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Thursday, June 15, 2017

More Revised Lamentations of the Flame Princess Spell Names

In a recent post I renamed the first four levels of the magic-user spell list.  You can find that here:

I was shown this link and without even knowing it I was using a lot of these naming conventions for the spells.  If you also wanted to re-imagine spell names it would be a handy guide.

In this post I go through and rename the rest of the magic-user spells.  As before, some of the names are a little... eh... but they are what I could come up with.  Feel free to suggest some other names down in the comment section.  Without further ado... Here. We. Go!

5th Level Spells
1. Airy Water --> Breathable Slime Pustule
2. Animate Dead --> Move Thy Worm-eaten Limbs Anew
3. Chaos --> Imbibe on the Teet of Chaos
4. Cloudkill --> Churning Fumes of the Regretful
5. Contact Outer Sphere --> Possessed by the Unheeding Stars
6. Creation Major --> Dissect the Organs of the Void
7. Faithful Hound --> Howling Man-eater
8. Feeblemind --> Purging the Debris of Thought
9. Hold Monster --> Twist and Tear the Limbs of Monstrous Birth
10. Interposing Hand --> Loathsome Mass of Crawling Hands
11. Magic Jar --> Preserved Shrunken Corpse Jar
12. Passwall --> Step Through the Bowels of the Ever Sleeping
13. Secret Chest --> Dimensional Chest Cavity
14. Stone Shape --> Carve Stone Like Succulent Flesh
15. Telekinesis --> Quivering Imperceptible Hands of the Unborn
16. Teleport --> Squirm Through Intestinal Vortexes
17. Transmute Rock to Mud --> Melt the Ancient Bones of the World
18. Wall of Force --> Pile of Hateful Slaughtered Spouses
19. Wall of Iron --> Pile of Impenetrable Joined Skulls
20. Wall of Stone --> Heed the Indurated Bones of the World

6th Level Spells
1. Animate Dead Monsters --> Fill the Still Brute with Daemonic Essence
2. Barrier --> Moaning Pile of Dripping Meat
3. Contingency --> Carved In My Anxious Skin
4. Deathspell --> Even Your Organs Obey Mine Will
5. Disintegrate --> Undo the Unutterable Bonds of Creation
6. Geas --> Lips Slathered with Directed Malice
7. Glass Eye --> Matter Is a Deceitful Lie
8. Globe of Invulnerability Major --> There Is Power In Eating Living Flesh
9. Legend Lore --> Milk the Decayed Strands of Reality
10. Lucubration --> (I'm not going to be able to find a cooler name that that).
11. Mind Switch --> Unclasping the Self From Its Meat
12. Move Earth --> Lumbering Assisting Vermin Corpses
13. Phantasmal Supergoria (Leave as is, hehe).
14. Projected Image --> Tear the Illusory Self in Twain
15. Shades --> Nightmares Wrapped in Shadows
16. Speak with Monsters --> Sever the Unruly Tongue
17. Stone to Flesh --> Flesh of the Abhorrent Sculptor
18. Suggestion Mass --> The Call of the Flayed Tongue
19. Veil --> Draped In Prevarication
20. Weird Vortex --> Whims of Pandemonium

7th Level Spells 
1. Animated Artwork --> Jolt the Stagnant Muse In Prostration
2. Bestow Spell Ability --> Gift of Moving Inviolate Fluids
3. Duo-Dimension --> Thin Like the Walls of Consciousness
4. Grasping Hands --> Clasping Hands of Childless Spectres
5. Instant Summons --> Pulled to the Gem of My Trapped Soul
6. Invisibility Mass --> Painted with Sanguine Bands

7. Magic Sword --> Sword of Burnt Souls
8. Phase Door --> Part the Restricting Confinements
9. Power Word Stun --> Grunt of Viscous Intent
10. Prismatic Sphere --> Font of Vibrant Humores
11. Prismatic Spray --> Kaleidoscopic Spew of Mucus
12. Prismatic Wall --> Pile of Brilliant Glass Shards
13. Remote Surveillance --> Article of Illicit Voyeurism
14. Reverse Gravity --> Spite the Law of Weightedness
15. Simulacrum --> (This word is always cool but I'm going to try to replace it) Spurious Life of the Frigid Heart
16. Spell Turning --> Suffer the Pain of What Thou Wrought
17. Statue --> Unfurl the Cosmic Rigidity
18. Vanish --> Banish with Pure Unaltered Hatred
19. Vision --> Hallucinogenic Spastic Daze
20. Witchlamp Aura --> Concealed Casing of the Shadowfolk

8th Level Spells 
1. Antipathy/Sympathy --> Emanations of the Vibrant Ether
2. Charm Person Mass--> Crush Their Feeble Mewling Resistance
3. Clone --> Enslave the Future Spirit Self
4. Demand --> Thought Transference In Discarded Flesh
5. Maze --> Labyrinth of the Clouded Mind
6. Mindblank --> Strangle the Estranged Voices in My Skull
7. Permanency --> Echoes That Ripple Through Eternity
8. Polymorph Any Object --> Manipulate the Malleable Existence (eh... this one needs work)
9. Symbol --> Sigils of the Insane Gods
10. Trap the Soul --> Forever Sealed for Apathetic Eyes to Behold

9th Level Spells 

1. Imprisonment --> Ensnared by the Might of Mine Indomitable Will
2. Lost Dweomer [Funny, I don't think this spell is listed in the spell descriptions] --> Ripping the Aged Secrets from the Vaults of Infinity
3. Power Word Kill --> My Name is a Killing Word *Dune... Cough*
4. Shape Change --> Skin Like Liquid (Cannibal Corpse tune)
5. Temporal Stasis --> Racked by the Absurdity of Hope
6. Time Stop --> I Crawled Through the Divinity of Time

Other random spell names:

Wish --> Steal the Life of the Jealous Gods
Impermanence of Will
Stability's Demise

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