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Monday, November 28, 2022

BRP Skyrealms of Jorune (Part 12: Purple Dyshas of Mogen, the Unknown Spirit)


These purple dyshas take the form of bolts and orbs.


IP: 2   Range: 30 meters  

Duration: Instantaneous 

Description: This bolt can target an opponent with a weapon in their hands. On a failed Strength Effort roll, the victim lets go of their weapons, and those items fly 1D10 meters away from them. It may be bundled (+1 IP) for range, to target extra targets, and to have the weapons fly further away from them.


IP: 4    Range: 60 meters    

Duration: Instantaneous, or 2D10 rounds

Description: A watery orb forms in the hands of the Caji. This can be drank like any other water, though it is slightly thicker in consistency. This watery orb lasts 2D10 rounds if the Caji just wishes to hold onto it and drink from it. If hurled at a target it can put out any fire, and on a failed Agility Dodge roll, the victim falls over. This may be bundled (+2 IP) for range and to target extra beings or items.


IP: 7    Range: 20 meters    

Duration: 1 hour

Description: This orb once hurled by the Caji vanishes, and an invisible force is created which can be directed by them to do minor tasks such as: cleaning, mending garments, picking up items, opening doors, sliding chairs, bringing books to the Caji, etc. It can also be used to carry heavier items as long as it is within range of the Caji. If the Caji concentrates, this force can be used to interfere with combatants or Cajis that are attempting to cast dysas (-25% penalty to combat and dysha rolls). It may be bundled (+3 IPs) for duration.


IP: 10    Range: 30 meters    

Duration: Instantaneous

Description: This caustic bolt inflicts damage to living beings and it has a 50% chance to destroy any items that are exposed to the acid. Roll damage as if this were a Frost Bolt. It may be bundled (+5 IP) for range and to target extra victims. Extra IP can also be spent to modify the damage roll.



IP: 20    Range: Self    

Duration: 10 minutes

Description: This orb expands around the caster, and distorts the vision of all those who look at the Caji. All combat attempts and dyshas cast at the Caji miss them 50% of the time. It may be bundled (+10 IPs) for duration.



IP: 15    Range: 30 meters    

Duration: Instantaneous

Description: This orb explodes and creates a blinding flash in a 20 foot radius area. All those in the area that can see are blinded for 2D10 rounds. It may be bundled (+7 IPs) for range.


IP: 25    Range: 60 meters    

Duration: 1 day

Description: This orb summons all crawling and flying insects from the local area to it. These creatures will infest a 1 miles area, devouring all available food and driving off intelligent beings as well as other living creatures. It may be bundled (+12 IPs) for duration or area of effect.

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