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Monday, February 19, 2024

Bestiary Project: Making a Monster Manual from Scratch

*Last Update 3/7/24*

I had some old photo albums that I bought at estate sales and secondhand stores that had some sweet old paper in them. Those pages had a great texture and I've always wanted to make something out of them.

I rough cut two A5 sized sheets from the larger pages, and then trimmed them down with an old school slicer-dicer that I found a few years back. 

After all of that slicing & dicing I got out a marker pen and went to work. I messed up in a few places, but here is my first monster. :)

Here is a weird hopping flightless bird.

I messed up that M. Lol.

Look at this quirky lil goofball monster.

I based the drawing off an old school illustration.

Here is the original: 

Another odd floating sack of nonsense.

Those pseudopods... didn't turn out quite right. Haha.

He never skips antler day...

I saw a Call of Cthulhu image posted a few weeks back that inspired this guy.

My version of the Intellect Devourer.

Apparently a magic-user named Xasu made this disgusting thing...

It's got legs and it forgets how to use them... 

Who needs a decapitation fungus? Lol

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Recap 3: AD&D Ice World "Ice Crabs"


Dungeon Master: Bill (running his first campaign ever)

Characters & Players:

Bolus II (Male Human Ranger) - BJ

Fern (Female Elf Ranger) - Steve

Kallik of Clan Boarfrost (Male Dwarven Druid) - Tim

Tazgah (Male Elf Wizard) - Wes

Yanni (Male Yeti Barbarian/Ranger) - George


Alvin the Archmage

*Sorry for how long it took me to type this up guys. This is the recap from June's session.*

Alvin invited the characters to visit and he permanently enchanted several of the characters' weapons. Kallik was gifted with a White Dragon Scale shield. The group also was given a stone that could summon Alvin in a dire emergency. 

The Archmage announced his full retirement from adventuring and feasted on mammoth ribs slathered with sweet & spicy sauces. 

The group decided to head toward some Ice Imps to take care of them bit on the way there they were attacked by hungry ice crabs with vorpal claws... eek! Luckily everyone kept their heads. They collected the crab parts to later devour and/or trade to Alvin.

They found the crude stone structure of the Ice Imps and faced their extraplanar Ice shards that they could spit from their mouths. They killed 8 of them and then went after some of the eerie Frostfolk next.

On the way to the Frostfolk some vicious Bugbears ambushed us. Thanks to a local storm and a Call Lightning spell, as well as the Yeti summoning 2 White Dragons... they were easily vanquished.

The group plans on wiping out the rest of the troubled areas described by Alvin in the coming weeks, they they returned to their keep called Luchien's Demise.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Random Fantasy Chess Piece Table (for an Alice in Wonderland RPG Campaign)



1-2 King (B)

3-4 King (W)

5-8 Queen (B)

9-12 Queen (W)

13-17 Rook, Left (B)

18-22 Rook, Right (B)

23-27 Rook, Left (W)

28-32 Rook, Right (W)

33-36 Archbishop (B)

37-40 Bishop (B)

41-44 Archbishop (W)

45-49 Bishop (W)

50-55 Knight General (B)

56-61 Knight (B)

62-67 Knight General (W)

68-73 Knight (W)

74-86 Pawn (B) [Roll 1D8 for #]

87-99 Pawn (W) [Roll 1D8 for #]

100 Pick Any or Choose ALL

I'm going to be running a Wonderland game soon and I hope to have some fun with random Chess pieces... :)

Random Chess Movement 


2 Queen

3-5 Bishop

6 Knight

7 Pawn/King 

8 Knight 

9-11 Rook

12 Queen

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Recap 2: AD&D Ice World "Rod of Orcus"


Dungeon Master: Bill (running his first campaign ever)

Characters & Players:

Bolus II (Male Human Ranger) - BJ

Fern (Female Elf Ranger) - Steve

Kallik of Clan Boarfrost (Male Dwarven Druid) - Tim

Tazgah (Male Elf Wizard) - Wes

Yanni (Male Yeti Barbarian/Ranger) - George


Alvin the Archmage, and Luchien (Evil Wizard)

The characters started out in the town of Ranier. We learned from a group of Yetis that the Evil Wizard in the North was named Luchien. They Aldo told us about 3 Frost Giants that were killing their folk and poaching their polar bears. 

Alvin gave us a chemical to dip our arrows and weapons into that ignited upon contact with blood or other liquids. Those later were a big help when the fighting began. I thought that was a neat tweak to the burning arrow idea.

On the way to the Yeti compound / settlement a White dragon was seen flying overhead with a rider on its back (Alvin). It landed in front of us before 3 smilodons / sabertooth tigers could ambush us. Kellik the druid and Tazgah the mage held them in place with spells while the others slaughtered them. We harvested the teeth and Alvin kept and preserved the meat for his "kitties."

When we arrived at the Yeti Settlement the damage done by the Giants was evident. They had taken many polar bears and their deep tracks in the snow were easy to spot. Igloos were smashed and the inhabitants were scared. We followed the tracks to the caves where they lived and attacked them at night when they were asleep. Using a lot of calories, summond mammoths, and having an enlarged Yanni the Yeti jump on them from above proved to be effective at killing them. 

Returning victorious to the town enlivened the yetis and Alvin replaced their missing polar bears by summoning swarms of bears and transforming them. In thanks they told us of Luchien and where his wizard's Keep was far to the North of where the elves live. Luchien was an exiled Elf who made a pact with Orcus.

In the town of Ranier, the Elves told us where Luchien's castle was located which was far North of their Elven settlement. He was a banished Elf for committing various Necromantic crimes. The group stayed in town for 2 days to recuperate and then they headed to go see the Evil Wizard.

Three snow leopards appeared in front of the sled the characters were riding and with arrows and a Flaming Sphere they were quickly dispatched. Alvin, traveling with us, collected their corpses to later feed his Kitties (White Dragons).

When they arrived at the Elven town of Tarathiel its tall glass towers and green decor was breathtaking. It looked like magic was heavily used to construct the buildings as well. After some exploring Kallik the Dwarf Cleric thought it was wise to check in with the local temple which happened to be devoted to the moon goddess Seldarine (moon, dreams, moon, mysteries, secrets, and travel). They learned more about Luchien's Keep which was 10 miles from town, and the characters were given some Elven guides and guards to help them remove the keep's inhabitant. They wanted the Undead scourge removed from their lands. The characters wondered why they were able to repel the magic-enhanced Undead for so long since the Evil Wizard was so close to their town. They guessed it was due to some powerful ritual or buried magical circle that surrounded the town.

Alvin (the Good Wizard) went in first to duel with Luchien and to attempt to sever his pact with the Demon Lord Orcus. The characters went in after and slaughtered a horde of skeletal zombies thanks to some spells that held most of them in place (Hold Humanoid & Web) cast by Kellik the Dwarf Cleric and Tazgah the Elven Wizard.

As the group was chopping up and burning the corpses another wave of Undead assaulted us and then suddenly they just... fell over. It seemed that Alvin had won his wizard duel because all of the energy propelling the Undead to move simply seemed to instantly run out.

Stacks of gold were found at the top of Luchien's Keep, the arcane device that had fueled the Undead was banished to another plane of existence, as well as the device needed to talk to Orcus. The group guessed that Alvin kept the Rod of Orcus... but they weren't about to ask such a high level Archmage about that fact. hehe. 

The group decided that they would make the now empty keep their new base of operations, but first they wanted to go back to town to gather their things. They reported their victory to the Elves in Tarathiel, and then back to Ranier, and to Alvin's Keep. 

Alvin talked to the Gnomes and some of them agreed to help the character's fix up the new base of operations for the group. The new name of the place was decided to be Luchien's Demise! Four Gnome guards and 2 general Gnome workers were sent North to fix up the place. Alvin paid their wages to do so ahead of time.

A feast was held in Alvin's Keep with roasted Mammoth ribs slathered in sweet sauce. Everyone ate their fill, and there was much rejoicing. 

After a few days rest the group was accompanied by Alvin to Luchien's Demise where he summoned swarms of insects that he used Alteration / Transformation spells on to turn into various livestock so that the characters could have a ready food supply, and the Gnome workers agreed that they would take care of those as well.

We ended the session at Luchien's Demise. +5,000 XP

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Recap 1: AD&D Ice World "Town of Ranier & Hardin's Rock"


Dungeon Master: Bill (running his first campaign ever)

Characters & Players:

Bolus II (Male Human Ranger) - BJ

Fern (Female Elf Ranger) - Steve

Kallik of Clan Boarfrost (Male Dwarven Druid) - Tim

Tazgah (Male Elf Wizard) - Wes

Yanni (Male Yeti Barbarian/Ranger) - George

The characters met in desperation to find work when they answered the call for adventurers. They traveled North from the Southlands (the town of Oakcrest) on Kallik's heavy-duty sled pulled by 6 oxen. They eventually pulled into the frontier town of Ranier and found Alvin's General Store. They were told to wait for Alvin many times ("He'll be here soon...) before he finally transformed & revealed himself as a tall Elven Mage.

Alvin sold the adventurers a few magic items before informing them of an Evil Wizard who had made a pact with the Demon Lord Orcus... This pact had cursed the frigid land that brought about a scourge of undead. Intelligent beings that die rise from the grave soon after if not properly dealt with by burning. 

A series of problems were mentioned to the characters but the foremost one was dealing with the supply line issues due to Orc raiding parties. The group hid in transport sleds and let the Orcs steal their goods before following them and slaughtering them with the help of town reinforcements piling out of portals in the back of the other sleds. 

Kallik the Dwarf learned by talking to a spirit of a fallen Orc about another one of their raiding camps further to the North. The Orcs would not reveal the Evil Wizard's name. It seemed they were forced into service for fear of the Demon's power coursing through the Evil Wizard's body and because he wielded Orcus' Rod of Death. A demonic artifact was also given to the Evil Wizard that causes the Undead scourge befallen the local area.

Alvin cast Reincarnation on an Orc corpse and brought him back as a Gnoll with a change of heart. He agreed to guide and help the group. Kallik nicknamed him Skippy. The Orc-turned-Gnoll didn't seem to care. As they were talking to him a Snow Fox approached Tazgah and became his familiar. He named it Folar.

The group returned with Alvin and were given free room & board at one of the guest houses near to his secure Keep. Alvin showed the group around and introduced them to his "Kitties" that were in actuality a score of White Dragons at various stages of age & development held behind a magical dome. 

After a restful night the characters were given a hot breakfast and informed about their next mission which involved Gnomes who were using magic to help them steal food, iron, yaks, and other sundry items from a Northern Dwarven settlement. 

The group headed North from Alvin's Keep and after a day's travel they arrived at the Dwarven settlement Hardin's Rock. Alvin the Wizard knew a secret way into the mines that avoided several Traps and a false door. They were introduced to the Dwarves and learned more about the magic-wielding Gnome thieves. 

The group set an ambush around the sites that the Dwarves suspected would be robbed with some magic alarms in the form of crunching snow. A few hours after nightfall the invisible Gnomes were caught in the trap when their presence was noted as they stepped on the magic snow. 

Kallik the Dwarf Druid held the Gnomes in place with a spell as Tazgah the Elf Wizard put most of them into a deep sleep. One of them was shot & killed by Bolus II the Human Ranger. After the short battle the surviving Gnomes were questioned, and they revealed the location of the Gnome settlement East of the Dwarven town. They also learned that the Evil Wizard's Keep was far North of where the Gnomes live and he comes once a week to terrify them and threaten them into his service.

Through a few Invisibility and Alter Self spells the group pretended to be the Gnome thieves returning home. The characters convinced the Gnomes to seek forgiveness with the Dwarves and to flee the shadow of the Evil Wizard and head South. Alvin guarantee the Gnomes safe passage and to help them find their path going forward. 

We ended the characters back in the town of Ranier in Alvin's General Store. 

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Fantasy Egypt & Sumer Project: D100 Egyptian Pantheon

*Last Update: 5/4/23*

I have this Fantasy Egypt campaign idea where two rival ancient kingdoms are connected by a Nile-like river. One worships my versions of Egyptian gods, while the other worships Sumerian deities. This setting is burning a hole in my DM brain. So, I'm going to be tinkering on it in the next few weeks.

I am picturing many religious temples and hierarchies of priests in both kingdoms vying for power and also working to fight the sway of heresy from across the river. I'm picturing the characters all being multiclass Clerics in the Egyptian kingdom. Dump in a bunch of khopesh swords, pyramids, and a lot of random encounters with crocodiles & desert creatures and you get the idea.

There are a lot of great older resources (Deities & Demigids, Desert of Desolation, GURPS Egypt, Legends & Lore, Valley of the Pharaohs, etc.) for this idea, and some newer ones like the Egyptian-themed Magic: the Gathering CCG sets, Egyptian Adventures - Hamunaptra, etc.

My versions of the following gods will be slightly different than the source material, and will have more of a fantastical edge to them.

I think I'm going to go with the name of Kemet & Desheret for the setting which are Egyptian names for the dark soil around the rivers and the red dirt/sand of the desert. 

1. Ahti
(Wasp-headed Hippo)
Portfolio: Chaos, Danger, Death, Destruction, Insects, Poison, Venom
51. Manduilis
(Ram-headed Hawk with Crown of Cobras)
Portfolio: Air, Glory, Light, Rams, Scalykind, Snakes, Sun
2. Aker
(Two-headed Lion)
Portfolio: Death, Earth, East, Future, Guardian, Horizon, Law, Lions, Past, Protection, Underworld, West
52. Mehen
(Snake Coiled Around the Sun)
Portfolio: Good, Protection, Scalykind, Snakes, Strength, Sun
3. Amenhotep
(Pharaoh Granted Godhood)
Portfolio: Death, Funerals, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Lore, Medicine, Repose, Sages, Scribes, Wisdom
53. Mehet-Weret
(Cow with a River Pouring Out of her Mouth)
Portfolio: Air, Cows, Good, Flood, Rivers, Sky, Water
4. Ammit / Ammut
(Crocodile-headed Lion-Hippo Hybrid)
Portfolio: Animals, Crocodiles, Hippos, Hunger, Judgement, Lions, Panthers, Truth
54. Meretseger
(Human-faced Naga)
Portfolio: Cobras, Law, Poison, Scalykind, Silence, Snakes, Venom, West
5. Amun / Amon*
(Ram-headed with a Goose on Top)
Portfolio: Creation, Foretelling, Frogs, Geese, Good, Hidden Power, Invisibility, Law, Oracles, Pharaohs, Prophecy, Rams, Secrets, Spirits
55. Meskhenet
(Woman Sitting on a Brick Giving Birth)
Portfolio: Birth, Community, Creation, Destiny, Fate, Good, Healing, Protection
6. Amunet
Portfolio: Hidden, Invisibility, Power, Secrets, Scalykind, Snakes
56. Min
(Mummy Holding a Flail)
Portfolio: Battle, Chaos, Embalming, Fertility, Mining, Repose, War
7. Anat
(Warrior Woman with Axe, Lance, & Shield)
Portfolio: Battle, Good, Loyalty, Protection, War
57. Montu
(Falcon-headed with Cobra Crown Riding a Bull)
Portfolio: Air, Battle, Courage, Destruction, Sacrifice, Sky, Suffering, War
8. Anhur / Onuris
(Arms Raised to Kill his Enemies with 4 Plumes on his Head)
Portfolio: Battle, Chaos, Hunting, Strength, Violence, War, Warrior
58. Mut
(Vulture-headed Mother)
Portfolio: Air, Birds, Birth, Death, Good, Healing, Mothers, Vultures
9. Antewy / Antiway
(Two-headed Falcon)
Portfolio: Air, Balance, Birds, Duality, Falcon, Integration, Opposites, Peace, Punishment, Reconciliation
59. Naunet / Nunet**
Portfolio: Creation, Good, Poison, Rivers, Scalykind, Snakes, Venom, Water
10. Anubis
Portfolio: Balance, Cemeteries, Death, Embalming, Judgement, Law, Magic, Mummification, Repose, Rites, Rituals, Scales, Stomach, Tombs
60. Nefertem / Nefertum
(Cat-headed with Lotus Flower Staff)
Portfolio: Cats, Creation, Earth, Flowers, Good, Nature, Plants
11. Anuket / Ankhet
(Gazelle-headed with Ostrich Feathers)
Portfolio: Animals, Desert, Hunting, Wilderness
61. Neith
(Warrior Mother Nursing a Crocodile with a Shield with Two Crossed Arrows)
Portfolio: Battle, Birth, Cloth, Creation, Crocodiles, Hunger, Mothers, Nursing, Stomach, Textiles, War, Weaving
12. Apis-Buchis-Nemur
(Bull-headed with Sun Between his Horns)
Portfolio: Bulls, Cows, Fate, Glory, Good, Justice, Law, Oracles, Sun, Vengeance, Visions
62. Nekhbet
Portfolio: Air, Birds, Good, Law, Sky, Vultures
13. Ahy / Ihy (Youth with Cobra Through his Chest)
Portfolio: Children, Dancing, Good, Music, Sound
63. Nempty
(Falcon-headed Ferryman)
Portfolio: Air, Birds, Falcons, Foolishness, Mistakes, Punishment, Rivers, Travel, Water
14. Apophis / Apep
(Netherworld Snake of Darkness)
Portfolio: Assassins, Chaos, Evil, Fire, Poison, Scalykind, Serpents, Venom
64. Neper
(Holding Grain)
Portfolio: Earth, Farming, Grain, Harvest, Plant, Seasons, Sowing
15. Apshai
(Praying Mantis)
Portfolio: Faithfulness, Farming, Insects, Plague
65. Nephthys / Nebethet*
(Crowned with a Bowl Holding a Castle in Front of a Sun)
Portfolio: Breath, Castles, Chaos, Civilization, Community, Death, Frontiers, Good, Grief, Home, Lungs, Protection, Repose, Wealth, Women
16. Astarte
(Woman with Bull's Horns Riding a Horse)
Portfolio: Battle, Beauty, Chaos, Good, War
66. Nu / Nun**
(Snake-headed and Frog-headed with Baboon Body Holding a Boat Above his Head)
Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, Floods, Rivers, Water
17. Baal
(Warrior with a Pointed Beard Holding a Club & Spear)
Portfolio: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Sky, Storms
67. Naunet / Nunet**
Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, Floods, Rivers, Water
18. Banebdjedet
(Ram-headed with Long Horns)
Portfolio: Air, Law, Rams, Virility, Sky
68. Nut*
(Blue-skinned with a Pot on Her Head with Stars Above her)
Portfolio: Air, Birth, Crafts, Creation, Death, Law, Light, Pottery, Repose, Sky, Stars, Wind

19. Bastet / Bast
Portfolio: Art, Cats, Chaos, Children, Destruction, Fertility, Good, Household, Joy, Love, Music, Perfume, Pregnancy, Protection, Sight, Strength, Vengeance, Vision, War
69. Opet / Ipet
(Lion-headed Hippo)
Portfolio: Contentment, Drink, Food, Hippos, Light, Lions, Nourishment, Pleasure, Pregnancy, Protection from Magic, Warmth
20. Bat
(Human with Cow Ears & Horns)
Portfolio: Community, Family, Farms, Fertility, Harvest, Love
70. Osiris*
(Green-skinned Mummy Holding Crook & Flail)
Portfolio: Air, Civilization, Death, Drought, Earth, Eternity, Farming, Fertility, Floods, Good, Grain, Harvest, Intuition, Judgement, Law, Nature, Plants, Rebirth, Repose, Underworld, Vegetation
21. Bennu
(Fiery & Heron-headed)
Portfolio: Air, Birds, Glory, Light, Rebirth, Sky, Sun
71. Ptah
(Mummy with a Staff with 4 Pillars & Ankh)
Portfolio: Crafts, Creation, Knowledge, Good, Law, Names, Nobility, Protection, Royalty, Secrets, Teleportation, Travel, True Names

22. Bes
(Dwarf Dressed in Panther Fur)
Portfolio: Entertainment, Games, Gambling, Household, Luck, Music, Protection, Trickery
72. Qadesh / Qatesh
(Standing on a Lion Holding Flowers)
Portfolio: Animals, Chaos, Flowers, Good, Lions, Night, Plants, Pleasure, Stars
23. Duamutef
(Jackal-headed Funeral Jar)
Portfolio: Cemeteries, Death, East, Embalming, Funerals, Intestines, Jackals, Mummification, Repose, Stomach
73. Qebehsenuef
(Falcon-headed Funeral Jar)
Portfolio: Cemeteries, Death, Embalming, Falcons, Funerals, Intestines, Mummification, Repose, Stars
24. Geb*
(Greenskinned & Goose-headed)
Portfolio: Animals, Air, Birds, Earth, Fertility, Geese, Nature
74. Qebhet
(Snake-headed, Filled with Stars, Holding a Bowl of Water)
Portfolio: Death, Drinking, Refreshment, Replenishment, Renewal, Souls, Spirits, Truth, Underworld, Water
25. Hapi
(Baboon-headed Funeral Jar)
Portfolio: Cemeteries, Chaos, Death, Embalming, Fertility, Flood, Good, Harvest, Lungs, Mummification, North, Plant, Repose, Rivers, Water
75. Qerh / Niau**
Portfolio: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Frogs, Night
26. Hathor
(Human-headed Cow)
Portfolio: Alcohol, Birth, Children, Community, Cows, Dance, Fate, Fortelling, Good, Happiness, Love, Luck, Moon, Mothers, Music, Prophecy, Sky, Sun
76. Qerhet / Niaut**
Portfolio: Chaos, Emptiness, Evil, Frogs, Hollowness, Void 
27. Hatmehyt
Portfolio: Fish, Good, Lakes, Rivers, Water
77. Ra / Re
(Hawk-headed with Cobra Headress)
Portfolio: Combat, Courage, Creation, Fire, Glory, Good, Life, Light, Nobility, Pharoahs, Travel, War
28. Hedjhotep
(Holding Royal Garments and Loose Cloth)
Portfolio: Cemeteries, Clothing, Death, Embalming, Fashion, Healing, Law, Style, Tapestries, Weaving
78. Renenutet / Ernutet
(Cobra-headed Naga)
Portfolio: Children, Cobras, Good, Harvest, Mothers, Names, Protection, Secrets, Snakes, Underworld
29. Hedjwer-Babi
(Pale Baboon with Human Head)
Portfolio: Ancestors, Aggression, Baboon, Combat, Fertility, Strength, Sun, Underworld, Violence
79. Reshef / Resheph
(Centaur Wearing a White Crown with a Beard Holding a Spear)
Portfolio: Combat, Disease, Gazelles, Healing, Horses, Plague, Protection, War
30. Hehet / Hauhet**
Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, Floods, Formlessness, Scalykind, Snakes
80. Sah / Saah
(Holding Wine and a Star)
Portfolio: Hunter Constellation, Night, Sky, Spirits, Stars, Vineyards, Wine
31. Hehu / Heh / Huh**
Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, Flood, Formlessness, Infinity
81. Satet / Satis
(White Crown with Antelope and Gazelle Horns)
Portfolio: Archery, Flooding, Gazelles, Good, Law, Protection, River, South, Water
32. Heka
Portfolio: Chaos, Duality, Incantations, Magic, Rituals, Spells, Summoning
82. Sekhmet / Pahket
(Lion-headed with Sharp Claws)
Portfolio: Claws, Combat, Desert, Drought, Fire, Glory, Healing, Heat, Hunter, Light, Poison, Powerful, Protection, Strength, Sun, Venom, War
33. Heket
(Frog-headed with Green Skin)
Portfolio: Childbirth, Fortitude, Good, Healing, Magic, Motherhood, Protection
83. Selket / Serket / Serqet
(Human-headed Scorpion)
Portfolio: Amulets, Assassins, Elbalming, Intestines, Justice, Magic, Murder, Poison, Protection, Repose, Scorpions, Vengeance, Venom, Wrath
34. Heptet
(Snake-headed with Long Dagger)
Portfolio: Dreams, Healing, Monkeys, Protection, Nightmares, Renewal, Rest, Sleep, Snakes
84. Seshat
(Wearing a Horned Tree snd 7 Pointed Star Crown with a Panther-skin Robe and Holding a Crooked Time Staff with a Frog on Top)
Portfolio: Knowledge, Languages, Lore, Plants, Reading, Scribes, Stars, Trees, Writing
35. Herishef
Portfolio: Creation, Glory, Good, Law, Light, Rams, Sun
85. Set*
(Aardvark/Donkey-headed with Square-tipped Ears, a Canine Body, and Seepents Coiled Around his Arms)
Portfolio: Air, Assassins, Barreness, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Desert, Destruction, Drought, Evil, Infertility, Night, Pain, Poison, Storms, Strength, Suffering
36. Horus
Portfolio: Air, Falcons, Fire, Justice, Kingship, Law, Life, Mind, Nobility, Pharoahs, Righteousness, Sky, Sphinx, Vengeance 
86. Shai / Shay
(Serpent-headed Pig)
Portfolio: Birth, Chance, Chaos, Destiny, Fate, Good, Kismet, Luck, Rebirth
37. Hu
Portfolio: Authority, Creation, Lawful, Magic, Spells, Tradition
87. Shezmu / Shesmu
(Lion-headed Hawk Holding Wine with a Snake and 2 Stars Above)
Portfolio: Alcohol, Beauty, Blood, Death, Murder, Oils, Slaughter, Underworld, Violence, Wine
38. Imhotep
(Pharaoh Granted Godhood Wearing Skullcap and Holding Papyrus Scroll)
Portfolio: Artifice, Crafts, Carpentry, Fertility, Healing, Knowledge, Medicine, Sculpting, Wisdom
88. Shu*
(Lion-headed with a Feather Crown Sitting on a Throne)
Portfolio: Air, Birds, Clouds, Elementals, Emptiness, Fire, Knowledge, Lions, Lore, Sky
39. Imsety
(Human-headed Funeral Jar)
Portfolio: Cemeteries, Death, Embalming, Good, Law, Liver, Mummification, Repose, South
89. Sia / Saa
(Bleeding Eyes & Holding a Papyrus Scroll)
Portfolio: Fire, Law, Perception, Sight, Speech, Sun, Understanding, Vision, Wisdom
40. Isis*
(Pharaoh with Throne Crown)
Portfolio: Beauty, Children, Commitment, Devotion, Fertility, Good, Heart, Liver, Love, Magic, Marriage, Mothers, Nobility, Pharoahs, Protection, Rebirth, Resurrection, Rituals, Spells, Water
90. Sobek
Portfolio: Animals, Chaos, Combat, Crocodiles, Evil, Lakes, Lizards, Pharoahs, Reptiles, Rivers, Scalykind, Strength, Swamps, Violence, War, Water, Wetlands
41. Kekui / Kek**
Portfolio: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Formlessness, Night
91. Sokar / Seker
(Falcon-headed Mummy)
Portfolio: Embalming, Death, Endurance, Glory, Good, Justice, Law, Light, Mummifacation, Repose
42. Kekuit / Keket**
Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, Darkness, Evil, Formlessness, Secrets
92. Sopdet / Sothis
(Cow-headed with a White Crown & a Star Above)
Portfolio: Fertility, Floods, Law, Light, New Year, Night, Rain, Rivers, Sky, Stars
43. Khentamentiu
(Jackal Skeleton with a Bushy Tail)
Portfolio: Cemeteries, Death, Guards, Protection, Law, Skeletons, Tombs, Underworld, West
93. Tatenen
(Ram-headed with Blue Skin Holding a Falcon-headed Mace and Magic Staff)
Portfolio: Air, Archery, Combat, Falcons, Floods, Good, Magic, Plants, Soil, Silt, Water
44. Khepri / Kheper
Portfolio: Creation, Glory, Good, Lawful, Light, Sun
94. Taweret
(Crocodile/Lion/Hippo Hybrid)
Portfolio: Animals, Birth, Crocodiles, Fertility, Hippos, Household, Mothers, North, Rebirth, Rivers, Water
45. Kherty / Aken
(Ram-headed Ferryman Holding Bread and Standing on a Boat)
Portfolio: Boats, Bread, Death, Guide, Rams, Sleep, Souls, Spirits, Underworld
95. Tayet
(Shrouded Woman Holding a Mummy)
Portfolio: Bandages, Cemeteries, Cloth, Death, Embalming, Good, Healing, Herbs, Mummification, Repose, Weaving
46. Khnum
(Ram-headed with Pottery Wheel in his Hands)
Portfolio: Artifice, Crafts, Creation, Earth, Good, Pottery, Rams, Soil
96. Tefenet / Tefnut*
(Lion-headed Serpent)
Portfolio: Air, Destruction, Good, Law, Rain, Storms, Water, Wind
47. Khonsu
(Falcon-headed with Moon Crown)
Portfolio: Animals, Good, Light, Moon, Night 
97. Thoth
(Ibis-headed with Moondisk Crown Holding an Ankh, Sometimes a Baboon)
Portfolio: Knowledge, Law, Learning, Light, Lore, Magic, Mind, Moon, Order, Protection, Rituals, Rune, Sages, Scribes, Secrets, Spells, Teaching, Time, Wisdom, Writing
48. Maahas / Mihos
(Lion-headed with a Crown of Snakes)
Portfolio: Courage, Lions, Scalykind, Snakes, Strength, War
98. Wadjet
(Cobra Twined Around a Papyrus Stem)
Portfolio: Cobras, Embalming, Knowledge, Lore, Mummification, Pharoahs, Purification, Repose, Scalykind, Snakes
49. Ma'at
(Pharaoh with Ostrich Feather Crown) 
Portfolio: Balance, Equality, Fairness, Good, Justice, Law, Order, Righteousness, Stability, Truth
99. Wadj-Wer
(Green Long Hair and Blue-skinned Pregnant Body Filled with Water)
Portfolio: Life, Mothers, Pregnancy, Prosperity, Rivers, Salt, Sea, Water, Wealth
50. Mafdet
(Lynx with Snake in her Mouth)
Portfolio: Good, Protection (especially vs. scorpions & snakes), Snakes
100. Wepwawet
Portfolio: Death, Dogs, Guide, Hunting, Travel, Underworld, Wolves

*Ennead, **Ogdoad

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Recap 9: Skyrealms of Jorune RPG Campaign "Crystal Crime Time, Corastin Bar Fight, & Red Shantha"



*Ahte, Muadra Caji (played by Bill).
*Blogren, Muadra Caji (played by my son Wes).
*Bruus, Boccord Soldier (played by George).
*Titanius Englesmith, Human Explorer (played by Kris).

*Addacar (Corastin NPC), Hookbeard (Human Guide/Thief)

Ahte with the help of Hookbeard found a reputable dealer of crystals but quickly learned how expensive they were. Hookbeard (not seeming to be squeamish about committing crimes) provided some cover and a distraction so that Ahte could steal a few. Ahte botched the attempt badly... but he did get his greedy hands on 3 powerful and charged Boccrods. Hookbeard knocked out the owner and tied him up so that they could escape. 

Titanius spent a relaxing time at the research facility while his fellow adventurers were committing crimes. He learned that the Zero-Point Energy Source can now recharge a Power Cell in one week's time. The researchers hope to improve that recharge rate.

Bruus and Addacar decided to get in some of the local bar scene and Addacar convinced Bruus to meet him at a Corastin brothel. It didn't take long before Addacar was upstairs with two Corastin ladies. That left Bruus to brush up on his Corastin Culture skills... which proved to be sorely lacking. He managed to irritate the remaining bar patrons with rude egg comments. Ahte showed up and then a bar Brawl ensued. The characters fled hoping that Addacar would meet up with them later. He did, and apparently he got married! His wife barely spoke, and the characters never asked what her name was. 

Hookbeard gave everyone a quick tutorial on all things criminal and thiefy (they bumped up some larceny skills). 

After their lesson they agreed to head back to the Bronth Tonista's farm to see what was going on in the South. On the way there Blogren was kidnapped by a Shantha through a Warp that suddenly opened and closed. Ahte was able with the aid of the red crystals from the Shanthis temple to reopen the Warp so that the characters could follow after to rescue Blogren.

The characters found themselves in what they thought was some sort of chemical factory, but later it was revealed that they were in a settlement on one of Jorune's moons! There was a blend of old Earth-tec, Lamorri, and Shanthic technology present around them. The characters marveled at being able to see the whole world beneath them through a series of small windows.

As they explored the moon settlement the characters were greeted by the Thriddle Canth Lor Snoggis from their earlier travels. He was brimming with potent Isho & Lamorri power, but his Aura looked unhealthy to Ahte as if the powers were slowly ripping him apart or warring inside him. Canth revealed about the Crugar, Ramian, Shantha, & Thriddle alliance to try to destroy Ardoth and the rest of humanity's influence on Jorune. A battle broke out and Canth was effectively slaughtered despite his best efforts to kill the characters.

The Red Shantha appeared with two other Shanthas who quickly waded into the characters with violence. Their Shanthic Blades sliced and diced up the characters, but eventually they were slaughtered. Ahte was tempted to use his Lamorri powers again... but he resisted that temptation. 

Titanius got in a wicked hit on the Red Shantha that disrupted its connection to Isho (thanks to a 30 on a D30 critical hit table) and it seemed utterly under the control of Titanius. 

Further in the settlement they discovered 4 flesh-tech construct creatures with crystals for heads, wires for fingers, and Shantha corpses for bodies. They seemed to be flushed with Lamorri energy and... their blood. Titanius ordered the Red Shantha to give control over the constructs to the characters and then fall on its blade and it did so quickly without any last statement. The constructs each chose a character to follow.

Blogren was released from the medical device that had wires in his brain... Holes were left in many places from the constructs' fingers as well. Ahte and Bruus wrapped up his wounds, healed him, and plan to take his unconscious body back to Jorune. 

Lastly the group found silver-white crystals that give off light as if they were very bright lanterns. These they learned were infused with the Isho Spirits of fallen Shantha warriors.

Edit: Due to losing a vital player and gaining 2 new players we opted to wrap up this campaign and start a new one. I had a blast running a campaign in the Skyrealms of Jorune. Something I could finally scratch off my bucket list. :)