, but I'm not sure which die to use for this yet however.  If the roll is successful then the attack is blocked entirely.  This makes shields more important and I just like the way it feels in play.  This rule is from the game Dragon Warriors.

O5R Google+ Community:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The People of Pembrooktonshire - Resources (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)

I ran a campaign where the player characters started out in the messed up town of Pembrooktonshire.  I believe that we spent about 17 sessions in that horrible place but I would have loved to have played more sessions there.  A great time was had by all, but eventually reason took over and they wanted to get out of Dodge.

Here are some resources that I used while running the game that might be useful for a LotFP GM.

Keyed Map of Pembrooktonshire:

D40 Random NPCs and Events Table:

D40: To roll these dice, use the same structure as a d% roll, but replace one of the d10's with the appropriate tens die (D4). Thus a d40 is rolled with a d4 and d10. The highest number on the tens die is replaced with a 0 unless the ones die is a 0. That sounds more confusing than it is. A roll of 4 on the d4 and 0 on the d10 is 40, a roll of 4 on the d4 and 9 on the d10 is 09. When you think about it, this is lot like percentile dice, where 00 becomes 100.

Here is my actual play of my campaign where I used The People of Pembrooktonshire if you want to listen in.

The People of Pembrooktonshire PDF:


The Keyed Map:

1. Jail (Constable Blackie Stark, Assistant Constable Peter Orhan, Curran Ranahan*, Paddy Kilpatrick*, Shamus Dooley*) / Courthouse (Judge Barnaby Smolenski, Ex-Mayor (Diseased) Impert Laverick, New Mayor Rupert Irving, Steward Pip Moulds) / Official Town Scribe (Basil Quedgely) / Performing Arts Building (Gemma Rouleau, Randolph Sabouin)

2. The Squicky Wicket Pub (Wendy Lillywhite) / Starving Artist (Vernon Vallancourt)

3. Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons (Clive Brodhurst) / Spotless Chimneys (Barnabas James)

4. Lock & Key Bank (Abraham Charrington)

5. Blubberer (Dennis Bergelin) / The Wonder of Glass - Glassblower (Justin Laroux)

6. Borcellino Farm (Lloyd Borcellino) / Kingsford Farm (Frances Kingsford) / Whispers Farm (Rachel Whispers)

7. The Good Shepherd Pub (Morris Simons, Millicent Wellesley) / The Finest Wines - Vinter (Arthur Wyndham)

8. Reuter's Printing & Binding (Reuter Family: Tobias, Kurt & Klementine, Jessica *DEAD*, Lilli, and Ursula Reuter. Others: Armand Leroux, and Franz Hoffman)

9. Honey & Beewax (Giles Denton) / Old Man Lakely (Addison Lakely)

10. Pembrooktonshire Post Office (Hector Degauchy) / Peacock Messenger Service (Bartholomew Peacock)

11. Diadora Jewelry (Warren Diadoro) / Roger's Gadgets (Roger Nelthorpe)

12. Light Your Wick Candles (Thurston Butcher) / The Potter (Sylvester Tither)

13. Offices of Alfred Cunningham - Barrister For Hire (Alfred Cunningham, Leonard Snow) / Magnificent Masks (Julianne Wilcox)

14. Shane Bunting's House / Laverick Family Residence (Sophie-Marie Laverick)

15. Elroy's Stationary (Elroy Aldersey)

16. The Wagging Tail - Dog Breeder (Randolph Harnsworth)

17. Elegant Prose & Poetry (Richard Frost) / Odd Jobs & More (Theodore Geurts & Raymond Lolley)

18. Up In Smoke - Tobacconist (Herbert Dooley)

19. Cleverdon Locks (Peregrin Cleverdon)

20. Le Strange Residence (Algernon Le Strange)

21. Eunuch Escort Service (Lancelot Dashwood) / Taxidermist (Nigel Bingsley)

22. Canes, Crutches, and Walking Sticks! (Abraham Christiannse) / Buttons For Show - Buttonmaker (Samuel Pfaff)

23. Da Vinci's House of Pleasures (Veronica da Vinci) / The Lucky Strike - Gambling House (Lucius Sprockling)

24. Joseph Dornford's Museum - War Hero / Englefield Barbershop & Dentistry (Charles Englefield)

25. Alford's Furs & Pelts (Anthony Alford) / Midwifery (Titricia Finn)

26. The Almeida Household (Martina de Almeida)

27. Diplomat Edmund Dusserre / Playwright Tobias Holmes

28. Sage Advice (Horace Fitzherbert) / Apartments (Percival St. John)

29. Sticky Adherent - Gluemaker (Gavin Old) / Chastity Belt Maker (Neville Savage)

30. Tick Tock Clocks (Edward Dilhorne) / The Tasty Bakery (Henry Waxman)

31. The Medicinal Leech (Bernard Eyre & Jasper Moulds (Both Dead))

32. Town Planner - Department of Destruction & Rebuilding (Thornton Cumberbund)

33. Extravagant Wagons (Louis Diggle) / The Alchemist's Art (Rupert Irving & Miranda Peaver)

34. The Last Stop Pub & Tavern (Eddie & Bertha Diggle, Drusilla Myklebust, Princess Octavia Teixeira, Dell* & Sarah Clover*) / Plague Inspector (Reuben Pontier)

35. Master of Languages - Interpreter (William Hoffman) / Enormous Dolls (Bianca Snoddy)

36. Temple of THE ALL (Ryryd Rhydderch, Benedict Onions, Pontificator Maurice Heathcote, Eurost Tither) / Schoolhouse (Alexandra Morgan)

37. Haddingfield Construction & Masonry (Royston Haddingfield & Oscar Mohl) / Tax Assessor & Collector (Clarence Ravensdale)

38. It Floats! - Shipbuilder (Thomas Grayson) / The Undertaker (Kenneth Patterson)

39. Proper Foot Attire (Myron Hunsley) / Cooper Pembrook (Jefferson Pembrook)

40. Clover Homestead (Dell & Sarah Clover, Sir Tiberius) / Stallone Pig Farm (Nathanial Stallone) / The Cemetery

41. Carpentry & Woodworking (Boyd Grützmüller & Roger Peter) / Weyhofen Garden (Matthew Weyhofen)

42. Sybil Orhan's Cottage / Wilberforce Residence (Katrina Wilberforce)

43. The Gypsy Wagon Camp - Plague Victims Site (Deserted) / Hunsley Farmhouse - Abandoned

44. Narquin Farm (Walter Narquin) / Umpleberry Orchard (Herbert Umpleberry)

45. Lady Matilda's Comfort House (Matilda Bainbridge, Benedict Wroxley) / Oxnard Sheep Farm (Imogen Oxnard)

46. Ironmonger (Sebastian Auvunet) / Quentin's Pipes & Fittings - Plumber (Quentin Lorenzetti)

47. Marcus Arbuthnot Sculptures / Just Nails (Cecil Ranahan)

48. Constant Farm (Gerald Constant & Homer Longacre) / Madget Farm (Eugene Madget, Roland Valmore)

49. The Tailor's Tailor (Gilbert Lumley) / H.O.M.E. Honorable Organization for Maidenly Emancipation (Penelope Rambottom & Georgine Revesby, Virginia Stark, Edwina Strokes, Henriette Woolcombe)

50. Baker's Butchery (Horton Baker) / Armor, Shield, & Sword (Julius Oliphaunt)

51. Chapelle's Goat Farm (Lucas Chapelle & Nicholas O’Shaunnessy) / Smith Farm (Jonathan Smith, Christopher Sparrow, Portia Tissit) / The Ødegård Residence (Beatrix Ødegård (Dead))

52. Finely Crafted Shoes - Cobbler (Helio DeCameron) / Manley Ropes (Oliver Manley)

53. Pembrookshiretonish Perfume (Cain Magellan) / The Maxwell Export Company (Toliver Maxwell, Sylvia Wayne)

54. The Gallows in a corn field (Frederick Amcotts, Alisa Somerbaker) / The Scarecrow Exterminator (Maximilian Pratt) / The Quaif Farm (Felix Quaif)

The Random Events and NPCs:

Roll 1D4 and 1D10
     Random NPC
     Events / Encounters
Matthew Weyhofen sleeps with a woman - she has plants grow out of her...
Matilda Bainbridge - Two following ventriloquists - goes crazy
Gordon Balladeer - lamplighter - sarcastic sage
Nigel Bingsley - taxidermist - undead stuffed animals run a muck
Theodosa Birkbeck - doing things for ghosts around town thinking they are her boss
Lloyd Borcellino - animal children
Lucas Chappelle's carnivore ghosts escape and rampage the town
Abraham Christiannse - people unable to walk without their canes
Edwin Clover - Cockfighter - strange contraptions on the chickens
The 3 Cows - Dopplegangers turn back into angry dopplegangers
Martina de Almeida's husband - Doppleganger trying to locate the other 3
Giles Denton - Beekeeper wants to be Mayor - attacks with his mind-controled bees
Warren Diadoro - cursed jewelry around town starts to affect many citizens
Edward Dilhorne - no clocks in town match
Titricia Finn - Midwife of the Outer Powers, 75% of people born in the town are changelings and not human.
Theodore Geurts - ducks in the pond have gold and jewels in them.
Boyd Grutzmuller - buildings will collapse if magic is removed
Royston Haddingfield - All buildings in town have a secret room
Randolph Harnsworth - All dogs in town are small barking dogs
Myron Hunsley - contacts the party because of what he has learned from people's feet
Frances Kingsford's corn kills people
Addison Lakely - ex-magic user, hides magical auras in town.
Justin Laroux - makes glass fruit for people to eat
Raymond Lolley - Disturbed Street Sweeper
Cain Magellan - Someone smells like death and skunk spray
Oliver Manley's ropes kill people
Minerva Meijer - model
Oscar Mohl - Laborer - will help the PCs
Drusilla Myklebust - life draining madame – attempts to sleep with one of the party
Nicholas O'Shaunnessy - dunslinger finds The Black One.  The Obsidian Tower will
            appear soon...
Kenneth Patterson - dancing with a corpse by the lake
Gemma Rouleau - dances in public
Randolph Sabouin - Evil Puppets >:)
Bianca Snoddy Dollmaker - kids poisoned by snakes
Alisa Somberbaker - child with demon necklace - eats children
Christopher Sparrow - kills townsfolk because he thinks they are evil animals...
Percival St. John is thought to be a vampire. Angry mob goes to kill him at noon.
Nathaniel Stallone - coins vanish
Octavia Teixeira - princess is walking around town
Roland Valmore child - kills other kids via the Great Spirit