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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 13: Revised Character Sheets)

Any time you hack a system to a setting, you will need to adjust things as you playtest them over time. I gave up on incorporating Isho Sensitivity Skills to my BRP hack, and instead gave Boccords a psionic system of powers instead of using those. Here is the revised character sheet I plan on printing out and giving to my players. Above is the front sheet with slightly larger type, and below is the skill sheet. I added in the Purple Mogel Moon Isho skill since my campaign uses that homebrewed thing I came up with. 

I'll also include a character portrait / item inventory sheet which I find extra helpful to visualize where everything is.

Character portrait / item inventory sheet:


  1. Do you have writeups for your skills? I'm particularly curious how Blind-fighting, Rapid Reload and Quickdraw works, which are typically handled as talents/feats in most games (you either have it or don't). As I am hacking the Warhammer system I was thinking about dropping talents, and these were among those that I was thinking about turning into percentile skills (along with Ambidexterity).

    1. I'm rather fast & loose with my skill definitions. For those skills you roll when you attempt them, and they can succeed or fail (also Crit or Fumble). I gave out more actions per round for characters with higher Stats and I figured an attempt like that would take 1 action (except for Quickdraw which would take zero actions). I hope that helps.

    2. Makes sense. I was thinking about making Ambidexterity work like Riding - i.e. your left handed weapon's attack and parry chances are capped by the skill. Do you use skill category modifiers?