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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Free Dungeon Doodles for Your Published RPG Projects

Hey everyone, 

This year sucked, so have some free dungeons.

If anyone wants to use some of my free dungeon doodles in a published or online project (blog, PDF, Zine, etc.) just credit me as Tim "Samwise7" Harper. Feel free to edit them, key up the rooms, remix them, color them in, butcher them and glue them together, whatever you want to do. \m/

Here's hoping that 2021 isn't as terrible. Happy Holidays!

Dungeon 1

Dungeon 2

Dungeon 3

Dungeon 4

Dungeon 5

Dungeon 6

Dungeon 7

Dungeon 8

Dungeon 9

Dungeon 10

Dungeon 11

Dungeon 12

Dungeon 13

Dungeon 14

Dungeon 15

Dungeon 16

Dungeon 17

Dungeon 18


  1. Samwise, these are just the coolest thing. I only knew your work on Tsolyani ideographs. Such style! Thank you.

    1. I really need to get back to drawing those Tekumel demon glyphs and sigils...

  2. Dungeon 3 = Psychadelic... definitely mushrooms down there.

  3. Nice, very generous, I can use a couple for sewer and cave as my game is near future. Do you do any Cyberpunk street/ building floor plan?

    1. Sorry, I tend to be mostly fantasy. There are those 3 yellow dungeons that I posted that could work for a gritty cyberpunk facility perhaps.