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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

OSR Fighter: Revised Labyrinth Lord Class

I plan on running a Dolmenwood hexcrawl campaign eventually, so I've been looking over a variety of OSR systems to use as a chassis to bolt house rules onto. I've always liked Labyrinth Lord and my players tend to like AD&D, so here I am tinkering on classes.

I plan on having the players use the core human classes (cleric, fighter, magic-user, and thief) and a non-magical explorer/ranger class. I want to give them a few extra abilities, and tweak them a bit.


Requirements: None

Prime Requisite: STR

Hit Dice: 1D10

Saving Throws: Same As LL Fighter

Fighters can use any armor or weapons. At various levels they get a variety of abilities. At first level they can sacrifice a shield to negate all damage from one attack. They get better at opening doors with force at levels 2 and 6. At 3rd level when a fighter kills an enemy they get a free attack on another target in melee range. They can specialize with a weapon at levels 4 and 8 which grants them a +1 bonus and +2 to damage with it. At levels 5 and 10 the fighter gets additional attacks per round. At levels 7 and 9 fighters deal a dice of extra damage each time they hit. 

XP Lvl HD Abilities
0 1 10 HP Splintered Shields
2,035 2 2D10 Open Door +1
4,065 3 3D10 Cleave
8,125 4 4D10 Weapon Specialty I
16,251 5 5D10 Two Attacks / Rnd.
32,501 6 6D10 Open Door +2
62,001 7 7D10 Extra Dmg. +1D6
120,001 8 8D10 Weapon Specialization II
240,001 9 9D10 Extra Dmg. +1D8
360,001 10 10D10 Three Attacks / Rnd.

Fighters have THAC0 of 17 at 1st level and it gets one better at each level (2nd = 16, 3rd 15, 4th 14, etc.). They have the best to hit numbers in the game by far.

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