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Friday, April 15, 2022

AD&D Druid Spells for Marth Ice World (Frostburn / Frost & Fur / For Gold & Glory / OSRIC)

Druids replace Clerics in my Marth Ice World setting. The Gods are no more, but many still worship Nature (or attempt to appease Her frigid wrath).

Here is an attempt to tabulate in one place the list of available spells that Druids can cast. There are no spells above 3rd level in the setting.

I'm going to bend some AD&D 1st ed. (OSRIC) / 2nd ed. (For Gold & Glory) spells to fit the setting. I'll also be translating some 3rd edition spells from Frostburn and the Frost & Fur D20 books.

*Last Edit: 8/15/2022*


Level 1 Druid Spells

1) Animal Friendship 11) Endure Cold 21) Mending
2) Bravery 12) Entangle 22) Messenger
3) Chill Touch13) Faerie Fire 23) Pass without Trace
4) Command 14) Freezing Hands 24) Purify Food & Drink
5) Crunchy Snow 15) Halt Undead 25) Shillelagh
6) Cure Light Wounds 16) Hibernate 26) Sleep
7) Curse 17) Ignite Fire 27) Snow Blindness
8) Detect Heat 18) Invisibility to Animals 28) Snowsight
9) Detect Magic 19) Light 29) Snow Walk
10) Detect Snares 20) Locate Animals 30) Speak with Animals


Level 2 Druid Spells

1) Aid11) Frostbite 21) Resist Cold
2) Barkskin12) Goodberry22) Respite from Death
3) Chant13) Hold Humanoid23) Shards of Ice
4) Chill & Heat Metal14) Hypothermia24) Shatter
5) Cinderfoot15) Igloo25) Silence
6) Detect Undead16) Invisibility to Undead26) Slow Poison
7) Disrupt Undead17) Meld into Ice and Snow27) Snare
8) Elemental Blade18) Obscuring Snow28) Snow Devil
9) Feign Death19) Pass Unfettered29) Spiritual Weapon
10) Fire Trap20) Produce Flame30) Warp Wood

Level 3 Druid Spells

1) Animate Dead 9) Endothermic Grasp 17) Protection from Cold
2) Binding Snow 10) Fire Walk with Me 18) Pyrotechnics
3) Call Lightning 11) Hold Animals & Plants 19) Remove Curse or Paralysis
4) Cure Blindness and Deafness 12) Ice Walk 20) Shape Ice
5) Cure Illness 13) Locate Corpse or Object 21) Speak with Dead
6) Cure Serious Wounds 14) Oneirmancy 22) Suck Poison
7) Dirge of Dead Gods 15) Paralysation 23) Warm Tree
8) Dispel Magic 16) Plant Growth 24) Warmth

[OSRIC and For Gold & Glory both have free PDFs to download. Frostburn and Frost & Fur are a bit more difficult to track down.]


  1. Just for thematics, I could see renaming barkskin to ice scales.

  2. These druids are certainly more ass kicking than the ones in A D&D.

    1. There is a bit more oomph to them. I want to put in a more fire and ice spells though. Hmm.