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Saturday, December 3, 2022

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 14: Cleash Capsules, Limilates, & Narcosa Substances)


This is a work in progress...

Alil [gl] - Black Paste that induces vision trances, imbiber may learn Dysha or other ability (N)
Ambreh [1 gl] - Improves intelligence, memory (SG)
Arrigish [1 gl] - Speeds healing (SG)
Ascotin [gl] - Treats Slasher's Rot (SA)
Astral Moth Larva [gl] - Random effects every few hours for 1D100 hours (N)
Basilisk Tonsil Stones [gl] - Sense of euphoria and strength increase (N)
Blinder Capsule, Cleash [4 gl] - Gas burns the eyes, like tear gas, blinded for 5 minutes (SG)
Blood of Glory [gl] - Juice of the Ylam Tree induces a violent battle rage (N)
Breath of Glob [gl] - This viscous fluid deadens pain, increases strength & the speed of thought, immune to illusions, Agility penalty, lasts 1D4 hours (N)
Chak [gl] - Can be digested with Hilc (SA)
Cold Capsule, Cleash [8 gl] - Does slightly less cold damage than the Cast Energy dysha. Twice as effective vs. Croid (SG)
Daji Meat [2 gm] - Heightens Tra-Sense, even to those blind to Isho, lasts 6 hours. Ramian sell them. (SG)
Doul Extract [1 gm] - Adds to Color Stat, lasts 4 hours, hangover after (SG)
Dungeon Fungus [gl] - Eating it makes one violently ill, burning it has an effect like alcohol and makes people friendlier (N)
Ecru Pods aka Ruby Drops [30 gl] - When dissolved in liquid Ruby Drops increase 3 random Stats by a random amount (N)
Fire Capsule, Cleash [15 gl] - Fire damage like Cast Energy Dysha (SG)
Flare Capsule, Cleash [1 gl] - Give off light for 1 hour without heat (SG)
Giggit [2 gm] - Gasses from them are hated by all but Thriddle, who love it (SG)
Glow Moss [gl] - Glows faintly for 6 hours (SA)
Halcyon Snuff [gl] - Placing this snuff in one's mouth allows them to cast a Dysha without any Isho that they know, but every use burdens them like a mental weight (N)
Hilc [50 gu] - Allows humankind to eat 1 week of natural Jorune vegetation. (SG)
Jeesa Mucus [gl] - Trarch stimulant (SA)
Keether [15 gl] - Inhibits absorbtion of Isho, bad for Caji, makes person invisible to Tra-Sense (SG)
Kesl Mold [gl] - Corrosive mold, burns! (SA)
Knock-Out Capsule, Cleash [15 gl] - Deals damage to creatures that breathe Oxygen (SG)
Korogg Pods [gl] - Fungal fruits that grow on corpses, if made into liquor it deadens individual thought, and lessens despair (N)
Laba Wasps [gl] - Ground up paste that produces hallucinogenic effects (N)   
Laramidia Rotgut [gl] - Alcoholic drink deadens pain, gives temporary hit points, but wounds heal slower naturally (N)
Levoti Fern [gl] - Leaf broth for Narobu seeds, Stains Sapple. (SA)
Loosh Spider, Bait [gl] - For Pibbers (SA)
Loosh Spider, Ink [gl] - Favored by Thriddle (SA)
Loosh Spider, Repellent [gl] - Darrits especially hate this (SA)
Loosh Spider, Venom [gl] - Paralyzing (SA)
Marisia Tree Buds [gl] - Those that devour the buds worship and care for the tree in a druglike haze (N)
Mathin Aroma [2 gm] - Blount produce it, all others flee from it (SG)
Memory Dust [gl] - Allows Caji to use Dyshas that are slightly beyond their normal ability to cast them (N)
Narobu Seeds [gm] - Foul taste, heals warts, aphrodisiac. (SA)
Ochre Mint [gl] - When chewed it grants hallucinagenic effects for 1D4 hours (N)
Pondstone Tree Sap aka Sap Goggles [gl] - Mist from boiled sap creates a euphoric out of body state, mildly addictive (N)
Purple Pipeweed [gl] - Heightens creative thought, increases the effects of hallucinations & illusions, but dulls senses (N)
Ram's Horn Snuff [gl] - When used with other substances it can double the effects, addictive, coma or death possible (N)
Repel Capsule, Cleash [3 gl] - Smell repels most creatures (SG)
Rimeen [6 gl] - Reduces Color Stat (SG)
Salts of Vitesse [gl] - Fine white crystals that increase Agility and Intelligence, addiction and possible Constitution loss (N)
Sapple Bark [gm] - Bark/Paper used to write on, torches (SA)
Scedri Cloth [2 gl] - Tunics soaked in Arrigish to heal (SG)
Sheeja Flowers [gl] - Petals shift shift with Isho. Petals used to gain IPs. (SA)
Shirm-Eh [2 gl] - Ramian heal very slowly without it, thriddle chew it (SG)
Smoke Capsule, Cleash [2 gl] - Creatures huge cloud of black smoke in a 5m diameter and 3m height, lasts 1D6 minutes (SG)
Spectral Sweet [gl] - Translucent leaves when smoked paralyze and make one invisible to normal vision and Tra-Sense for 1D6 hours (N)
Stone Sap [gl] - If brewed into a tea it will paralyze the victim, and their skin will take on a stone-like statue appearance for 2D4 hours (N)
Tangler Capsule, Cleash [2 gm] - Creatures hit have sticky strands that expand and quickly bind their victims, a difficult STR Effort roll needed to break free, lasts hours (SG)
Thon [2gl] - Increases strength for 3 hours then withdrawal, addictive (SG)
Throw-Explode-Junior Capsule, Cleash [2 gm] - Explodes and deals damage equal to a Power Orb Dysha +1D6 extra damage. (SG)
Troll Poppy [gl] - When smoked the user will not be able to sleep for the next 6D6 hours (N)
Viper Weed [gm] - Smoked to produce auditory hallucinations, and it is slightly poisonous (N)
Woebegetter Wine [gl] - All those in a 10 mile radius that drink this wine can hear each others thoughts, lasts 1D20 minutes per pint (N)

*Narcosic Sentispores - Some shady Limilate dealers might sell things that are contaminated. See Narcosa for deatils. (N)

N = Narcosa (pages 32 - 48)
SA = Sobayid Atlas (pages 42 - 51)
SG = Skyrealms of Jorune Sholari Guide 2nd Ed. (page 53 & 58) 



Narcosa can be downloaded for free, or ordered from Lulu. I recommend the print copy though because it is very colorful and just well done.

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