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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Avalon Hill's Titan: Additional Creatures

I do not get a chance to play many board games, but there is a special place in my dark heart for Avalon Hill's beautifully illustrated masterpiece Titan.  It is an esoteric game of merciless fantasy brutality.  I imagine the players getting sprayed in the face with blood like they were Ash in the Evil Dead flicks as they play.  I've seen multiplayer games where two of the 6 players were destroyed in just the 2nd turn.  This game doesn't care if you go crying over in the corner after a humiliating defeat.  It also has a nice balance of luck vs. strategy so it is possible to have a lucky player stand toe-to-toe with your friend that could be nick-named General Tactics.  I tended to be the lucky player.  My brain does not grok strategy for the most part, unless taught by YEARS of failures and public massacres at the gaming table.  lol. 

Anyway, here are some higher-level creatures that my little Titan group made up over the years.  The numbers and abilities probably still need adjusted, but here they are.  Apologies for the bad photography.
Tower: At 300 Points you can get a Knight (7 - 5)

Brush: With 3 Gorgans you can get a Manticore (11 Flying / Range Strike 2)

Jungle: With 2 Serpents you can get a Froghemoth (12 Ranged Strike 3)

Plains: With 3 Rangers you can get a Bearhawk (8 Flying 3)

Woods: With 2 Unicorns you can get an Ent (8 Range Strike / Special Range Strike Through Trees 4)

Desert: With 2 Hyrdras you can get a Sphinx (9 Flying / Range Strike 4)

Marsh: With 3 Rangers you can get a Giant Spider (6 Range Strike 4)

Hills: With 2 Unicorns you can get a Nightmare (8 Flying 4)

Swamp: With 2 Hydras you can get a Black Dragon (12 Flying / Range Strike 3)

Mountain: With 2 Colossus you can get a Leviathan (15 Range Strike 3)

Tundra: With 2 Colossus you can get a Dracolich (9 Range Strike 5)

There are only 4 of the extra creatures for the Brush, Plains, and Marsh and more of the bigger ones.

That's it for today folks.  I'm sure I'll be back to RPG Thing in the next post.  Have a good one out there.  May your Titan be the last one standing the next time you next wade into the bloodbath that is Avalon Hill's Titan. 

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