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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Character Generation pt. 3 for The Sword of Cepheus (Fantasy Traveller)

Let's try to whip up another character. It's rather fun to just sit down and try to crank out several characters as character creation really is a neat little solo mini-game. Will they survive?!

Step 1 - Characteristics

Again I'm using a 3D6 drop the lowest straight down the line method of generating stats.

I get: Str 8 (+0), Dex 10 (+1), End 4 (-1), Int 6 (+0), Edu 10 (+1), and Soc 11 (+1).

Step 2 - Background Skills

I choose Savage Hinterlands so I get:
Athletics-1, Recon-1, Survival-1.

Step 3 - Careers

I try to go for Pirate but I fail the Qualification throw. So I pick Noble as a backup since I can get right in there with my Soc of 11. Otherwise I could have picked Peasant or Vagabond.

For the Noble's Basic Training I get the six service skills at level zero:
Riding-0, Carousing-0, Rulership-0, Leadership-0, Melee Combat-0, and Archery-0.

Survival throw... I just make it. I suspect that this was a poison attempt by a rival noble and I just got sick and survived. It's fun to add some fluff to these results. It stirs the imagination.

It's the first time through the career so I roll twice for skills and since my Edu is high I roll on the Advanced table and get Religion twice so it adds up to Religion-2.

The Advancement throw is successful so I go up one Rank in Noble.

??? So is this when I get the Rank 0 Noble benefits??? 

I just started there because I was not sure. So rank 0 Noble. So I get Carousing-1.

My Event is Hunting so my Survival-1 goes up to Sourvival-2.

I re-inlist successfully.

I got Religion again so it's up to Religion-3. Holy cow! :D

I succeed on the Advancement so he's a Rank 1 Tribune. No benefits for that.

For the Event it was Politics so I choose Deception-1.

I re-inlist again.

The Survival roll is a success so I think it must have been a botched assassination attempt.

No Advancement.

He gets Elevated thanks to an Event and goes up to a Rank 2 Noble (Quaestor).

I re-inlist again but die with the Survival roll. I should have mustered out after the last 4 years of service. Oh well. Rest in peace dead noble character that never got to play. :D

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