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Friday, December 17, 2021

Ancient Vagabond: Old School Adventure Game Part 1

(I generated this quick logo here.

I'll probably never make my own retro-clone RPG, but I have a few ideas for various games bubbling between my ears at the moment. I figure I better at least blog about them before I lose all of my ambition to do something about it.

I went through my old blog posts and copied these links which seem to be suggestiong a game to me. Ancient Vagabond is my new running title for this project. Maybe if I put Part 1 in the title I'll have a Part 2 and keep working on it. Hehe. It's all just a hazy mess but yeah... I think I want to publish a free PWYW game eventually.

I think I'll translate the LotFP classes below more into my revised Labyrinth Lord ones, but who knows. Only time will tell...

The idea of more generalized classes (like everyone has some Ranger/Thief skills) is bouncing around in my brain.


Alternate Halfling

Dwarven Sapper


Null Monk


Murk Elves

Herbs Poisons

Old School Playstyle

Swords Magical

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