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Monday, December 19, 2016

RPG Research Paper - Tabletop Role-playing Games: What Are They, Why Are They Fun, and Why Are They Beneficial to Play?

Yeah, it has a long title, but I was the only one in my entire Advanced Composition class that knew anything about RPGs.  The teacher was the only one that had a slight idea of what kind of games they were.  :)

You can download this paper from the following link:

I enjoyed taking the questinnaire answers and incorporating them into the final paper.



Monday, June 13, 2016

RPG Questionnairre (For a RPG Research Paper)

If you have some time, please reply to these questions in the comments, or film a video response on YouTube, or post the answers in a blog, etc.  Thanks ahead of time for anyone that answers them.  I can't believe that my Advanced Composition class is letting me write a research paper on RPGs.  :)

Here are the questions in video form:


1. Can you please describe in detail any negative situations that came about in your life because you played RPGs? For example, were you ever bullied, belittled, made fun of, told you were going to Hell because you play THOSE games, etc.?

2. What skills do you think you have personally improved upon by playing RPGs?

3. Who introduced you to RPGs, and what was your first experience like playing them?

4. What was your first experience like running a game?

5. What was it like designing your own system?

6. What was it like making your own setting?

7. Why do you think tabletop RPGs are not known about by a good many people in the public?

8. What is an RPG and why are these types of games fun?

9. If you were going to teach a new player how to play RPGs how would you go about doing that?

10. What age group do you think plays these games more than other age groups?

11. What overall benefits do you think a person that plays RPGs has that perhaps a non-gamer wouldn't have, or would have less of?

12. Have you ever seen a RPG session break out in any violence, or have you ever seen with your own eyes people becoming more violent after playing RPGs?

13. Do you think RPGs are still seen as much of a negative thing as they once were?

Slimy Curse: Blessing of the Head Portal to the Plane of Slime

My allergies have been rough lately. It feels like I have a gallon of slime in my head. This of course got me thinking of how I could twist this and put it into a campaign.

As a curse, to any that fail a saving throw, the unfortunate victim has a portal to The Plane of Slime created inside of their skull. It continuously gushes forth wave after wave of putrid reeking slime and sludge. This person will be considered an Avatar of the God of Slime and Oozes by Clerics and common worshipers of that deity.

Clerics of Slime would probably consider this a blessing and not a curse to whomever they target with it.  Only unbelievers complain about this gift...  ;) 

This could be an alternative 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Domain ability to the ones I provided.