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Monday, December 20, 2021

Revised Greyhawk Setting Map by Zach Henderson

Sometimes when I'm scrolling through various RPG groups, or down through my social media feed I see something that deserves a bit more light shown on it. Zach Henerson's revision of the original Greyhawk map is just such a project.

Here is Zach in his own words talking about the project:

Remastering and adding layered functionality to the classic 1980 Darlene Map is my nerd project which has kept me off my main feed for quite some time.  There's a Read Me file in the folder linked below with a long winded history of the project, work completed, and description of contents.

TL/DR version:  Cool map, I enjoyed working on it.  It's time to release it into the wild.  This project now belongs to the wider community for sharing, modifying, and general enjoyment according to Wizards of the Coast's Fan Content Policy.  I'm ready for a break :)

EDIT:  His initial link crashed under strain of demand.  New working links have been posted in a few places, including here:

For those of you who need a refresher course on Greyhawk here is a link:


  1. The dropbox link doesn't work :(

    1. I think we destroyed the Dropbox link... Too many downloads. Whoops.

  2. He has posted 6 new links to the Greyhawk Resources FB Group.