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Monday, March 22, 2021

Lord of the Rings Playing Cards (2 Deck Oracle)

I used to collect a lot of the Lord of the Rings stuff for the Peter Jackson LotR movies. I have a set of these in a tin but this set was sent to me by a friend and the tin got destroyed in shipment. So, we play 500 Rummy with these cards as a large deck. 

I've been kicking the idea of using playing cards as an oracle for solo gaming and these might be decent for that.

Anyway, I was curious as to how many characters were used on the faces and how many copies of each that there was. There is an evil and good deck.

Evil Deck:

1 Troll, 8 goblins, 11 Uruk-Hai, 15 Saruman, 17 Nazgul.

2 Nazgul Wild Cards.

Good Deck:

1 Aragorn, 1 Elrond, 1 with Four Hobbits, 2 Bilbo, 2 Frodo, 2 Samwise + Pippin, 4 Arwen, 4 Elven Boats, 4 Galadriel, 4 Rainbows with Gandalf + Frodo, 4 Statues with Stairs, 5 Eomer, 6 Gandalf, 6 Gimli, and 6 Legolas.

2 Frodo Wild Cards.

It would be easy to use the various characters as a type of theme to influence what each card number and suit represent. You could also have an evil card mean something different than a good one.

I also found Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation from Fantasy Flight Games on my shelves and it had some interesting cards in there too.

Evil: The Eye of Sauron, Magic, Palantir, Retreat, and cards numbered 1-6.

Good: Elven Cloak, Gandalf the White, Magic, Noble Sacrifice, Retreat, Shadowfax, and cards numbered 1-5.


Conan BoL RPG Info (Barbarians of Lemuria, Hyborian Age)

I am copy/pasting this from a forum thread I made like 10 years ago. Lol. 

For anyone that is interested here is what I have done so far to convert the Hyborian Age Setting (the one used in the Conan books) for the Free Barbarians of Lemuria RPG.

For a TON of background information go to this great site:

The Barbarians game doesn't take into account race, so I figured I would do something a little different to include race.  I figured out what the races were going to be (all human) and what bonuses they gave to what stats, but I thought to speed character creation along, we will roll a D20 and consult a chart to tell you what your race will be.  This way you it will speed the process along.

When you get a race, it will tell you what Kingdom you are from, then knowing the Kingdom you can pick from the list of Gods that are normally worshipped in your kingdom.

So here is the Race & Kingdom D20 table

D20 Roll / Sub Race / Kingdom  / Ability Mod  / Appearance
1 / Aesir / Asgard / +1 Strength / Gold hair, Blue eyes, Beards
2 / Aquilonian / Aquilonia / +1 Agility / Tawny-Blond hair, Gray eyes
3 / Argossean / Argos / +1 Agility / Thick curly dark hair, Short stocky bodies, Dark skin
4 / Brythunian / Brythunia / +1 Agility / Blond hair, Stocky build
5 / Cimmerian / Cimmeria / +1 Agility / Dark hair, Blue eyes, Bronze skin
6 / Corinthian / Corinthia / +1 Mind / Tawny hair, Stout build, Dark skin
7 / Hyperborean / Hyperborea / +1 Mind / Tall, Unnaturally thin, Blond-brown hair, Blue-green eyes
8 / Hyrkanian / Hyrkania / +1 Agility / Horseman, Hooked noses, Black hair, Deeply tanned skin
9 / Kothian / Koth / +1 Strength / Dark hair, Bronze skin, Light to dark brown eyes
10 / Kushite / Kush / +1 Strength / Dark hair, Light brown to dark brown skin
11 / Nemedian / Nemedia / +1 Mind / Tall, Blue or gray eyes, Blond hair
12 / Ophirian / Ophir / +1 Mind / Tanned skin, Dark hair, Lean bodies
13 / Pictish / Pictland / +1 Agility / Short, Stocky, Dark skin, Black hair confined in copper bands, Decorated with feathers
14 / Shemitish / Shem / +1 Mind / Hook noses, Dark eyes, Blue-black hair
15 / Stygian / Stygia / +1 Mind / Tall, Hawk-faced, Bronze skin, Dark hair, Black eyes
16 / Turanian / Turan / +1 Agility / Turbaned men, Veiled women, Hooked noses, Black hair
17 / Vanir / Vanaheim / +1 Strength / Tall, Broad shoulders, Red hair
18 / Vendhyan / Vendhya / +1 Mind / Black hair, Light brown skin, Shaved headed priests, Turbaned men
19 / Zamoran / Zamora / +1 Mind / Deeply tanned skin, Dark eyes, Wear loose fitting robes
20 / Zingaran / Zingara / +2 Appeal / Tanned skin, Curly hair

Gods and Goddesses Worshiped By Kingdom

Kingdom - Gods

Aquilonia – Asura, Ibis, Mitra
Argos – Bel, Mitra
Asgard - Ymir
Brythunia – Mitra, Wiccana
Cimmeria – Crom, Xotli
Corinthia – Bel, Ishtar, Mitra, Pteor
Hyperborea – Bori
Hyrkania – Erlik, Yama
Koth – Ishtar, Mitra
Kush – Jullah, Set
Nemedia – Ibis, Mitra
Ophir – Anu, Bel, Ishtar, Mitra
Pictland – Jhebbal Sag, Jhil, Jullah
Shem – Ashtoreth, Bel, Dagon, Derketo, Ishtar, Nergal, Pteor, Set
Stygia – Damballah, Derketo, Gwahlur, Harakht, Ibis, Nebethet, Set, Yog
Turan – Erlik
Vanaheim - Ymir
Vendhya – Asura, Hanuman, Kali
Zamora – Bel, Zath
Zingara – Bel, Ishtar, Mitra

Information on the Gods and Goddesses

God / Domains / Sex of God / Aliases

Anu / Fertility, Strength / Male   
Ashtoreth   / Fertility, Protection / Female   
Asura / Healing, Illusion, Knowledge, Serpents / Male   
Bel / Chaos, Death, Trickery / Unknown / The Masked God
Bori / Strength, War / Male   
Crom / Battle, Hard Work, Strength, Toil / Male / The Grim Gray God
Dagon / Protection, Water, Weather / Male   
Damballah / Death, Evil, Serpents / Male   
Derketo / Healing, Seduction / Female / Derketa
Erlik / Death, Knowledge, Prophecy / Male / Yellow Hand of Death
Gwahlur / Darkness, Prophecy / Male / King of Darkness
Hanuman / Beasts, Illusion, Knowledge / Male / Lord of the Black Throne
Harakht / Animal, Knowledge, War / Male   
Ibis / Knowledge, Magic, Protection / Male   
Ishtar / Earth, Healing, Fertility, Seduction / Female / The Earth Mother
Jhebbal Sag / Beasts, Chaos, Strength / Male / The Lord of Beasts
Jhil / Air, Law, Strength / Male   
Jullah / Beast, Strength / Male   
Kali / Death, Fertility, Healing, War / Female / The Black Mother
Mitra / Good, Healing, Protection, Sun / Male / Lord of Light
Nebethet / Death, Luck, Prophecy / Female / The Ivory Goddess
Nergal / Destruction, Plague, War / Male   
Pteor / Air, Fertility, Strength / Male   
Set / Death, Evil, Magic, Serpents, Weather / Male / Father Set or The Great Serpent
Wiccana / Healing, Plant / Female / The Nature Goddess
Xotli / Blood, Evil / Unknown   
Yama / Evil, Fire / Male / King of Devils
Ymir / Destruction, Strength, War / Male / The Frost Giant
Yog / Bats, Blood, Darkness / Unknown / Lord of Empty Abodes
Zath / Darkness, Spiders / Unknown / The Spider God of Yezud


These are your Career choices and the abilities they have in addition to replacing skills in the game:

(X represents the ranks you have in that Career).

  Ability - Poison Resistance (+ X to all strength avoidance rolls against poisons)

  Ability - Silent Attack (+ X damage when unseen and unheard)

  Ability - Berserk Rage (+ 2 times X to damage X times per day)

  Ability - Strong Arm (All one-handed melee weapons wielded by the blacksmith get a bonus to the melee attack roll equal to + 1/2 X rounded down X times per day.  You only get this bonus with one arm.  Choose if you are left handed or right handed)
  0 = + 0
  1 = + 0
  2 = + 1
  3 = + 1
  4 = + 2

  Ability - Strong Back (When lifting, pulling, or pushing something you gain + X to your strength roll)

  Ability - Less Damage (You ignore X damage that is done to you X times per day)

  Ability - Deadly Shot (You can shoot a deadly shot X times per day that adds + X to the ranged attack roll)

  Ability - Quick (+ X to all initiative rolls to determine order in the round)

  Ability – Guild Member (You are a member of the merchant guild and have benefits because of it)

  Ability - Good Song (You play a song that gives a +1 to all of the party's dice rolls in the hearing area.  This effect lasts X rounds and you can play this song X times per day.  Every time you use this ability you add your appeal rank + minstrel rank and you must get above a 9 on the roll to be successful.  A failure results in the song being off key, and no one gets the bonus of this ability.  A failure counts towards the maximum number of times you can use this ability per day)

  Ability - Estate Home & Noble Title "Lord _______"

  Ability - Medical Healing (See recovering lost hit points in the rules)

  Ability - Feint (You move in a quick way that tricks your opponent X times per day and your next melee attack ignores half their defense rank rounded down)

  Ability - Divine Spell Casting

  Ability - Language Master (You know X additional languages)

Slave/Indentured Servant
  Ability - Tough Skin (You gain X additional hit points)

  Ability - Who Needs Sleep? (You only need 8 - X hours of rest per night.  You can also sleep in heavy armor or on rough ground without any penalty)

  Ability - Spell Casting

  Ability - Lucky (You can re-roll any dice roll X times per day)

  Ability - I Know Death (Instead of dying at -1 hit points, you die at -1 - X hit points)  [So if you had 4 ranks in this career you would die at -5 Hit Points.]

  Ability - Throwing Weapons (+ X to your ranged attack roll with throwing weapons X times per day)

Remember that these Careers replace skills in this game.

Example: I have 2 ranks in Assassin, 0 ranks in Slave, 1 rank in Hunter, and 1 rank in Pirate.


Just like stats, you have 4 senses, and at character creation you have 4 ranks to put in them.

Other (touch, taste, and 6th Sense)

For example
Hearing 2
Sight 1
Smell 0
Other 1

I have been debating on how to apply these senses to the game.  All the other rolls depend on reaching
9 to be successful so I went with the same idea here.

For example:
A career with sneaking would be opposed by hearing.
A career with hiding would be opposed by sight.
A creature that smells horrible would be opposed by smell.

My idea is that whatever the sense rank is for an npc, it should be a negative to the
character's dice roll. 

So, the character rolls 2d6 + assassin + agility and gets a 10 to move quietly.  The npc's hearing rank is 2, so you subtract 2 from the character's roll and get an 8.  It is below 9 so it is a failure.  The character must have stepped on a twig, because now all the guards are heading in his direction.

You can add experience ranks to senses as well.


Part of the benefit of a rules-light game, is you don't have to look up all the charts and such.  My idea was that everyone starts out with a 20' movement rate (the amount of distance you can move in a round).  And for every rank in Agility you gain +5' movement to this.  So a character with an Agility of 2, would move 30' per round.  So 20’ to start out with and these bonuses from Agility:

0 + 0'
1 + 5'
2 + 10'
3 + 15'
4 + 20'
5 + 25'

Unless we are dungeon crawling, or in combat these won't mean much at all.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

#BlameCrawl D100 Adaptations & Mutations OSR D&D

1 - 2. You can no longer rest or sleep. After 2 days you suffer penalties to all activities. Every day after that you may make a Saving Throw to sleep. Death may result from this effect, or they simply in a constant state of exhaustion.

3. Rapid weight loss (1D6 pounds a day). If not medically treated you will most likely die.

4. Enhanced pain pathways (take 1D4 extra damage from all sources).

5 - 7. One random Stat decreases by -1D4.

8 - 9. Two Stats decrease by a point.

10. Damage vulnerability: take 150% damage from one energy source/type.

11 - 12. Your nose deteriorates and falls off; -1D6 Charisma.

13. You break out head-to-toe in unsightly, painful, and leaking pustules; -2 Charisma.

14 - 15. Useless new small limb (grows until it us surgically removed).

16. Useless disgusting growth (grows until it is surgically removed).

17. Your posture degenerates over the course of a week making it imposible to stand up vertically. Eventually you have to walk on all fours.

18 - 19. Achille's Heal (Movement Penalty). 

20. One of your physical features slowly begins to change in an unpleasant way; -1 Cha.

21 - 24. Diminished Sense (1D6: 1 hearing, 2 sight, 3 - 4 smell, 5 taste, 6 touch).

25. You get 2D6 inches shorter over the next 1D4 weeks.

26 - 27. You exude a semi-steady flow of black ichor from your ears, and hearing is 50% less effective.

28. Skin on one random limb forms painful blisters that makes movement with it difficult (-2 penalty with it).

29 - 30. Hyperactive metabolism: you need 150% more food than normal.

31 - 32. Photosensitive (-1 penalty to all actions if you are in a bright area).

33. Emit Bodily Stench.

34 - 35. Your ears begin to deteriorate and fall off in 1D4 hours (hearing penalty).

36. Your teeth begin to all fall out.

37. 1D20 lumps form all over your body.

38. An irritated legion forms on your arm that continues to grow for the next 1D8 weeks (your Hit Point Maximum goes down -1 per week).

39. Your finger and toe nails fall off.

40. Your breath reeks and gets continuously worse for the rest of your life (-1 Cha).

41 - 43. Boils form all over your face.

44. One of your eyes shakes constantly causing severe headaches (-2 to hit targets).

45. Your hair falls out.

46. Your voice changes noticeably.

47 Devolution: remove one mutation per day.

48 -50. Color Change (1D6: 1 eyes, 2 fingernails, 3 hair, 4 skin, 5 tongue, 6 teeth).

51. Your fingers increase their range of motion by 150%.

52. If you have a missing body part it regrows itself over the course of the next 1D6 days.

53. Your arms grow +1D8 inches in 1D4 weeks.

54. Your legs grow 1D6 inches longer in 1D4 weeks.

55 - 56. You grow +1D6 inches taller over the next week.

57. Your blood glows a slight green color in complete darkness.

58. Resist 1D6 damage from one type of energy.

59. 1D4 Damage Resistance.

60. Enhanced sense (1D6: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Smell, ESP).

61. You need to eat half as many calories per day.

62. Your natural healing rate doubles.

63. Faster (+10 feet of movement per round).

64. Life Leech (absorb "Energy" or "Life" from Biological Beings) 

65. Drain 2D10 hit points of battery life from machines with just a touch.

66. Your skin looks visibly older (your cells have aged 1D4 years).

67. Your pheremones make insects stay at least 20' away from you.

68. One Saving Throw decreases and another one increases.

69. Your blood becomes thicker and bleeding wounds heal almost instantly (take 1/2 normal damage).

70. Resistance to Disease (+4 to Saving Throws).

71. Secrete skin poison that you are immune to.

72. Resistance to poisons (+4 to Saving Throws).

73. Your skin can change color and texture to better blend into your environment.

74. Enhanced physical attack (1D4 damage with bite and claw attacks).

75. Hypoactive metabolism (you need half as much food).

76. You need to eat 1/4th as many calories per day.

77. You become very twitchy but you tend to notice things others miss (+4 bonus to perception type checks).

78. Immunity to all poisons.

79. Melee attacks also deal 2D4 poison damage.

80. Mule's Endurance (you are never fatigued).

81. Sonic echolocation (Sonar).

82. Photosynthesis / greenskin (you can go without eating if there is sunlight or U.V. light.

83. Excrete edible nutrients from skin.

84. Your skin thickens and provides 1D4 damage reduction.

85. Flexible Bodily Control (Agility/Dexterity Stat Increase +2).

86. Your class/race/species abilities are twice as beneficial.

87. One random Stat increases +1D6.

88. Immunity to all diseases.

89. You need to eat 1/10th as many calories per day.

90. Add a +2 bonus to all Saving Throws.

91. Two Stats increase by a point.
92. Hit points increase by 1D6.
93. Hit points increase by 1D10.
94. Hit points increase by 2D6.
95. Hit points increase by 1D20.
96. You only need to sleep for 1D4 hours a night.
97 - 98. One random Stat inceases.

99 - 100. Two random Stats increase.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Birthright: Designing a Domain from Scratch (AD&D 2nd Edition)


In the back of the rulebook in the Birthright AD&D 2nd Edition box set there is a set of guidelines to make a Domain / Kingdom from scratch. I had some time to kill so I whipped one up.

You roll to see what your Regent's Bloodline strength is like normal. I got Great which turned out to be 29. I get 29 + 2D10 Domain Points so I ended up with 37 of those.

I have a Warrior which makes Provinces cheaper (1 point instead of 2). 

Kingdom Name: Karnoth

I decided to go with 8 provinces with the following levels: Serwith 4/0, Vellasht 2/0, Karnell 2/0, Vlelnish 2/0, Xorth 2/0, Bellosh 2/0, Kersh 2/0, and Dorlashtin 1/0. All those zeros are a representation of the lack of magical sources.

I then bought 9 points of Law Holdings, and 1 point of Temples in the capital.

For the terrain I chose Hills and that was free.

I bought 20 gold bars for the starting treasury, 2 levels of castle in my capital, and 16 gold bars worth of Troops (2 archers, 4 infantry, and 2 pikemen).

I should probably add in more temples but I had fun making this.

Monday, March 8, 2021

#BlameCrawl D100 Tables (Bio-mechanical Hellscape, Blame!)

I started running that campaign loosely based on the Blame! anime / manga that I mentioned awhile back. I remixed some ideas from Augmented Reality for the following tables.

Zone 1 (D100)

1. Extreme security protocols

2. Newly renovated

3. Decrepit and rundown

4. Unusually busy

5. Empty/quiet

6. High tech equipment

7. Abandoned edifice

8. Hidden squatters

9. Human taxidermy 

10. Grown by nanites

11. Incomplete

12. War zone (tribe vs. tribe)

13. Fire damage

14. Years of clumsy modification

15. Bright glowing neon signs

16. Temporarily reinforced for repair work

17. Extremely leaky

18. Encased in plastic

19. Labyrinth entrance

20. Skywalks to other structures

21. Anti-drone system

22. Well guarded

23. A.I. guardian

24. Taken over by junkies

25. Utilized solely for storage

26. Windows broken with expansive view

27. Moisture collectors

28. Unpleasant micro-climate

29. Infested with dysfunctional bots

30. Accumulated trash heaps

31. Unusual smell

32. Too hot for living creatures.

33. Very few working lights

34. Very noisy pipes

35. Catastrophically polluted

36. Bad wiring; high EMF

37. Wind tunnel

38. Tinted glass and carbon nano-tubes

39. Powerful electro-magnet

40. Automated human dissection room

41. Malfunctioning incessant alarm

42. Slowly collapsing or subsiding

43. Under Surveillance

44. Human experiments

45. Prone to flooding

46. Causes sickness

47. Data storage library

48. Crumbling structure; unsafe

49. Biohazard

50. Cluttered with debris

51. Hydroponics & plants

52. Artificial synthetic plants

53. Hidden room

54. Net sphere log in center

55. Area is locked down after alarm

56. Power plant

57. Robot taser arms

58. Hydroponics vat with algea

59. Security drone (damaged)

60. Security checkpoint

61. Air is difficult to breathe

62. Hair loss with extended exposure

63. Chemical vats; eyes water

64. High U.V. lights

65. Toxins on all surfaces

66. Acid burns; floor unstable

67. Malnurished settlers

68. Overfed settlers with sludge pipes

69. Vertical tunnel; leads to other levels

70. Sealed room with stale air; 1D100 corpses

71. Subway system

72. Air purifier system with 20 air tunnels.

73. Storage area with crates of preserved food

74. Data vault

75. Insane A. I. Trapped in local area

76. Human prisoners being tortured by bots

77. A human vs. human atrocity happened here; fight over food

78. Cloning facility: 80% effective

79. Weapon scanners; weapons trigger lasers

80. Cyborgs harvesting parts

81. Exhaust fumes fill area

82. Smell of burning plastic

83. Piles of salt fill room

84. Piles of sand and vats of oil

85. Acid sprays non-bots

86. Artificial limb assembly line

87. Drains let water leak out of floor

88. Opiates being grown under lights

89. Hum of a cleaning bot

90. Insect hive; honey-like combs

91. Massive gears spinning

92. Water purification system

93. Human (bug) zapper

94. Scrap metal storage

95. Ancient weapons cache; training area

96. Poison vapors vent into room

97. 1D20 cybernetic limbs connected and moving

98. Large area submerged in chemicals

99. Hovering bot with no head

100. Vat of oil with 3 submerged armored corpses

Zone 2 (D100)

1. Hologram entertainment system

2. Garbage scrap bots

3. 1D20 destroyed bots; missing parts

4. Diseased humans with bleeding gums and flaking skin

5. Bot with human skin bolted all over it

6. 1D6 driverless vehicles

7. High-tech weaponry in sealed cases

8. Pipes filled with liquid food/stimulants

9. Skull collection of silicon-based creature

10. Den of mutated mammal predator

11. Forsaken tribal site; abandoned 100 years ago

12. Bot collecting DNA samples of victims

13. Hacked human with A. I. Implant

14. Breeding vats of silicone-based lifeforms

15. Enhanced psycho brainwashed killer

16. Cult devoted to an immortal cyborg comprised of 1D20 people.

17. New bots testing new weapons

18. Robot civil war; A. I. Generals

19. Human organ poachers

20. Abandoned chemistry lab

21. Brainwashing station

22. Bots being tortured by bots

23. Silicone-based bloodhound trackers

24. Tracker Implanters

25. Food factory

26. New synthetic life experiments

27. "Human" cannibals

28. Pilgrim wanderers from 30 levels below

29. Human looking for a cure to disease

30. Forgotten bio-weapon

31. Chemical weapons

32. Sealed off hospital facilities

33. Mercenary contractors

34. Surveillance drones

35. Spiderbots & electric synth webs

36. 1D20 identical clones in stasis

37. Humans with implanted bombs

38. Slavers / flesh harvesters

39. Autonomous factory making infinite shoes

40. Medbots that "heal"

41. Nanite swarm

42. Child-like bot sleeper agent

43. Hunter-seeker drones

44. Polymer skin graft facility

45. Subsonic frequency emitter

46. Faceless clones

47. Napalm spray emitters

48. Armor and weapons cache

49. Machine prophets

50. Blade wielding bot weapon master

51. Escaped body modified human

52. Human protecting bots; original programming

53. Wirehead

54. Tribe of warrior death cultists

55. Tribe of artists and fungi brewers

56. Corpse collectors/sellers

57. Human breeding cages; A. I. Captors

58. Turf war between 2 tribes over a watersource

59. Caravan of traders

60. Human with too many metal implants

61. Damaged bot dumping ground

62. Human infiltrator working for bots

63. Human cleric with bots in the pews

64. Security passcards for entire level

65. Exo-womb facility with 1D10 growing fetuses

66. Cybernetic implant station

67. Self-attaching cybernetic hand

68. Anti-pollution rebreather

69. Bot who randomly goes into standby mode

70. Swarms of spiderrats

71. Horde of razorhounds

73. Hard to spot dropping wallbots

74. Spinebots bore into nervous system

75. Skinless canine-human hybrids

76. Painkiller injection station; addictive

77. Repurposed killer bot; spray paints murals

78. Bot recharging station

79. The hanged human gallery

80. Helpful information bot

81. Pipes full of food sludge

82. Rotten food

83. Fresh water pipes

84. Tainted water pipes

85. Massive grinding gears in huge room

86. Holographic forest

87. Decontamination chamber

88. Biological scrambler trap

89. EMP grenades

90. Bio-detector (100')

91. Bot-detector (100')

92. Insects attack to protect hive

93. Safeguard bots attack

94. Garbage chute

95. Food generator

96. Water purification system

97. Silicone-life birth center and nursery

98. Builder bot assembly

99. Tool factory

100. Starvation chambers; all full of corpses

Zone 3 (D100)

1. Storage  

2. Habitation  

3. Garbage Chute/Compactor  

4. Reclamation Chamber  

5. Boiling Vats  

6. Information Hub  

7. Research and Development  

8. Genetic Mapping and Splicing  

9. Dissection Tables  

10. Abandoned Settlement  

11 - 12. Transportation (Horizontal)  

13. Prison  

14. Cemetary  

15. Death/Extermination Camp  

16. Power Plant (Nuclear)  

17. Power Plant (Hydroelectric)  

18. Power Plant (Coal)  

19. Power Plant (Wind Turbines)  

20. Power Plant (Life-forms, Matrix-style)  

21 - 22. Crematorium  

23. Cafeteria  

24. Harvest/Sorting Chamber  

25. Cloning Chamber  

26 - 27. Control Room  

28. Transport Terminal  

29 - 30. Cult Temple  

31. Market  

32. Recreation Centers  

33. Waste Disposal  

34. Food Generators  

35 - 36. Water Fountains  

37 - 38. Cleaning Centers    

39. Oracle's Domain  

40. Administration Hideout  

41. Silicon-life Birth Center  

42 - 43. Silicon-life Base of Operations   

44. Painting Hall (replicas of famous paintings made with 3D models, made of wire, steel, cables... perhaps they attack).    

45 - 46. Warehouse of Artificial Body Parts  

47 - 48. Warehouse of Silicone-life Body Parts  

49 - 54. Insectoid Hatchery

55 - 60. Assembly Yards

61. Staging Ground

62 - 66. Hydroponic garden

67. Command Center

68 - 70. Replicator station 

71 - 74. Tool Factory

75 - 78. Incubation vats

79 - 84. Warehouse of frozen organic body parts

85 - 88. Water Purifiers

89 - 94. Mutators

95 - 96. Cult Shrine 

97 - 98. Ancient Machinery

99 - 100. Transportation (Vertical)  

Found Items / Artifacts / Wealth / Equipment (D100)

1. Some Form of Wealth  

2. Replacement Limbs (Organic)  

3. Replacement Limbs (Artificial)  

4. Ammo  

5. Cybernetic Armor  

6. Biological Scrambler (Nondetection as a Life-form)  

7. Bolt Thrower & Ammo  

8. Computer Interlink Implant  

9. 1D6 Humans and Gear  

10. Cloning Device (Heavy)  

11. Artificial Eye Implant  

12. Batteries  

13. Water Purification Tablets  

14. Living Armor  

15. Artificial Skin  

16. Silicon-lifeform Skin  

17. Organic Skin  

18. Organic Organs  

19. Artificial Organs  

20. Mental Imprints of a Person  

21. Laser-cuter  

22. Jar of nanites  

23. Salvage or Repair Parts  

24. Map of a Nearby Area  

24. Map of the Entire Level  

25. Map of the Level Above or Below  

26. Sensors: (1D3: IR, UV, thermal sensors)  

27. Light Sources  

28. EMP Grenade  

29. Machine Override Switch  

30. 1D6 Android Batteries.  

31. 1D10 Batteries in a "Leather" Satchel.  

32. A Bio-detector is Found (Range 100 Meters).  

33. A Movement Detector (Range of 30 Meters)  

34. 1D20 Doses of a Paralyzing Drug  

35. Canister of Acid  

36. A. I. Disabler (Range of 10 Meters)  

37. Aquatic Breathing Equipment  

38. Vat of Chemical Defoliant  

39. Security Key Card (For This Level)  

40. Security Key Card (For a Level Above or Below)  

41. First Aid Kit  

42. Spray Can of Artificial Skin  

43. Holographic Floor Emulator (Trap).  

44. 1D6 Gas Masks  

45. Engineering Kit  

46. 1D20 Doses of Amphetamines  

47. Journal of Local Deceased Resident  

48. Electronic Goggles  

49. Holographic Face Emulator Necklace  

50. Surge Lance (1D20 Shock Charges)  

51. Welding Device  

52. Medical Analyser  

53. Android Diagnostic Tools  

54. Android Nano-fix Gel  

55. Personal Field Generator  

56. Pain Blocker (1D20 Doses)  

57. Ambient Portable Energy Lamp  

58. Android Battery Charger  

59. Radiation Decontamination Gel  

60. Electronic Smartpad  

61. Armor Cache  

62. Weapons Cache  

63. Energy Absorption Suit  

64. Radiation Suit  

65. Protein Disruptor Spray  

66. Canister of _____ (Roll on Pipes Table)  

67. Builder Blueprints  

68. Holographic/Virtual Forest  

69. Artificial Pets (Mostly Harmless)  

70. Spray Paint (Mundane)  

71. Spray Paint (Liquid Mirror, Invisibility Up to 30cm Depth)  

72. Spray Paint is Infused with AR Tags (Can be Displaced with Magnetic Field).  

73. Cannister of preserved synthetic blood.  

74. 1D20 Doses of a paralyzing drug in syringes.  

75. Water  

76. Water purification tablets  

77. Bacteria / virus killing tablets  

78. Scrap metals  

79. Ancient helpful artifacts  

80. Living Armor  

81. Artificial Skin, Silicon-lifeform Skin, Organic Skin  

82. Organic Organs, Artificial Organs  

83. Device containing someones mental imprints  

84. Laser-cuter  

85. Jar of nanites  

86. A local map  

87. Repair tools and replacement parts  

88. IR, UV, thermal sensors  

89. Machine override switch  

90. A small cache of 1D6 android/bot batteries is found.

91. Backpack full of bandages, and adrenaline injections

92. Steel barrel full of liquid fuel

93. Preserved drinkable liquids

94. Poison darts and blowgun, suit of improvised armor

95. Bucket of nails, screws, bolts, etc.

96. 1D100 feet of chain with 1D10 padlocks

97. Metal cube of unknown use

98. Deck of plastic playing cards, 1D100 metal dice (D6s)

99. Jewelry, necklaces, earrings

100. Garrote, gloves, oily leather armor/2nd skin

What's in the Pipes? (D6 Simple Table)

*Thanks for making these Arturs Leitans*

1. Consumable - drinks, drugs, food, etc.

2. Resource - something that might be immediately usable.

3. Chemicals - something that might need to be processed to get out something else.

4. Toxic and hazard - toxic felt like poisonous gasses and hazards like other kind of threats, but there arent that many of them.

5. Organic - stuff that is alive.

6. Miscellaneous - stuff that did not fit elsewhere, like transportation, communications, wires, and some other gunk.

D100 What's in the Pipes?

1. Oil  

2. Sludge "Food"  

3. Water  

4. Coolant  

5. Gasoline/Fuel  

6. Nutrient Rich Plant Oil  

7. Synthetic Blood  

8. Sewage  

9. Empty  

10. Bugs  

11. Fungus  

12. Wires  

13. Corrupted/Rotten Liquid  

14. Poison Gas/Fumes  

15. Poison Liquid  

16. Air Intake  

17. Food for Silicon Life  

18. Liquid for Silicon Life  

19. Preserved Meat Slurry  

20. Artificial Food  

21. Mutagenic Chemicals  

22. Cleaning Chemicals  

23. Preserved Human Blood  

24. Hydrogen/Helium Gas  

25. Parasites in Water  

26. Human/Insect Hybrids  

27. Ball Bearings  

28. Screws/Bolts  

29. Broken Parts  

30. Life-sustaining Vat Liquid  

31. Healing Serum  

32. Coolant  

33. Fire retardant  

34. Mundane Muck  

35. Protein mix  

36. Mood stabilizers  

37. Liquid Intelligence  

38. Hot Steam  

39. Insecticide/Fungicide  

40. Liquid Nitrogen  

41. Metallic slurry  

42. Acids  

43. Recycled Materials  

44. Tiny Repair Bots  

45. Alcohol/Fermented Spirits  

46. Gel  

47. Saline  

48. Saltwater  

49. Hollow Travel Tunnel  

50. Tube Ladder  

51. Raw Dirt and Minerals  

52. Muddy Water  

53. Grease  

54. Irradiated Food Sludge  

55. Poisoned Food  

56. Amphetamine Laced Food  

57. Leaking pipe (Roll Again)  

58. Steaming pipes  

59. Very Rusty Pipe  

60. Empty Fallen Pipes  

61. Clear Glass Pipes (with Visible Life-forms Inside)  

62. Ammonia  

63. Trisodium Phosphate  

64. Bleach  

65. Amniotic Fluid (Organic)  

66. Amniotic Fluid (Silicon-based Life)  

67. Amniotic Fluid (Artificial)  

68. Liquid Smoke  

69. Food with Parasites  

70. Food for Insectoids  

71. Food for Silicon-based Life-forms  

72. Harvested Liquid Memories  

73. Artificial Liquid Memories  

74. Opiods/Pain Killers  

75. Liquid Pain Inducers/Amplifiers  

76. Liquified and Preserved Human 77. Remains (Soylent Green)  

78. Plaguewater  

79. Purified Water  

80. Ground Up Insectoid Flesh  

81 - 82. Power Wires (Deadly High Voltage)  

83. Power Wires (Medium Voltage)  

84 - 85. Power Wires (Low Voltage)  

86 - 88. Communication Lines  

88 - 89. Boiling Hot Water (to Heat the Area)  

90. to 100. Perfectly Healthy Nutritious Food