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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Recap 3: AD&D Ice World "Ice Crabs"


Dungeon Master: Bill (running his first campaign ever)

Characters & Players:

Bolus II (Male Human Ranger) - BJ

Fern (Female Elf Ranger) - Steve

Kallik of Clan Boarfrost (Male Dwarven Druid) - Tim

Tazgah (Male Elf Wizard) - Wes

Yanni (Male Yeti Barbarian/Ranger) - George


Alvin the Archmage

*Sorry for how long it took me to type this up guys. This is the recap from June's session.*

Alvin invited the characters to visit and he permanently enchanted several of the characters' weapons. Kallik was gifted with a White Dragon Scale shield. The group also was given a stone that could summon Alvin in a dire emergency. 

The Archmage announced his full retirement from adventuring and feasted on mammoth ribs slathered with sweet & spicy sauces. 

The group decided to head toward some Ice Imps to take care of them bit on the way there they were attacked by hungry ice crabs with vorpal claws... eek! Luckily everyone kept their heads. They collected the crab parts to later devour and/or trade to Alvin.

They found the crude stone structure of the Ice Imps and faced their extraplanar Ice shards that they could spit from their mouths. They killed 8 of them and then went after some of the eerie Frostfolk next.

On the way to the Frostfolk some vicious Bugbears ambushed us. Thanks to a local storm and a Call Lightning spell, as well as the Yeti summoning 2 White Dragons... they were easily vanquished.

The group plans on wiping out the rest of the troubled areas described by Alvin in the coming weeks, they they returned to their keep called Luchien's Demise.