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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The People of Pembrooktonshire - Resources (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)

I ran a campaign where the player characters started out in the messed up town of Pembrooktonshire.  I believe that we spent about 17 sessions in that horrible place but I would have loved to have played more sessions there.  A great time was had by all, but eventually reason took over and they wanted to get out of Dodge.

Here are some resources that I used while running the game that might be useful for a LotFP GM.

Keyed Map of Pembrooktonshire:

D40 Random NPCs and Events Table:

D40: To roll these dice, use the same structure as a d% roll, but replace one of the d10's with the appropriate tens die (D4). Thus a d40 is rolled with a d4 and d10. The highest number on the tens die is replaced with a 0 unless the ones die is a 0. That sounds more confusing than it is. A roll of 4 on the d4 and 0 on the d10 is 40, a roll of 4 on the d4 and 9 on the d10 is 09. When you think about it, this is lot like percentile dice, where 00 becomes 100.

Here is my actual play of my campaign where I used The People of Pembrooktonshire if you want to listen in.

The People of Pembrooktonshire PDF:


The Keyed Map:

1. Jail (Constable Blackie Stark, Assistant Constable Peter Orhan, Curran Ranahan*, Paddy Kilpatrick*, Shamus Dooley*) / Courthouse (Judge Barnaby Smolenski, Ex-Mayor (Diseased) Impert Laverick, New Mayor Rupert Irving, Steward Pip Moulds) / Official Town Scribe (Basil Quedgely) / Performing Arts Building (Gemma Rouleau, Randolph Sabouin)

2. The Squicky Wicket Pub (Wendy Lillywhite) / Starving Artist (Vernon Vallancourt)

3. Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons (Clive Brodhurst) / Spotless Chimneys (Barnabas James)

4. Lock & Key Bank (Abraham Charrington)

5. Blubberer (Dennis Bergelin) / The Wonder of Glass - Glassblower (Justin Laroux)

6. Borcellino Farm (Lloyd Borcellino) / Kingsford Farm (Frances Kingsford) / Whispers Farm (Rachel Whispers)

7. The Good Shepherd Pub (Morris Simons, Millicent Wellesley) / The Finest Wines - Vinter (Arthur Wyndham)

8. Reuter's Printing & Binding (Reuter Family: Tobias, Kurt & Klementine, Jessica *DEAD*, Lilli, and Ursula Reuter. Others: Armand Leroux, and Franz Hoffman)

9. Honey & Beewax (Giles Denton) / Old Man Lakely (Addison Lakely)

10. Pembrooktonshire Post Office (Hector Degauchy) / Peacock Messenger Service (Bartholomew Peacock)

11. Diadora Jewelry (Warren Diadoro) / Roger's Gadgets (Roger Nelthorpe)

12. Light Your Wick Candles (Thurston Butcher) / The Potter (Sylvester Tither)

13. Offices of Alfred Cunningham - Barrister For Hire (Alfred Cunningham, Leonard Snow) / Magnificent Masks (Julianne Wilcox)

14. Shane Bunting's House / Laverick Family Residence (Sophie-Marie Laverick)

15. Elroy's Stationary (Elroy Aldersey)

16. The Wagging Tail - Dog Breeder (Randolph Harnsworth)

17. Elegant Prose & Poetry (Richard Frost) / Odd Jobs & More (Theodore Geurts & Raymond Lolley)

18. Up In Smoke - Tobacconist (Herbert Dooley)

19. Cleverdon Locks (Peregrin Cleverdon)

20. Le Strange Residence (Algernon Le Strange)

21. Eunuch Escort Service (Lancelot Dashwood) / Taxidermist (Nigel Bingsley)

22. Canes, Crutches, and Walking Sticks! (Abraham Christiannse) / Buttons For Show - Buttonmaker (Samuel Pfaff)

23. Da Vinci's House of Pleasures (Veronica da Vinci) / The Lucky Strike - Gambling House (Lucius Sprockling)

24. Joseph Dornford's Museum - War Hero / Englefield Barbershop & Dentistry (Charles Englefield)

25. Alford's Furs & Pelts (Anthony Alford) / Midwifery (Titricia Finn)

26. The Almeida Household (Martina de Almeida)

27. Diplomat Edmund Dusserre / Playwright Tobias Holmes

28. Sage Advice (Horace Fitzherbert) / Apartments (Percival St. John)

29. Sticky Adherent - Gluemaker (Gavin Old) / Chastity Belt Maker (Neville Savage)

30. Tick Tock Clocks (Edward Dilhorne) / The Tasty Bakery (Henry Waxman)

31. The Medicinal Leech (Bernard Eyre & Jasper Moulds (Both Dead))

32. Town Planner - Department of Destruction & Rebuilding (Thornton Cumberbund)

33. Extravagant Wagons (Louis Diggle) / The Alchemist's Art (Rupert Irving & Miranda Peaver)

34. The Last Stop Pub & Tavern (Eddie & Bertha Diggle, Drusilla Myklebust, Princess Octavia Teixeira, Dell* & Sarah Clover*) / Plague Inspector (Reuben Pontier)

35. Master of Languages - Interpreter (William Hoffman) / Enormous Dolls (Bianca Snoddy)

36. Temple of THE ALL (Ryryd Rhydderch, Benedict Onions, Pontificator Maurice Heathcote, Eurost Tither) / Schoolhouse (Alexandra Morgan)

37. Haddingfield Construction & Masonry (Royston Haddingfield & Oscar Mohl) / Tax Assessor & Collector (Clarence Ravensdale)

38. It Floats! - Shipbuilder (Thomas Grayson) / The Undertaker (Kenneth Patterson)

39. Proper Foot Attire (Myron Hunsley) / Cooper Pembrook (Jefferson Pembrook)

40. Clover Homestead (Dell & Sarah Clover, Sir Tiberius) / Stallone Pig Farm (Nathanial Stallone) / The Cemetery

41. Carpentry & Woodworking (Boyd Grützmüller & Roger Peter) / Weyhofen Garden (Matthew Weyhofen)

42. Sybil Orhan's Cottage / Wilberforce Residence (Katrina Wilberforce)

43. The Gypsy Wagon Camp - Plague Victims Site (Deserted) / Hunsley Farmhouse - Abandoned

44. Narquin Farm (Walter Narquin) / Umpleberry Orchard (Herbert Umpleberry)

45. Lady Matilda's Comfort House (Matilda Bainbridge, Benedict Wroxley) / Oxnard Sheep Farm (Imogen Oxnard)

46. Ironmonger (Sebastian Auvunet) / Quentin's Pipes & Fittings - Plumber (Quentin Lorenzetti)

47. Marcus Arbuthnot Sculptures / Just Nails (Cecil Ranahan)

48. Constant Farm (Gerald Constant & Homer Longacre) / Madget Farm (Eugene Madget, Roland Valmore)

49. The Tailor's Tailor (Gilbert Lumley) / H.O.M.E. Honorable Organization for Maidenly Emancipation (Penelope Rambottom & Georgine Revesby, Virginia Stark, Edwina Strokes, Henriette Woolcombe)

50. Baker's Butchery (Horton Baker) / Armor, Shield, & Sword (Julius Oliphaunt)

51. Chapelle's Goat Farm (Lucas Chapelle & Nicholas O’Shaunnessy) / Smith Farm (Jonathan Smith, Christopher Sparrow, Portia Tissit) / The Ødegård Residence (Beatrix Ødegård (Dead))

52. Finely Crafted Shoes - Cobbler (Helio DeCameron) / Manley Ropes (Oliver Manley)

53. Pembrookshiretonish Perfume (Cain Magellan) / The Maxwell Export Company (Toliver Maxwell, Sylvia Wayne)

54. The Gallows in a corn field (Frederick Amcotts, Alisa Somerbaker) / The Scarecrow Exterminator (Maximilian Pratt) / The Quaif Farm (Felix Quaif)

The Random Events and NPCs:

Roll 1D4 and 1D10
     Random NPC
     Events / Encounters
Matthew Weyhofen sleeps with a woman - she has plants grow out of her...
Matilda Bainbridge - Two following ventriloquists - goes crazy
Gordon Balladeer - lamplighter - sarcastic sage
Nigel Bingsley - taxidermist - undead stuffed animals run a muck
Theodosa Birkbeck - doing things for ghosts around town thinking they are her boss
Lloyd Borcellino - animal children
Lucas Chappelle's carnivore ghosts escape and rampage the town
Abraham Christiannse - people unable to walk without their canes
Edwin Clover - Cockfighter - strange contraptions on the chickens
The 3 Cows - Dopplegangers turn back into angry dopplegangers
Martina de Almeida's husband - Doppleganger trying to locate the other 3
Giles Denton - Beekeeper wants to be Mayor - attacks with his mind-controled bees
Warren Diadoro - cursed jewelry around town starts to affect many citizens
Edward Dilhorne - no clocks in town match
Titricia Finn - Midwife of the Outer Powers, 75% of people born in the town are changelings and not human.
Theodore Geurts - ducks in the pond have gold and jewels in them.
Boyd Grutzmuller - buildings will collapse if magic is removed
Royston Haddingfield - All buildings in town have a secret room
Randolph Harnsworth - All dogs in town are small barking dogs
Myron Hunsley - contacts the party because of what he has learned from people's feet
Frances Kingsford's corn kills people
Addison Lakely - ex-magic user, hides magical auras in town.
Justin Laroux - makes glass fruit for people to eat
Raymond Lolley - Disturbed Street Sweeper
Cain Magellan - Someone smells like death and skunk spray
Oliver Manley's ropes kill people
Minerva Meijer - model
Oscar Mohl - Laborer - will help the PCs
Drusilla Myklebust - life draining madame – attempts to sleep with one of the party
Nicholas O'Shaunnessy - dunslinger finds The Black One.  The Obsidian Tower will
            appear soon...
Kenneth Patterson - dancing with a corpse by the lake
Gemma Rouleau - dances in public
Randolph Sabouin - Evil Puppets >:)
Bianca Snoddy Dollmaker - kids poisoned by snakes
Alisa Somberbaker - child with demon necklace - eats children
Christopher Sparrow - kills townsfolk because he thinks they are evil animals...
Percival St. John is thought to be a vampire. Angry mob goes to kill him at noon.
Nathaniel Stallone - coins vanish
Octavia Teixeira - princess is walking around town
Roland Valmore child - kills other kids via the Great Spirit